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An apology and an update on the status of the redesign

First off, thanks to everyone for dealing with the tumultuous redesign. While my intentions were good, I've learned some big lessons. The redesign did not work well for users on older browsers, and had other flaws as well. I should have looked into how many users were still on older browsers before launching a redesign, and I should have done better testing with the community before going live. I'm very sorry for the distress I caused many of you.

I have provided a link in the upper left corner (under the facebook and twitter icons) to the old website for those who prefer it while I work on fixing the redesign. PLEASE NOTE, you may see some weird alignments while I work on fixing the redesign. Custom Leagues, you will see your league banner disappear on pages, but don't worry, it will return. Also, the league navigation (red bar across the top) will need some tweaking as I work through this.

For those who liked the redesign, thanks for your encouraging words, and please understand that I'm doing my best to find a middle ground for now. It's a challenging mobile world with many devices, and differing expectations. Some people like pinch-and-zoom, others hate it. In the end, I will provide "View Full Site" and "View Mobile Site" options so you can choose which experience you want.

I think the end result will be a site that not only achieves what the old design did, but also provides a phone-friendly option of the entire site for those who want it.

Even those of you who were upset by the redesign have been extremely understanding and supportive, and it just goes to show what a passionate group of users we have, and reminds me never to take this site for granted. Thank you! Don't hesitate to reach out if I can answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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