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Be sure to edit your lineups with new managerial controls

The new controls discussed in December have been launched! You should go into your lineups and immediately make any desired changes. You can now toggle players who will bunt, surprise bunt, pinch hit and be pinch-hit for. You can also adjust when pitchers get yanked (ie, before pitch count, at pitch count, or after pitch count).

The percentages you set on your Edit Strategy page will now only apply to those players who are actually allowed to bunt. As for pinch-hitting, you have more control in terms of who the CPU will consider as a pinch hitter, and who can actually be pinch-hit for. The logic for things like pinch-hitting can be massively complex, so we'll see how it goes - in a sim world, something like pinch-hitting and pitcher management decisions are never going to be perfect, but hopefully this gives you a little more control of your team's destiny.

In regards to pitchers, I will issue a warning that letting someone go over his pitch count is risky. I would only do it if you have a weak pen and a stud of a pitcher.

As with any enhancements, let me know if you catch any issues.

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