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4/2/2020 How Important is fielding?htennis
A hit is a hit is a hit. I agree. You placed enormous value on a hit when you said it could be a win.

It doesn't matter when the hit occurs. We track HRs all the same, and this sim takes that into account, so regardless of situation, the same hitter facing the same pitcher will always have an equal chance of getting a hit or homering.

The same is true for defense. The percentages are always the same. If it happens to occur in the 9th inning, so be it. It doesn't mean that defensive play was worth an entire win.

The rate at which players save hits based off their dWAR seems pretty fair to me. Laabs is on pace to give up about 15 hits over a full 162 game season, which seems pretty fair to me. It makes sense that 15 hits is worth about .8 of a win.

I don't know where you are getting your 6% numbers. Can you elaborate?
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