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New stats available: FLD, Catcher's Caught Stealing and Games Started

An important note on the new stats that have been released: FLD%, Catcher's Caught Stealing, and Games Started...

These stats started tracking about two months ago, so if your league started before then, don't be surprised to see incomplete stats (for example starting pitchers with fewer Games Started than they should have.)

Going forward, leagues will have these stats tracked all season. I'm pretty pleased with what I'm seeing so far, fielding rates seem pretty realistic, assuming you are not sand-bagging your players. The nice thing about having these stats is that we can do more analysis and tweak where needed.

Another addition for the stat-heads is DICE for pitchers. It's a way to measure a pitcher based on stats unrelated to fielders: homers allowed, walks, hit batters and strikeouts. Your team's overall DICE is sort of interesting - if you're doing well despite a high DICE, you might be running on borrowed time. It's a sign your pitchers aren't as great as they may have performed. Likewise, if you're struggling but have a good DICE, maybe you need to plug some defensive holes, or just wait for your luck to turn around.

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