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Great Lakes Vintage Rookie League
Blue Jays

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Welcome to the Great Lakes Vintage Rookies League

The Great Lakes Vintage Rookie League consists of franchises in Great Lakes cities with splendid ballparks alongside scenic coastlines. The player base is drawn from teams featuring the rookie seasons of various players with a tilt toward legendarily colorful players, stars, and a few of the commish's personal favorites. These players will generally start off in their rookie seasons, although in some cases they may start a few seasons later at the commish's discretion. A very few may enter in special seasons (i.e. Babe Ruth enters in his first Yankee season), but these will be rare. Looking forward to a good historical mix of players and a fun league.

Teams added to player pool for season 8

"The only way I'm going to get a Gold Glove is with a can of spray paint." - Reggie Jackson
The following teams, with featured rookie, will be added for the season 8 draft:

1967 Oakland AL Reggie Jackson
1990 Chicago AL Frank Thomas
1936 Cleveland AL Bob Feller
1954 Chicago NL Ernie Banks

Teams added to player pool for season 7

"Cadillacs are down at the end of the bat." - Ralph Kiner
The following teams have been added to the player pool (with featured rookies) for season 7:

1993 Los Angeles NL Mike Piazza and Pedro Martinez
1946 Pittsburgh NL Ralph Kiner
1964 Cleveland AL Luis Tiant
1891 Louisville AA Hughie Jennings

Teams added to player pool for season 6

The following teams (with key rookie) are added to the player pool for the season 6 draft:

1957 Baltimore AL Brooks Robinson
1911 Philadelphia NL Grover Cleveland Alexander
1956 Chicago AL Luis Aparicio
1933 Detroit AL Hank Greenberg

Player pool additions for season five

"I don't want to play golf. When I hit a ball I want someone else to chase it." - Rogers Hornsby
The following teams were added to the player pool for the upcoming draft (listed with key rookie):

1915 St. Louis NL - Rogers Hornsby
1948 Cleveland AL - Larry Doby
2007 San Francisco NL - Tim Lincicum

Player Pool Additions for Season 4

The following teams have been added to the player pool for season 4, with key rookie:

1958 Kansas City AL Roger Maris (2nd season)
1900 New York NL Christy Mathewson
1973 Los Angeles NL Tom Paciorek (My new house is near where he played high school ball.)

Commish issues Veterans' Preference Ruling.

In the other I league I run we are beginning to run into players missing seasons when they served in WW2 or Korea. When this situation arises in this league I will be using the same rule I instituted in that league. Players who miss seasons for military service will have the stats from their last full season used until they reach the point where they again have statistics to use. Players will not miss time due to military service. This will be incorporated into the rules page. We currently don't have anyone effected by this, but IT WILL BE THE OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY to inform the commish when a player will be missing seasons for military service. So when players from that era appear in the league you will have to do a little research.

Player pool additions for season 3

"One percent of ballplayers are leaders of men. The other 99 are followers of women." John McGraw
The following teams have been added to the player pool for season 3, listed with key rookie:

1891 Baltimore AA John McGraw
1981 Los Angeles NL Fernando Valenzula
1964 Philadelphia NL Dick Allen
1978 San Diego NL Ozzie Smith

Player Pool Additions for Season 2.

The following teams have been added to the player pool for the draft:

Team- Key Rookie

1986 San Diego NL - John Kruk
1878 Cincinnati NL- King Kelly
1948 St. Louis AL- Satchel Paige
1976 Detroit AL- Mark Fidrych*

* Per commish's whim, a few innings will be added to Mark Fidrych's 1978 stats to make him eligible for that season. A small concession to a man whose career and life were far too brief.

Player pool

"The doctors x-rayed my head and found nothing."-Dizzy Dean after being hit in the head with a throw
The player pool for the initial season will be drawn from the following clubs, listed with their key rookie:

1956 Cleveland AL Rocky Colavito
1964 Detroit AL Gates Brown
1967 New York NL Tom Seaver
1884 St. Louis AA Bob Caruthers
1905 Detroit AL Ty Cobb
1934 St. Louis AL Bobo Newsom
1890 Boston NL Bobby Lowe
1969 Boston AL Bill Lee
1932 St. Louis NL Dizzy Dean
1947 Brooklyn NL Jackie Robinson
1913 Brooklyn NL Casey Stengel
1955 Pittsburgh NL Roberto Clemente
1988 Minnesota AL David Ortiz
1962 California AL Bo Belinsky
1899 Louisville NL Rube Waddell
1920 New York AL Babe Ruth
1947 New York AL Yogi Berra


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Latest Message
2/22/2018season starturbanexile
We are currently waiting for one owner to add a pitcher to his roster so sims will run. As soon as this is accomplished sims will begin.
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Latest Transactions
2/22/2018 Player Signed
Whit Wyatt picked up by Cleveland Monsters
2/22/2018 Player Dropped
Oscar Gamble dropped by Cleveland Monsters
2/21/2018 Player Signed
Dick Groat picked up by Buffalo Barons
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Latest Public Board Post
2/24/2018 Spice up the auto leaguesBuddyHartley
I was about to say, if you had a 1970 - 2000 league, you would not see a lot of 1970 batters used. Maybe a few pitchers, but not many.

gbacci, I think small improvements go a long way to make the Auto League experience better. The best example in recent memory was limiting the number of times an owner can use the same franchise in a Favorite Teams league at the same time. That has really served to open up the field and make things far more competitive.

Daily Draft leagues are, in my mind, the most level playing field possible. Everyone starts from scratch, and the field is wide open to how an owner wants to build his team. Plus, even new users can utilize the "Compare Across leagues" and "League history" features to research what players have performed well in past leagues.

This game strongly rewards research, and penalizes those who do not do their homework. That is the way it should be. The longer that I spend on PC, the more I have found that you can take a successful owner, put him into a completely new league environment, and he will still put a very strong team on the field. Why? Because successful owners are willing to put in the time necessary to do the research that is required to build the most competitive team possible.
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