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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP C.Archer $14Return to draft
2B H.Begard $3Return to draft
OF T.Davenport $3Return to draft
SP S.Gonsalves $3Return to draft
1B D.Haas $3Return to draft
SP C.Holmes $3Return to draft
C A.Romine $3Return to draft
RP H.Strickland $7Return to draft
2B T.Trosky $3Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
1B C.Bellinger $62$2
SP S.Brault $21
SP V.Bucannon $71
3B G.Carpenter $69$1
SS W.Cook $31
RP E.Gills $104$2
2B D.Gordon $15$0
3B V.Guerrero Jr. $71
SP D.Kirkpatrick $84$2
OF S.Sale $31
1B P.Smith $31
SP D.Smyly $11
RP S.West $31
T.Baker Prospect
J.Barria Prospect
C.Brenner Prospect
Y.Carty Prospect
L.Cruz Prospect
N.Drake Prospect
W.Fisher Prospect
O.Gomez Prospect
M.Hess Prospect
R.Hoover Prospect
M.Johnson Prospect
P.Kemp Prospect
G.Malloy Prospect
S.Martinez Prospect
G.McGuire Prospect
D.Patino Prospect
D.Patino Prospect
E.Patterson Prospect
R.Peterson Prospect
T.Porter Prospect
J.Russell Prospect
A.Sullivan Prospect
H.Begard Rookie Contract/Ext
V.Bucannon Rookie Contract/Ext
W.Cook Rookie Contract/Ext
T.Davenport Rookie Contract/Ext
S.Gonsalves Rookie Contract/Ext
V.Guerrero Jr. Rookie Contract/Ext
D.Haas Rookie Contract/Ext
C.Holmes Rookie Contract/Ext
S.Sale Rookie Contract/Ext
P.Smith Rookie Contract/Ext
T.Trosky Rookie Contract/Ext
S.West Rookie Contract/Ext
C.Bellinger Prime Extension
E.Gills Prime Extension
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