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Favorite Teams Draft overhaul, site performance improvements

The Favorite Teams Draft has been getting a couple of complaints recently, both of which are valid: 1) You can't hand-pick the players you want, and 2) It's become too hard to compete with the Yankees since you can only select two years. As a result, I have completely re-worked the Favorite Teams Draft, which now allows you to hand-select players from FOUR different seasons. Yankees teams get THREE seasons.

I will admit, when hand-picking, it is not the easiest process, as you need to select a player, review his stats, then add him to your team. There's no easy way to compare players. This was the only way I could build this new feature quickly, but there may be enhancements in the future. Most people won't feel the need to hand-pick all 35 players, so you can have the CPU finish off your roster at any time in the process.

If you are currently in a Favorite Teams league that has not yet started, you may want to re-draft your team ASAP with this new feature.

Another change to the site is that the Auto League list will be limited to two of each season type. The list has been getting out of hand, with over 50 leagues listed. Now, only the most recent leagues will be listed, and as soon as those fill, other leagues will roll into the list. If you are sitting in a league that is not currently listed, you may want to switch to one that is on the list for a better chance of it starting sooner.

I have bumped everyone to 3000 Baseball Bucks as a thank you for dealing with these latest changes to the site.

My next big focus is on site performance improvements. As we have grown, the speed of the site has been struggling in certain areas. I will be slowly improving any areas I see that are lagging. As always, your feedback on these issues is invaluable.

Logged in users can send feedback via the feedback form or make a comment on the public board.