The Hometown League

Season money earned/lost

Team(series cash)+{WS/LS}+[record]+(PS)-(fees)-[loan]=total$$—>✅means adjusted

Alpharetta Green Sox($11)
Conneaut Spartans($8)
Lapeer Lightning($7)
Oak Hill Red Devils($3)
Mooresville Moors($9)
Nesconset Nasties($2)
Richmond Rivermen($7)
San Jose Monsterz($4)
S.C. Black Eagles($1)
T.C. Beach Bums($8)

League Chat Box


Ellis dominates, Green Sox win 6-2

Joey Ellis was brilliant last night, allowing just 2 hits over 7 innings, leading the Green Sox to a 6-2 win over the Beach Bums. | Box

Pratt blanks Oak Hill with 5-0 shutout

Oak Hill is hoping not to see Dominique Pratt again for a long while. Pratt went the distance, leading Conneaut to a 5-0 victory. Patrick Bartley had a big game as well, knocking in 3 runs for Conneaut while recording 3 hits. | Box

Hardin blasts off, leads Monsterz to win

Geoff Hardin blasted 2 homers, lifting the Monsterz to a 8-5 win over Mooresville. | Box

Bass sparks 10-8 win for Nasties

Aaron Bass's hot bat helped the Nasties to a 10-8 win over the Black Eagles. Bass collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

Big game for Floyd lifts Lightning to victory

Spencer Floyd drove in 4 runs, carrying Lapeer to a 10-5 victory over the Rivermen. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

L. Klein, Green Sox .3335 HR8 RBI
L. Jefferson, Green Sox .3894 HR6 RBI
E. Boston, Green Sox .3044 HR6 RBI
R. Phillips, Green Sox .3183 HR7 RBI
B. Boykin, Red Devils .4383 HR7 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

T. Ransom, Green Sox 1 for 21 (.048)
K. Kelly, Spartans 0 for 18 (.000)
F. Savage, Red Devils 2 for 20 (.100)
A. McDonald, Green Sox 3 for 21 (.143)
O. Love, Monsterz 1 for 18 (.056)

Leaders: OPS

A. Morgan, Rivermen 1.299
J. Galvin, Green Sox 1.256
V. Morris, Rivermen 1.102
J. Rider, Moors 1.006
G. Hardin, Monsterz 1.005

Leaders: SO/9

R. Boucher, Moors 9.1
F. Drake, Lightning 8.8
N. Bradley, Rivermen 8.4
M. Norton, Monsterz 8.3
J. Mack, Green Sox 7.0

Hometown Cup Champions

Everett Dirtbags(madballnova)—>2017
Augusta Greenjackets(sassafras)—>2018,2020,2021
Space Coast Astronauts(Brutal)—>2019
Canton Bulldogs(lordhawke)—>2022
Alpheretta Greensox(kopastetic)—>2023
Conneaut Spartans(Jason1216)—>2024,2025
Fargo Redhawks(run4fun2009)—>2026
T.C. Beach Bums(Spaniels)—>2027
Moorseville Moors(Dukeblues)—>2028


Green Sox—>1)Spartans
Spartans—>1)Green Sox
S.C. Black Eagles—>
Red Devils-->
Beach Bums-->

*Fight for The Coal Mine

2028 Franchise Fees

Alpharetta Green Sox---$25
Conneaut Spartans---$25
Oak Hill Red Devils—-$25
Lapeer Lightning—-$25
Moorseville Moors—-$25
Nesconset Nasties---$25
Richmond Rivermen---$25
San Jose Monsterz—-$25
S.C. Black Eagles—-$25
T.C. Beach Bums---$25

Season winning/losing streaks

Winning streaks(+$)

Beach Bums 12 games($3)

Losing streaks(-$)

Nasties 10 games($3)

Luxury Tax


Moorsville Moors($311x20%=$62)—>$249 new budget(1st season)

Traverse City Beach Bums($285x20%=$57)—>$228 new budget(1st season)

Luxury tax collected=$119

Black Eagles—>$27

Luxury tax left $2

2028 budget cap=$278!!

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