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Get exclusive updates on new leagues and features!

Hi friends! I've been wanting to start a special email offering where I can alert users to new leagues when they open (for example, the new Favorite Teams leagues!) and other special leagues, even allowing an opportunity to promote well-run custom leagues.

I want this to be separate from regular Pennant Chase emails, so I've started a newsletter on beehiiv, and you can sign up or unsubscribe all on their platform - these are completely different from your User Settings on PennantChase! The same strict privacy and Terms of Use apply as I use on the website, I will NEVER give out user emails. This is a very serious and personal commitment I have.

If you're worried about this creating spam in your inbox, know that I don't plan on this being a heavily frequent email. I'd be lucky if I can send one a week, but I would plan to send them ad hoc if new leagues are being created.

Sign up at this link or use the form below, and if we get enough interest, I'll let you know and start sending league updates soon!

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