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Important Announcement on the addition of 2012 stats

As most of you know, 2012 stats are now available across the site. Like last year, active 2011 Auto & Keeper Leagues will turn into 2012 leagues when their current season is complete. Heads up for anyone in a Keeper League: contracts for all players remain in place, unless the player did not qualify with enough ABs or IPs in 2012 (in which case the player "retires").

If you are currently in a 2011 league, please be aware before you sign contracts that player stats will change. If you already signed a 2011 player and want out of the contract, send me (gbacci) a message on the Public Board with the league number and player, and I will do my best to accommodate.

For those of you who already rolled into a 2012 league, I sincerely apologize for not giving everyone an earlier warning. My goal was to get the new stats into the site as quickly as possible. Next year I will be sure to warn people in advance of the stats change.

Thanks, and enjoy the 2012 leagues.

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