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The new design is really coming... this Friday

I wanted to inform everyone I am going to start launching the new design this Friday. I?m starting with all non-league pages, and will slowly convert league pages as time allows.

Many of you had a chance to test the new design, but with any major change, there will be some issues we will have to work through. The mobile apps in particular may run into some issues (although the app currently does not work on iOS 12 anyway). I will patch up issues as quickly as I can, but barring some sort of catastrophic issue, I will not be rolling back to the old design, and the old design will not be available any longer.

I know some people will hate the change. Unfortunately that happens anytime you change a beloved product. But the redesign is truly necessary to future-proof the website. I hope that everyone can eventually come to learn and enjoy the new design. In truth, it won?t be a major shift from what exists today. I?m sure I?ll get at least a couple threats that people hate it so much they are leaving PC forever, and to those people, I say god bless. There will be someone to replace you. We have to move forward.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, my life got pretty hectic and I had to put a pause on the website redesign. But since then, we?ve run into more issues that highlight the need for a modern design.

One example is the mobile app. The latest iOS updates have broken the app and that could mean it?s time for a new app. But we can?t do that until we have a new design.

Another issue is that it?s more difficult to release new changes or fix existing issues on the current design, and its a waste of time if I?m going to have to rebuild the new feature down the road in a new design.

So overall this is a good thing, but it will come with some bumps in the road. Many of you tested the new design and gave valuable feedback, so we are in a pretty good place with the new design. But we will continue to tweak as needed.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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