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Chan Ho Park, 2nd on the NL Cy list, is putting together a great season after many forgettable ones

Eovaldi's 8-K performance not enough

Nathan Eovaldi whiffed 8 batters, but the Clippers managed to beat the Dodgers, 5-4. | Box

Morgan blanks Boston with 7-0 shutout

Boston is hoping not to see Mike Morgan again for a long while. Morgan went the distance, leading Toronto to a 7-0 victory. Edwin Encarnacion had a big game as well, knocking in 3 runs for Toronto while recording 3 hits. | Box

Indians fall to Tigers despite Peterson's efforts

Fritz Peterson whiffed 8 batters, but the Tigers managed to beat the Indians, 7-2. | Box

Big game for Vander Wal lifts Pirates to victory

John Vander Wal drove in 5 runs, carrying Pittsburgh to a 12-5 victory over the Expos. Mike Easler had a big game as well, knocking in 3 runs for Pittsburgh while recording 3 hits. | Box

Leiter makes history, tosses no-hitter

Leiter made history for the Blue Jays last night, tossing a no-hitter against the Twins. Toronto won by a score of 4-0. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

J. Vander Wal, Pirates .6002 HR10 RBI
M. Easler, Pirates .3003 HR9 RBI
R. Rolfe-h, Bombers .3813 HR6 RBI
D. Mattingly, Yankees .6253 HR4 RBI
I. Rodriguez, Rangers .4092 HR5 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

M. Alou, Pirates 0 for 21 (.000)
E. Maddox, Orioles 2 for 21 (.095)
M. Ensberg, Astros 1 for 19 (.053)
D. Garcia, Expos 1 for 18 (.056)
A. Johnson, Reds 4 for 21 (.190)

Leaders: HR

T. Martinez, Mariners 27
K. Maas, Twins 27
T. Hafner, Indians 26
M. Thames, Bombers 25
R. Jackson, A's 24

Leaders: SO

D. Gooden, Mets 105
J. Paxton, Mariners 103
L. Severino, Bombers 97
R. Clemens, Red Sox 96
R. Johnson, Mariners 95

Off-Season Schedule

Here's the checklist as we prepare for Season 8 of the AYL
Here is the tentative order of off-season events.

1. Rule 13 Draft Participants are named (8 Playoff Teams & Bottom 10 plus ties)
2. Playoff Teams will name their 5 protected players for the Rule 13 Draft - Deadline Friday, May 15, 8pm Central
3. Rule 13 Draft (team with worst regular season Win % chooses first, then 2nd worst team, etc.) Begins Saturday, May 16th - DONE
4. Player Additions/Relocations (players who are moving to new franchises due to AB/IP totals will move, and new players will be added to their respective teams) - (not relevant this season)
5. Special Draft (Yankees and Bombers draft new RL Yankee-only rookies - worst Win% gets first pick in each round)(this draft only happens if a real-life MLB season has just finished) - NONE THIS SEASON
6. NEW - Historic Imports may be dropped / signed from the unused Historic Imports list (only 6 players on that list)
7. Rosters to 28. ALL TEAMS must trim their rosters to 28 players. DEADLINE - Friday, May 29th at 8pm Central Time
8. Slow Draft - 2 Round Draft for all 28 Teams in order of worst to first (regular-season winning pct.). Worst team picks 1st in both rounds - 6 hr time limit for each pick in Round 1 (3 hrs in Round 2). Pre-rank some players!!)
If you haven't got any players pre-ranked when your time-limit is up, you'll lose your turn. Make sure you only pre-rank players who actually played for your team in real life (except for the Yankees and Bombers who can pick anyone)
DRAFT START DATE - Saturday, May 30, 9am Central time (6 hr limit for 1st round picks/3 hr limit for 2nd round picks will be interrupted by night-time hours - overnight grace period will be 10pm to 8am Central time - so whoever is on the clock through the overnight period will have their full amount of time in 'waking' hours - RANK SOME "ELIGIBLE" PLAYERS or you may miss out!

