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Progression tracking latest feature added to PC!

With the rollout of the new "player potential" ratings a few months ago, I've always known user feedback would be vital to making it a success. Therefore, those leagues that use progression will now be able to compare a player's stats prior to the most recent progression on his Player Card. (This will apply for any progression run after 7/25.) There are a few reasons for this new features:

1. Add more transparency, therefore allowing more tweaking based on user feedback to make the system work.

2. Allow for rollback of progressions if a commissioner messes up and progresses by mistake. Keep in mind, it's not a very sophisticated rollback, so I would still encourage commissioners to be very mindful when running progression.

3. Warn commissioners if they have recently run progression so they don't accidentally run it twice.

And of course, it's just fun to see exactly how your players are changing over the years.

Logged in users can send feedback via the feedback form or make a comment on the public board.