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Mobile Apps released, old website closed down

Lots of exiting news to report this weekend. The OLD pennantchase.com is officially closed! This means you will no longer be using "new.pennantchase.com" - please be sure to update any bookmarks you made and point them to www.pennantchase.com.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and patience during a very complicated move, dealing with two websites. The last three months have been really crazy for me, but I am glad to be back to one website!

In conjunction with this announcement, I have released new mobile apps for Android and iPhone! Those of you who already have the iPhone app, you'll just need to upgrade. If you don't have a mobile app yet, search the App Store or the Android Marketplace for "Baseball Sim" or "Pennant Chase" and you should easily find the app.

The new mobile apps allow you to manage your team on the go! Editing lineups, slump busters, strategy and farm systems are now all available from the apps.

On the full website, be sure to check out the revamped Career Leaders and Player Records.

Please also be aware that pitcher injuries are now being rolled out. In Auto Leagues, the max injury for a pitcher is 15 days. The max injury for a batter will remain 5 days. Private Leagues can set their own injury lengths.

It's amazing to think I started building the new website nearly 10 months ago, and now it's finally a complete reality. I hope you're continuing to enjoy the site as much as I am!

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