9. Free Agency Opens - All teams may drop and sign players (no-drop rule and franchise rule still in effect)
10. Ability to change a players' season will be turned off
11. Opening Day - tba (make sure you have your lineups and rotation set)

National League Overcomes A.L. and Covid-19

M.V.P. Bill Dickey capped off a huge comeback for the N.L. with a Grand Slam in the 9th.
The AYL All-Star Game was played in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where they are under a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 Virus. Fans showed up, but only about 200 were permitted into the stadium as they had to remain 6 feet apart at all times.

There were some new rules due to the "social distancing" requirement. Catchers had to squat 6 feet behind the plate, umpires had to stand 6 feet away from all players, and runners were allowed to miss the bases in order to keep away from the fielders. There were some crazy moments on the field due to the new rules, but it actually all worked out pretty well, and it still looked like baseball, pretty much.

To a chorus of boos, Justin Bieber and Drake trotted out onto the field, 6 feet apart, and sang not only the two national anthems, but also an interesting medley of their own creation which included "Don't Stand So Close to Me", "You Give Me Fever", and "Can't Touch This". The boos turned to cheers and laughter even though they really didn't sound very good as a duo.

Turning to the actual game. Spud Chandler of the Twins started off the game by getting out of a 1st inning jam. With two outs, the A.L. starter gave up a single to Gary Sheffield, followed by a double to Giancarlo Stanton. Sheffield might have scored on the play, but he had to take extra time to run way around 2nd base so as to avoid coming close to the A.L. middle infielders. Sheffield complained that 2nd baseman Chuck Knoblauch actually took a few threatening steps toward him, forcing him even further out onto the outfield grass (what a knob). The second base umpire just shrugged from a safe distance away. The inning ended with John Mayberry striking out on three pitches.

David Cone started for the National League, and he had little trouble in the 1st frame, giving up just a walk to Carlos Beltran, and striking out Danny Tartabull to end the First.

Both teams scored runs in the Second Inning. The N.L. got to Chandler again but made it count this time. After a Johnny Blanchard strikeout, Morgan Ensberg of the Astros tripled into the right field corner. This time it was the A.L.'s turn to complain about the new rules, as the ball ended up hitting off the base of the right field wall and rolling into foul territory under the ball-girl's chair. Right-fielder Beltran had to wait until the ball-girl retreated a full six feet before he could retrieve the ball. Ensberg was already standing on 3rd by this time. Tony Lazzeri then flew out to centerfield to score Ensberg on a sac fly.

In the bottom of the Second, the A.L. got that run back and then took the lead. With two out and two on (after back to back singles by Chili Davis and Ivan Rodriguez), Toby Harrah singled in Davis, and Knoblauch singled in Rodriguez. Beltran popped out to shortstop Pete Kozma to end the inning.

The N.L. got two singles in the 3rd from Lance Berkman and Sheffield but failed to score. The A.L. added to their lead in their half of the 3rd going up 3-1 as Chris Parmelee singled home Babe Ruth with one out. The Bambino made such a wide turn around 3rd base that he nearly fell into the dugout before regaining his balance and finally crossing home plate. Center-fielder John Vander Wal would have easily thrown the Babe out at the plate had he not had to waste time dancing around Giancarlo Stanton who came a little too close to Vander Wal in his attempt to also track down the ball. Stanton and Vander Wal glared at each other as they slowly walked back to their positions, while Padres' pitcher Dennis Rasmussen glared at both of them from the pitchers' mound. The inning resumed, and Rasmussen got the next two batters to retire the side.

Things were quiet until the bottom of the 5th, when the A.L. struck again, this time against the Bombers' Whitey Ford. Ruth started the inning off with another single. Tartabull singled to right, moving Ruth to 3rd, and then, after a Parmelee strikeout, Chile Davis drove in the Bambino to give the A.L. a 4-1 lead.

