In My opinion...Way too Early Predictions

With all the legend Gimmicks returning, it will be a no holds barred type of action. Will all the steals and blocks negate themselves? How will the new gimmicks fare? here a re a few way too early predictions and things to look forward to....

Bone Collector - Returns form an amazing season- can he hold his own against the cream of the crop?
Point Guard Defense/Steals- Do Payton and the big steal guards destroy all guard productivity, I think so. Only the best will get thru it.
Flopping Luka- anyone giving him a shot after a disaster of a rookie season?
Real Bill Russell- our dedication to the passing of the legend...with no recorded blocks, will his amazing DWS be enough to combat the great's shooting woes?
MJ vs Urkel- the head to head battle for another MVP continues
Is Quint Wilt's run as the best player over? Urkel, Collector, Last Dance, Rep Payton and Damage Bird may have something to say about it! All looking for titles to cement their legacy
Top Teams
Summer- Talk about a handful! ABA Moses and Elmore- other bigs better watch out below! All-Star Curry is a force
Rush- 3 picks , 3 players that do it all. lets see if they can win too.
Thunder- dont fix if it aint broke!- Bone and Choicolate return home. Wakey is upset nobody wanted the former MVP early.
Breuer- a pair of Quads- yikes
Donkeys- Quint and Super Klay have had constrasting arcs as far as winnning- maybe Point Guad pulls them together?
Burners-- Classic NBA meets and1- Wilt and Gilmore, the top two classic bigs could spell trouble.
Peace- Urkel, and playoff Iverson together in one backcourt? Gill as role player, since he wont ever get the ball.
Reapers- Special K is in conversation for best player; Real, Rucker, Selfish make a nice team mix

Next season draft will begin Thursday at 5 pm PST

league will advance this afternoon, it will be 14 rounds of Live draft, 1 hour between picks.

we are 3 owners short right now, hopefully will get filled today.

WOW! Thunder take title!

They were the best team all season and somehow managed to avoid the playoff jinx, so we congratulate Jaykuntz and his Thor's Thunder as the latest Gimmick league Champions. Wow Yao takes the finals MVP, but this was a true team effort. Aloso cngrats to disturbed, for making this series close and getting the second place spot.

we will be advancing the league this afternoon, and get prepared for all gimmicks return draft thursday at 5 pm. more info to come on that.

The top seeded Thor's Thunder is riding a 4 game win streak as we head to the playoffs! Thunder's superstar Bone Collector takes home the MVP while Almost Olajuwon wins the DPY over Bill Russell.

The pool for Draft lottery was a huge tie between all yes answers, so we will have the lottery revealed during the playoff games. non playoff teams only, based soley on record. 2 unowned teams will be the favorites for that number one pick. if nobody joins, i will ask someone to draft for a team, and let it coach itself for the season.

Its Gimmick Return season again!!! be sure to look at the retired players if you havent drafted them before, its gonna be a great season, and we get to see Collector matchup with Quint, Urkel and many other legends of Hoops!

I also am going to change some never used players to a very high OWS, so auto picks will choose them instead of good players that players want. if it doesnt work well, i can change them back.

ok, back to the playoffs!!!!
We had a three way tie---Conqueror gets the 4 spot due to power ranking. Breuer is 5th since he held a 2-1 edge on Burner in season series.

Adam Silver Gauntlet Playoffs System
A--round 1 play in game 7 seed Rush @ 6 seed Burners
B--round 2 Burners @ 5 seed Randy Breuer
C--round 3 Winner Randy Breuer @ 4th seed Conquerors -Best of 3

Then normal playoffs; all best of 7
Winner C Randy Breuer @ 1 seed Thor
3 seed Summer @ 2 seed Reapers


Breuer_elbows playoff MVP award named after completion

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21. 24 and under league - only players 24 years old and under are available for draft- The Gimmick? Each team will start with 1 pick of any player under 99!!! Can your Gimmick lead your youngsters? Also adding more of round 1 of 2022 nba draft.

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