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The state of Pennant Chase, All-Star break 2012

I like to keep everyone posted once in a while on the state of the site, and since it's the middle of the year and we've reached the MLB All-Star break, this seemed like a good time. We also had some recent drama around some new users, so I can address that as well.

First off, it's exciting to report that this past Tuesday and Wednesday, April 10th and 11th, the site broke new traffic records, topping our previous record which was set on March 27 of this year. The site continues to grow despite losing some of our best users. What's great is that this proves we don't need to appease problematic or trouble-making users. I try to be as customer-friendly and service-oriented as possible, because I value all users on Pennant Chase. But my tolerance for those who become a nuisance is getting much lower. It's not worth the headache anymore, because we have plenty of great users and we get new people every day.

Coming soon, I will be putting safe guards in to protect Custom Leagues from troublemakers. For example, if you ban a user from your league, that user will no longer be able to post in your draft chat or even view your homepage. I'll also be building a way to ban certain IP addresses from registering on the site, so if someone tries to re-create an account after being removed from the site, they won't be able to. It's too bad that this has become necessary, but these things should help cut down on troublemakers.

A reminder to custom commissioners: be wary of who you allow to become a vice-commissioner, make sure they have a solid reputation on the site before proceeding.

As for the fun stuff... there are several things on my wishlist: defensive subs, a new playoff format for Auto Leagues, and maybe even... football. I've started the early stages of a football sim. Unfortunately I'm also super busy so I don't know when any of this will become a reality, but if I get some clearer dates I will be sure to let you know.

I continue to put a lot of work in behind the scenes to make sure the site is running snappy and smooth even as it continues to add more leagues.

Hope everyone is having a great summer, and as always be sure to keep in touch - I read and consider every piece of feedback even if you don't hear from me. It is going to be a crazy busy year for me, so I may not be as quick to respond as usual, but don't hesitate to reach out.

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