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Changing rules on order of Supplemental Draft in Auto Leagues

When we moved the Supplemental Draft up to Day Three, we also changed the order of the draft so that the team to have drafted first in the Auto Draft got the last pick in the Supplemental Draft. The idea was that teams to draft early in the Auto Draft tend to have an advantage, but in reality, that is not always the case. And in Favorite Teams leagues, the order of the Auto Draft means nothing, because everyone is building their own team.

To rectify this situation, the order of the Supplemental Draft will now be based on the CPU's best guess at team strength. This won't be a perfect science, and no solution is going to be perfect, but after analyzing the strengths of successful teams relative to the player pool, the formula seems pretty solid. We can monitor and tweak as needed, but overall it should give folks who had a really lousy Auto Draft the best chance at grabbing good players in the Supplemental Draft.

Custom Leagues now also have the option of using this for their Supplemental Draft, but they must set their Custom Draft Order first using the new "Team Strength" button.

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