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Regular Season winding down (S7)

The free agent and trading deadlines are coming soon. Get your final rosters in order!

In the Majors, Brooklyn and Minnesota have pulled ahead in their divisions, and are battling for the #1 overall seed. The wildcard race is still wide open, and the battle for the safety of the divisional 4-spot will be tight to the end.

In the Minors, the best three records are in one division, and 5 of the best 6. Remember that the division winners clinch the top 2 seeds, and the second-place teams in each division clinch a playoff spot (though it can be any seed). A fascinating playoff race is coming to the wire.

All Star Break (S7)

At the All-Star Break, we are on pace to break season records for Average, Slugging, and OPS.

While the Swamp Sluggers have struggled to maintain their back-to-back championship form, the newly-promoted teams are leading their respective divisions. All told, though, 10 of 12 Major League teams are within 4 games of the playoffs. In the Minors, 9 of 12 teams are within 1 game of the playoffs, while both divisions are tied at the top.

Opening Day! (S7)

Season 7 is just about underway!

Can the Swamp Sluggers make it three in a row? Will the relegated teams be able to bounce back? Will the newly-branded Carolina Smokies push into the playoffs in a competitive Major League East division?

Drops and free agency will open once every team has played their opening game.

Promotion & Relegation

Brooklyn (East)
Minnesota (West)

Philadelphia (East)
San Antonio (West)

League Championship Results (S6)

World Series
#3 South Florida over #1 New Orleans, 4-3
** South Florida wins back-to-back World Series, neither time playing as a divisional champ.

Minor League
#1 Minnesota over #2 Brooklyn, 4-2

2nd Round Playoff Results (S6)

Major League
#1 New Orleans over #4 Salt Lake, 4-3
#3 South Florida over #2 New England, 4-2

Minor League
#1 Minnesota over #4 Oklahoma, 4-3
#2 Brooklyn over #3 Nashville, 4-2

1st Round Playoff Results (S6)

Major League
#3 South Florida over #6 Ohio, 3-1
#4 Salt Lake over #5 Michigan, 3-1

Minor League
#3 Nashville over #6 Orange County, 3-1
#4 Oklahoma over #5 El Paso, 3-1

Draft Order set

1. Front Range
2. DC
3. Chicago
4. Georgia
5. St. Pete
6. Bay Area
7. Orange County
8. El Paso
9. Oklahoma
10. Nashville
11. Brooklyn
12. Minnesota
13. Philadelphia
14. San Antonio
15. Phoenix
16. Carolina
17. St. Louis
18. Seattle
19. Ohio
20. Michigan
21. Salt Lake
22. South Florida
23. New England
24. New Orleans

Regular Season finished - playoff seeds (S6)

Major League
1. New Orleans
2. New England
3. South Florida
4. Salt Lake
5. Michigan
6. Ohio

Minor League
1. Minnesota
2. Brooklyn
3. Nashville
4. Oklahoma
5. El Paso
6. Orange County

Regular Season winding down (S6)

The Major League divisional races are still up for grabs, though the Black Bears and Levees and looking to lock up those top seeds soon. Both playoff races are wide open and will come down to the wire. The quest to stay above the relegation line in Major West is tight, while in the East several teams are looking to stay above the dreaded #5 finish.

In the Minor Leagues, both divisions have been owned by Brooklyn and Minnesota since the beginning. The playoff races are wild still, with nearly every team with a reasonable chance.

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