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Reduce the ads you see by donating!

Over the course of 2014, ads rates have dropped significantly. Sadly, this means to keep the site alive I need to surface more video ads (which I know are super annoying). I am going to test out rendering more videos throughout the site, but I am also going to reward donors by rendering 75% FEWER video ads. If you are an active Gold Star Donor, you will see 50% fewer ads overall, and 75% fewer video ads.

I am also thinking of launching a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of removing ads altogether. It's a long shot, but it's worth a try.

I know that ads stink, but they are a necessary evil to sustaining the best free baseball simulation site on the Internet. Other sites charge anywhere from $10-$40 PER TEAM! I never want to go down that road.

Those of you who have been awesome about donating are getting yet another benefit by seeing fewer ads, so I see this as a potential win-win for everyone - the video ads may help revenue for those who need this site to remain free, while those who can donate get fewer ads.

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