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For those still having issues with the website

I'm still getting lots of reports of people not able to access certain pages, especially My League List.

The best option is to clear your browser's history /cache. Depending on your browser, go to Google and search for "Clear cache in Chrome" or "Clear cache in Firefox" or "Clear cache in Safari iOS" etc.

Google will give you basic instructions on how to clear your cache. If you are having trouble with the mobile app, you'll need to clear the cache of the Safari iOS browser (or in the case of the Android app, the Android web browser).

NEW NOTE: Users have reported uninstalling and re-installing the app on your phone also works.

Another option is to access the website via http://test.pennantchase.com. You will have to login again, but then should be able to use the site as normal.

Unfortunately, I don't have any control of clearing this up for people - what happened was, our hosting provider pointed our domain back to an older version of the website around 2:00 PM PST on 4/4. For a few hours, people were going to the wrong site, and when this happened, your browser saved that old domain in its history/cache.

I fixed the issue around 5:00 PM PST, but folks who visited the website during the downtime were hanging onto the old information. That's why some people are having the issue, and some people are not. (Or why one browser might work fine for you, but another browser won't.)

Please continue to reach out to me if you have issues, and I am hopefully this starts clearing up for people soon.

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