The X Factor: MLB 2015

Offseason schedule

1. Progressions Run - Done
1a. Remove Rookie Tags for qualifying players
2. Trades Turned on -
2a. Playoff rewards distributed-
3. Energy and fielding boost requests sent to dasmashtros
3a. Position changes sent to dasmashtros
4. FA Round 1-
5. FA Rd1 Re-bids-
6. Draft -
6a. Supplemental Draft if needed
7. Adds/drops turned on
8. Set Lineups -
9. Season Start -

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Traded Picks

2015 picks

ARI 1st to TEX for Carpenter/Weaver

TB 1st to TEX for Moreland/McCann to SF for Cain

WAS 1st to Min for Wong via TEX for Hamilton/Cruz

CIN 1st to NYY for Hughes

Tex 1st to KC for Cole

OAK 1st. To TEX for Beckham/Freese

LAD 1st to Min for Hernandez

CLE 1st to NYM for Moustakis

CLE 2nd to NYM for Moustakis

MIN 2nd to TEX for Hernandez back to MIn for Valencia

WAS 2nd to TEX for Freeman to TB for Collins/Dickerson

CIN 2nd to MIL for Bailey

TEX 2nd to MIL for Castillo

LAD 2nd to MIN for Hernandez

2016 Picks

LAD 1st to MIl for Brach

CIN 1st to MIL for Bailey

CIN 2nd to MIL for Bailey

KC 2nd to TEX for Bradley

WAS 2nd to TEX for O’Day/Paxton to SF for Runzler

TEX 2nd to MIL for Castillo

LAD 2nd to MIN for Hernandez

Dead Money

CLE cut Mike Leake

2014 $5
2015 $5
2016 $5
2017 $5
2018 $5

Return $5

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So we have officially made it to the offseason.
Before I start the process of advancing contracts and running progressions I have had a rule change request made to me. I have decided to bring it to the League to consider.
Some leagues allow teams to resign certain players who are not coming off a rookie contract but a secondary contract. An example is if a player is drafted at 18, he would finish his rookie contract three years later at 21, so you could always sign him. If you gave him another 3 year contract, he would have those three years plus the PC year so he would become a free agent at 25. The owner who proposed this change would like for the team to be able to sign that player again at this point.

The league has never done this before, and I am a bit hesitant to implement a rule like it just because I feel it could water down our free agency process too much. So if we do consider it I think we may need to add some stipulations such as a mandatory minimum raise per season or a maximum number of players who could be signed this way. I will give until Tuesday night to discuss this on the chat box and then put up a poll to see how the league feels about it and at that point we will move on with the offseason
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9/16/2019 ATG 376 daily draft.gbacci
There is no waivers in daily draft. There’s just a delay to when the games start so games don’t start suddenly on everyone.
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