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Website to be down for a couple hours over Saturday night

I have not been thrilled with the performance of the website recently, esepcially considering how much I pay for hosting. Pennantchase is a complicated site to manage and host, because there is so much activity on a daily basis. I am going to be moving to a new server in hopes we see better performance and fewer errors (such as people getting kicked from Keepers incorrectly and things like that).

I plan to make the move in the wee hours on Saturday night. If you happen to be on the site you might see a message informing you the site is being moved. I expect the site to be down only for a couple hours at most. It may go faster than that.

Once the site is moved, if you see anything unusual, be sure to let me know. The only reason this site exists is because the community has done such a great job making it a success, identifying me of problems, etc.

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