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Quick note on recent additions: park images and draft list changes

Hi everyone. I wanted to take a moment to briefly announce a couple of the most recent updates.

1) More control over moving players around the Supplemental Draft List page. This enhancement has been up for a while now. When adding a player from the table, you'll see a new button that says "Insert #". This will present a dialog that allows you to specify the exact spot in your list to drop the player. Likewise, once a player is already in the list, the target icon can be clicked to bring up the same dialogue.

2) Ballpark images. When the team pages were redesigned, I made room for a park image. The images have now been rolled out. The intent is to provide a visual to help owners quickly understand the impact of their park settings. The images are not meant to be exact or represent any sort of specific fence dimensions. They are just meant as an easy way to visualize what your settings are. As you set your park, the image will change on the Edit Team page so you can quickly see the impact of your decision.


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