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Results of Auto Draft survey

First off, thanks for the amazing response to the survey - in less than two days we got over 430 replies. That's really outstanding.

The survey also produced some very clear messages. In short:

  • People generally like the Auto Draft

  • If there were to be a different draft offered, a Live Rolling Draft is by far the top choice

  • People are generally very happy with the website

I will share some results, and then I will summarize my findings at the end.

  • 48% play in custom leagues, far outpacing the second most popular selection, All-Time Great Auto Leagues (32%)

  • 54% of people like the Auto Draft, 31% don't like it, and 15% play only in Custom Leagues.

  • A whopping 60% would not play in more Auto Leagues even if a different draft style was offered

  • As for different draft types, 52% liked Live Rolling Draft, 29% Live draft at set time, 19% Bid Draft

  • 60% of people would prefer different drafts being offered, rather than standardizing all Auto Leagues on one type of draft

  • If different drafts were offered, here's the percent of people who would participate in each: Auto: 57%, Live draft at set time: 36%, Live Rolling: 58%, Bid Style: 26%.

  • People really love the website, 86% gave it four stars, with an average of 3.85. There were only six two-stars and ZERO one-stars.

  • The mobile experience gets good feedback too, but not nearly the same: 55% gave it four stars, 30% gave it three stars, and the rest were two and one. Mobile experience averaged 3.35.

Here's how I interpret this: The Auto Draft is clearly not a huge problem. As a matter of fact, most people actually prefer it, and by a fairly wide margin. It would be nice to offer something else such as a Live Rolling draft, so it's something I'll continue to look at.

Most people clearly graduate to Custom Leagues, though, and that is where the site really shines IMO. So continuing to support the innovative ideas that commissioners come up with is important.

People generally love the site, so that's nice to hear. Obviously the mobile experience is not as ideal, and I'd love to dig more into what the specific pain points are, but it's understandable that a site this complex is not going to play quite as nice on a smaller screen. The site was also originally built for a large screen, so it makes sense the mobile experience doesn't quite live up.

I would love to hear more of your thoughts as well, and thanks again for participating.

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