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New manager options released!

As promised, as I work through the redesign, I've been making an effort to add long-asked-for features where possible or as time permits.

The new Edit Strategy page now includes additional controls that have often been requested:

Control sac bunts with one out: Many have asked for control with one out vs. no outs. Now you can. The prior setting is now used for no outs, with a new setting specifically for one out. The default is 10% with one out.

Shut down steals when trailing: Many have said they would steal more if they could control when to turn it off. Nothing worse than trying to get a lot of men on base only to see your guy take off for second, down by 4. You now have that control.

More control on pen match-up usage: A lot of people turn the L/R pen match-ups off because it burns through their pen too often. You can now tell the manager to only do that late in the game (7th, 8th, 9th or later).

More will be coming down the road in terms of granular controls on a player-by-player basis (ie, only allowing certain players to steal, for example).

As always, let me know if you see any issues crop up with these new features.

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