The 6th and 7th innings belonged to the A.L too. They scored one in the 6th when Beltran drove in Toby Harrah with a single to left. Then they tacked on two more in the 7th when Kevin Maas homered over the centerfield wall. Two batters later, Alex Rodriguez tripled and Roy Smalley drove him in with a seeing-eye single up the middle. The A.L. looked well on their way to a home-town victory before a very polite Canadian crowd with a 7-1 lead.

But weird things seem to happen in the AYL. After a scoreless 8th inning, the A.L. were down to their last pitcher, Brandon McCarthy of Oakland. The traditional strategy in the AYL All-Star Games has been to use up every single player and keep a starting pitcher to pitch the 9th. The theory had worked in practice, up until this particular game, when the American Leaguers wished they would have had kept a reliever to bail out McCarthy who was just not up to par. Oakland may want to watch his symptoms over the next few weeks to see if he perhaps has contracted the virus. The A.L. can't come up with any other explanation.

Here's how the top of the 9th unfolded for the N.L. McCarthy actually got the first hitter out, a Bill Dickey ground out to second baseman Brian Roberts. Then the wheels fell off. Ensberg doubled to left, Joe Gordon singled, Derek Jeter singled, driving in Ensberg (7-2), Roger Maris singled to load the bases, Luke Voit drew a walk to drive in Gordon (7-3), Mike Easler beat out a dribbler down the 1st base line to score Jeter (7-4), David Justice drove the ball into the dirt in front of home plate, but the ball kicked crazily down the 3rd base line and everyone was safe on the play, including Maris scoring the 5th run (7-5). McCarthy was more the victim of bad luck on most of the hits, and was still leading by 2 with one out. He rose to the occasion for a moment, striking out Red Rolfe on 4 pitches, before Bill Dickey came to the plate for his second appearance of the game (and of the inning!)

Dickey was ready for an exhausted McCarthy's first pitch fastball and drilled it over the center field wall for a grand slam and a 9-7 lead for the N.L. McCarthy mercifully got the next batter to end a miserable 9th inning.

Dwight Gooden came on for the N.L. in the bottom of the 9th, and although he did give up a one-out single to ARod, he got the next two batters, including striking out Roy Smalley to seal the victory.

Dickey was named All-Star Game MVP, although Dickey thought the award should be given to McCarthy, saying, with a wink "we couldn't have done it without him!"

Good job socially isolating throughout the game, fellas! Good role modeling for all the rest of us who are just trying to stay safe and sane until we can all get back to normal. Thanks for tuning in, everyone!

With the victory, the N.L. now leads the all-time AYL All-Star series 5 games to 2. Next year's All-Star game will be hosted by San Francisco.

For more info about this game, please contact your friendly neighborhood Commish anytime.
And have a great 2nd half of the season everyone!

Welcome to the AYL (All Yankees League)

Coming soon ... a few surprises are in store for the AYL after Season 5. Exciting! Stay tuned!
- This is a unique league with some unusual rules, including limited Trades and Free Agency, players must play for franchises they played for in Real Life, a Rule 13 Draft which allows weak teams to steal players from good teams each offseason, and a Lucky Losers Rule for the worst team in each league.
- 28 Teams in the league, including 2 Original Yankee teams called the New York Yankees and the Bronx Bombers. Plus a combination expansion team made up of Arizona, Colorado, Miami, and Tampa Bay players called the Columbus Clippers (named after the Yanks' long-time farm team).
- The Washington Nationals play as the Montreal Expos (Commish is from Canada - Go Figure!!)
- The transactions of the real life MLB New York Yankees are the cornerstone of this league and what makes it unique and fun. Whenever the Yankees make a move in real life, it has a chance to impact teams in our AYL (All Yankees League). Your roster can change significantly based on what the real Yanks do from day to day and season to season.

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