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Heads up on changes in progress

Update 12/29: Please note some date changes below. The Endurance change has been moved up and completed. The player strategy options are being pushed into January. Also, an option on the Update Account page for spoiler-free has been added, so check that out as well.

Happy holiday season. I know most people don't like it when important changes happen without a heads up, so I want to give you a preview of changes that will be rolling out. Check back here for updates - I will keep this page active with the latest news on these changes.

Update: One note on an existing issue... If you change a player's stats and then quit an Auto League and try to re-join, you cannot join the same league for 48 hours.

Now for the upcoming changes:
  1. 1B secondary fielding status - In Auto Leagues, all 1B listed as 1B/IF will be changed to 1B/1B. We are seeing far too much silly sand bagging like Lou Gehrig at SS or Bill Terry at 3B. For the enjoyment and integrity of the site, this needs to stop. Target Date: Done!!

  2. Players changed to OF and speed impact - The database we use has individual outfield positions from 1995-2010, but the 2011 stats list outfielders as OF, and every year before 1995 lists all outfielders as OF. To make things consistent, all outfielders will be listed as OF in Auto Leagues. Speed impact is TDB - we might use Range Factor to give some depth to fielding. Target Date: Done!!

  3. Arm strength - Catchers and outfielders that had a high amount of assists will have a higher chance of gunning down runners. This will be signified by an arm rating. At this time, infielders will not be impacted. Target Date: Done!!

  4. Player toggles for bunting, pinch-hitting - Managers will be able to toggle bunting and pinch-hitting on or off for individual players. In addition, they can toggle whether a player should be pinch-hit for (so no more watching the CPU pinch hit for Mickey Mantle late in the game). Target Date: Done!!

  5. Pitcher toggles for runs allowed - Managers can set when individual pitchers can be pulled, rather than set it globally for all pitchers. Maybe you're okay with keeping Sandy Koufax in after allowing five runs, but you'd rather see your weaker pitchers pulled. Now you can. Target Date: Done!!

  6. Balanced Schedules - There have been a lot of complaints regarding unbalanced schedules. Scheduling is very tricky, but I am hoping to start to roll out balanced schedules, possibly with off days to better simulate a real season. Target Date: TBD. This one is on hold at the moment.

  7. Endurance - The Endurance feature has been used in Custom Leagues as a trial. It leaves little room for control and often leads to confusion. The system will be changed such that players who have played too many consecutive games will get a slight stats hit. Managers can choose whether to allow the CPU to rest players, or control it themselves. Managers would be encouraged to rest players, but wouldn't have to. This will make strategy and keeping up with your team much more vital. This will NOT be rolled into Auto Leagues until it has gone through a test period in Custom Leagues. Target Date: Done!!

  8. Moving Supplemental Draft in Auto Leagues - A highly controversial subject is the two first-come, first-serve free agents in Auto Leagues. It makes the league very tough for those teams who draft last, and those who can't get to their CPU in time to grab two free agents. My proposal is to run the three-player supplemental draft after the third game of the season (that gives everyone 24 hours to rank players). The supplemental draft would go in reverse order of the Auto Draft (ie, last team to Auto Pick would get the first Supplemental Pick). Keep in mind, this method still favors active users, because if you don't rank anyone, you don't get any players. After the Supplemental Draft, teams could add two additional free agents to their minor leagues. Target Date: Done!!
Those are the big ones on my plate that I have started to plan for. I know this does not cover all the great ideas out there. Trust me, my wish list is much longer. As you know, this is a very part-time job for me, so I will do my best to roll these out as quickly as possible!

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