The X Factor: MLB 2013

FA Bids Final update - closed

SP Mike Leake $48 (BAL/CIN/SEA)-$70 CIN won-moved
SP Luis Atilano $15 PHI-won-moved
SP Hirohito Kuroda $1 (SEA/TEX)-$3 TEX won-moved
SP Andy Sonnenstine $0 SEA-won-moved
SP Tim Hudson $10 (LAD/TOR)-$20 LAD won-moved
SP Armando Galaragga $1 NYM-won-moved
SP Bronson Arroyo $2 (CIN/SEA)-$3 CON won-moved

RP Andrew Miller $60 (CLE/NYM/TB)-$84 NYM won-moved
RP David Aardsma $0 SEA-won-moved
RP Rob Tejada $0 SEA-won-moved
RP Billy Wagner $30 (ATL/BAL/COL)-$60 COL won-moved
RP Sean Burnett $6 (BAL/CIN/TB)-$10 CIN won-moved
RP Rafael Soriano $15 (PHI/TB/TEX)-$20 PHI won-moved
RP Boone Logan $25 (CIN/NYM/TEX)-$52 NYM won-moved
RP Rafael Betancourt $2 (COL/SEA)-$5 COL won-moved
RP Carlos Monasterios $10 (CIN/SEA)-$18 CIN won-moved
RP Robbie Weinhardt $4 LAD-won-moved

C Carlos Ruiz $12 (PHI/LAD/TEX)-$21 PHI won-moved
C John Buck $8 (PHI/SF/TB) tie PHI/SF $9
C Russell Martin $3 CIN-won-moved
C AJ Ellis $0 SEA-won-moved
C AJ Pierzynski $0 SEA-won-moved
C Chris Giminez $0 BAL-won-moved
C David Ross $1 (CIN/TB) tie $1 CIN/TB
C Miguel Olivo $0 TB-won-moved

1B Cuddyer $0 COL-won-moved

2B Omar Infante $16 (ATL/LAD/NYM)-$24 NYM won-moved
2B Skip Schumacher $0 SEA-won-moved
2B Ryan Theriot $0 SEA-won-moved

3B Placido Polanco $6 (CLE/KC)-$6 CLE won-moved
3B Scott Rolen $8 (CIN/KC)-$14 CIN won-moved
3B Miguel Cairo $0 SEA-won-moved
3B Jones $1 COL-won-moved
3B Andy Marte $6 (BAL/CIN)-$12 CIN won-moved
3B Melvin Mora $0 BAL-won-moved

SS JJ Hardy $8 ATL-won-moved
SS Yuniesky Betancourt $4 PHI-won-moved
SS Juan Uribe $4 SF-won-moved
SS Marco Scutaro $0 SEA-won-moved
SS Ramon Santiago $0 (SEA/TB)-tie $0 TB/SEA
SS Cesar Izturis $0 TB-won-moved
SS Alex Gonzalez $1 (BAL/TB)-$1 TB won-moved

OF Matt Holliday $50 (ATL/CLE/SF)-$63 SF won-moved
OF Coco Crisp $4 (CIN/TEX)-$6 TEX won-moved
OF Seth Smith $1 NYM-won-moved
OF Eric Patterson $0 TB-won-moved
OF Tony Gwynn $0 TB-won-moved
OF Manny Ramirez $1 (BAL/SEA)-$1 BAL won-moved
OF Vernon Wells $0 SEA-won-moved
OF Magglio Ordonez $0 SEA-won-moved
OF Austin Kearns $2 CIN-won-moved
OF Alfonso Soriano $0 CIN-won-moved
OF Vladimir Guerrero $0 BAL-won-moved
OF Jayson Werth $15 (CLE/LAD)-$32 CLE won-moved
OF Angel Pagan $14 (CIN/PHI/TOR)-$21 PHI won-moved

DH Travis Hafner $1 (SEA/TB)-$1 TB won-moved

Offseason schedule

1. Progressions Run - Wednesday (1/16) - DONE
1a. Remove Rookie Tags for qualifying players - None this season - DONE
2. Trades Turned on - Wednesday (1/16)
2a. Playoff rewards distributed- DONE (1/14)
3. Energy and fielding boost requests sent to harry86
3a. Position changes sent to harry86
4. FA Round 1 opens 1/19 8:00 am CST
closes 1/21 12 pm CST
5. FA Rd1 Re-bids
6. Draft
6a. Supplemental Draft
7. Adds/drops turned on
8. Set Lineups -
9. Season Start -

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2012 Offseason boosts

CLE Yasmani Grandal EN
CLE Brennen Boesch FLD
TEX Altuve EN 2x
TEX Andrus FLD
SF Pablo Sandoval EN/FLD
SF Buster Posey EN
STL Rasmus EN
STL Jay EN 2x
BAL Thames FLD
BAL Ackley EN 2x - DONE
NYM Thole EN 2x - DONE
PHI Brown FLD 2x EN 1x DONE
SEA Carpenter EN 3x - DONE
CIN Hosmer EN 3x - DONE

Traded Picks

2012 picks

HOU 1st to CIN for Bruce

MIN 1st to KC for Morales

LAD 1st to MIL for Fielder/Braun

OAK 1st to LAD for Gibbons/Loney

CLE 1st to LAD for 2011 1st

LAD 2nd to NYM for NYM 2nd

MIA 2nd to CLE to complete Kearns/Willits/Ross trade

MIA trades $1 to CLE to complete Kearns/Willits/Ross trade

NYM 2nd to CIN via LAD for Votto/Bray

SEA 2nd to CIN for Dunn/Hanigan/Santana/Pierre/Marshall

2013 picks

LAD 1st to CIN for Votto/Bray

LAD 2nd to OAK for Cahill

SEA 2nd to CIN for Dunn/Hanigan/Santana/Pierre/Marshall

Position changes 2012 offseason

Thome DH/1B to 1B/DH

Middlebrooks 3B to 1B

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1/20/2019FA Biddasmashtros
Carlos Ruiz- $4/ 3years =$12
Coco Crisp $2/2 years=$4
Rafael Soriano $5/3years =$15
Boone Logan $5/5 years= $25
Hiroki Kuroda $1/1 =$1
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Luke Scott placed on trade block by Baltimore Orioles
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