The X Factor: MLB 2013

FA Bids Open till 12:00 pm central Friday 3/22

Ivan Nova $72 BAL/CLE/LAA/TEX
Gio Gonzalez $18 LAA/LAD/TEX
CJ Wilson $0 NYM

Manny Acosta $0 BAL
Carlos Rosa $1 BAL
Joel Peralta $0 TEX
Andrew Bailey $35 LAA/LAD/TEX

Giminez $0 BAL
Kurt Suzuki $0 BAL
Max Ramir├ęz $10 BAL/TEX

Daric Barton $40 BAL/TEX

Andres Blanco $2 BAL/TEX
Gordon Beckham $0 TEX

Rafael Furcal $0 BAL
Cliff Pennington $8 NYM/TEX

Beltre $1 BAL/LAA/TEX
Conrad $0 BAL

Julio Borbon $3 NYM/TEX
Matt Tuoissasopo $10 BAL

Offseason schedule

1. Progressions Run - Tuesday 3/19 DONE
1a. Remove Rookie Tags for qualifying players 3/19
2. Trades Turned on - Tuesday 3/19 DONE
2a. Playoff rewards distributed- 3/18 DONE
3. Energy and fielding boost requests sent to harry86
3a. Position changes sent to harry86
4. FA Round 1 opens 12:00 pm Wednesday 3/20
5. FA Rd1 Re-bids
6. Draft
6a. Supplemental Draft
7. Adds/drops turned on
8. Set Lineups -
9. Season Start -

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2013 Offseason boosts

CLE Yasmani Grandal EN 3x
BAL Ackley EN 3x
KC Arenado EN
KC Harper EN/FLD
SD Morel EN 3x
NYM Trout EN 2x
NYM Thole EN
CWS Villar FLD 3x
TEX Moreland EN 3x
TB Brignac FLD%
TB Dickerson EN
SF Posey EN
SF Sandoval EN/FLD
SEA Cozart FLD
SEA Giovatella FLD
SEA Neuwenheis FLD

Traded Picks

2013 picks

BAL 1st to SEA for Luebke

TEX 1st to LAA to complete Weaver/Andrus trade

SD 1st to TEX for Holland to NYY for Nova

LAD 1st to CIN for Votto/Bray

SD 2nd to TEX for Holland to SEA for Carpenter

TEX 2nd to SEA for Hernandez

BOS 2nd to TEX for Lewis to ATL for McCann

HOU 2nd to SEA for Ichiro/etc

LAD 2nd to OAK for Cahill

CLE 2nd to CIN for Leake

SEA 2nd to CIN for Dunn/Hanigan/Santana/Pierre/Marshall

2014 picks

SD 1st to TEX for Holland to ATL for McCann

TEX 1st to MIL for Harvey

SD 2nd to TEX for Holland to ATL for McCann

LAD 2nd to MIN in Hoes/Morneau trade

TEX 2nd to SEA for Carpenter

Position changes 2013 offseason

Carpenter 3B/2B to 3B/IF DONE

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1/30/2019Mariner's Under New Mgmt.EWebb24
I'm looking to rebuild the roster I inherited. Looking to move players for young everyday players (specifically 3rd/4th SP, SS or OF), prospects, and/or picks.

Trade Block:
Adam Dunn (high power #'s, only 34 years old)
Ichiro (.306 avg. 206 hits)
Vernon Wells (26 HR)
Any other OF 30 years old (M. Ordonez, J. Damon, J. Gomes, J. Bay)
Ryan Hanigan OR A.J. Ellis OR A.J. Pierzynski
R.A. Dickey (2.84 ERA, 100 Stamina)

I need a deal to knock my socks off. Even though this is a rebuild, this isn't going to be a fire sale. Also willing to hear offers on other players.
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3/20/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
David Pauley placed on trade block by Baltimore Orioles
3/20/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Luke Scott placed on trade block by Baltimore Orioles
3/20/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Carlos Quentin placed on trade block by Baltimore Orioles
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3/22/2019 Triples -- More about home ballebee1
Looking for a better solution than SB/AB to indicate SP rating. See above. SB/AB is an awkward stat that does not take into account walks and HBP. SB/TOB (times on base) is a better solution. SB/SBOp (stolen base opp) is even better.

3B/AB could be incorporated in the formula (and I'm sure already is to a certain extent).

Currently, it is only SB/AB and 3B/AB with some degree of weight. Correct me if I am wrong. Is it as simple as AB / (divided by) 3B + SB ??

While it is understood that SP affects not only stolen bases, it is the primary rating that allows a batter to steal, bunt for a hit, and hit for better avg.

My example above shows that Juan Samuel 1984 should also be a 10sp rating vs. Rickey Henderson 1980 - because Samuel had way more 3B and a much higher SB/SBOp than Henderson.
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