Round One Results / Round 2 Rules

The following have signed contracts:

Cubs 2B James Morrison $9/10/$90 ($50M Above)
Rays 1B Kent Russell $1/6/ $6
Royals SP Matt Mitchell $3/8/$24
Dodgers, SP, Giovanny Gallegos, $2/1/$2
Dodgers, SP, Chase De Jong, $1/3/$3
Dodgers, RP, Walker Buehler, $2/3/$6
Dodgers, C, Mike Ohlman, $1/1/$1
Dodgers, SS, Sydney Stafford, $1/7/$7
Cubs 2B Nick Solak $2/5/$10
Cubs 2B Breyvic Valera $1/2/$2
Cubs OF Manuel Margot $2/5/$10
Padres, RP, Scott Tanner, $4/4years/$16
Padres, RP Bart Trosky, $2/10years/$20
Cubs RP Carlos Ramirez $4/2/$8
Cubs RP Brad Hand $4/2/$8
Cubs RP Hansel Robles $3/2/$6
Brewers 1B Al Peña $2/10/20

The following have moved to round 2
SP Tyler Hyde
Indians, $12/10/$120
Brewers $10/10/$100
Rays $6/10/$60
Padres, $5/8/$40
Royals $3/10/$30
Expos $3/8/$24

RP Alan Busenitz
Expos $8/2/$16
Brewers $4/4/$12
Cubs $4/2/$8
Indians $3/2/$6

RP Jose Torrez
Indians $3/4/$12
Padres $3/4/$12
Cubs $2/4/$8

Shelby Miller
Padres, $3/2/$6
Dodgers $2/1/$2
Cubs $1/1/$1

SS Josh Donald
Cubs $4/10/$40
Padres $2/10/$20
Toronto $1/10/$10

3B Sammie Gregg
Cubs $3/10/$30
Royals $2/10/$20

SP Brad Peacock
Dodger $2/1/$2
Cubs $1/1/$1

RP Ned Bates
Padres $2/10years/$20
Cubs $2/10/$20

Round 2
- bids can only be submitted for players that have multiple Round One offers. (The 8 players listed above).
- bids can only be submitted by the teams that bid on each player

Free Agency 2022

- Start bidding at 9pm Eastern.
I will have my bids in to the trade committee members before 9pm. For Round Two I will only submit my bids to non-competing committee members.

- Round One will end Sunday night, January 20 at midnight EST.

- Submit bids to New York Highland (me)

- Use the regular format for bids...
Your Team, Position, Name, Salary/Years/Contract Total

Example - Brewers, 1B, Mark Texiera, $5/10years/$50

*I will not acknowledge any bids like "Wilson - $50" or "Smith, $5/5/$25. "

- There will be screen shots of every bid

- Only two rounds of bidding.

- Out-bidding another owner by $50 in Round One is an automatic contract signing.

- Your Round 2 bids must equal or exceed Round One bids

- No players received Qualifying Offers.

League Calendar


Jan 17th -  Round 1 Free Agency
Jan 21st  - Round 2

League Office

New York Highland (Aaron)

Vice Commissioner

Senior Journalist/Research/P.R.

MLB/E&R™ News Releases
New York Highland (Aaron)

League Integrity Committee

Elite Eleven

MLB/E&R™ News Release

The league has chosen it's best at each position.
Here is your 2021 MLB/E&R "Elite Eleven" team.

C Cam Gallagher, Royals  
1B Matt Olson,  A's
2B Ozzie Albies, Braves
SS Douglas Ayala  Blue Jays 
3B Jeimer Candelario,  Rangers
OF Rhys Hoskins, Yankees
OF J.D. Martinez,  Rays
OF Mike Trout, Angels
SP Lucas Giolito,  White Sox
RP Chris Devenski,  Astros
CL Kenley Jansen, Dodgers

This will be a GM-voted award next season.  

2021 World Series MVP

MLB/E&R™ News Release

SP Buck Farmer, Montreal Expos.
2-0, 14IP, 2ER, 10K, 11hits, 6BB.

Buck will be driving home a 2022 Cadillac Escala for his tremendous effort during the 2021 World Series.

2021 World Champs

MLB/E&R™ News Release -

The Montreal Expos have defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers four games to two to win the 2021 World Series.

Game 1 Dodgers 3, Expos 2
Game 2 Expos 1, Dodgers 0
Game 3 Expos 9, Dodgers 3
Game 4 Dodgers 5, Expos 4
Game 5 Expos 4, Dodgers 3
Game 6 Expos 3, Dodgers 2

The Series MVP will be named on Dec 26th.

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Traded Picks


Round 1 Picks:

Chi Cubs original pick to NYY

Round 2 Picks:

NYY original pick to Chi Cubs
Mil original pick to ARZ D-Backs

Round 3 Picks:
SD original pick to Mil
Mil original pick to SD

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