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Special note for anyone using a COMCAST email address

Update: Users are telling me they ARE getting emails to their comcast accounts. So I am not sure what the deal is, and why I get bounce backs. If you are not getting emails, you may want to update your account, but if you are, you can disregard the below message...

Comcast currently blocks all emails coming from this site. This has to due with our hosting/email provider. If you desire to get emails from the website, please switch to another account, such as gmail, yahoo or hotmail. (You may need to add "pennantchase.com" to your friendly senders list - emails may end up in your SPAM folder otherwise.) You can change your email on the Update Account page.

If you'd rather not get emails, I request that you simply remove your address from your account via the Update Account page. It's a bit burdensome to deal with all the bounce backs we're getting, especially with comcast users.

Thanks for your help!

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