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The Hometown League(2035)

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2. DH Douglas Sparks CAVEMEN
3. 1B Bryon Stovall CAVEMEN
4. 2B Steven Hyde CARDINALS
5. 3B Manny Calderone TARTANS
8. OF Wes Page TIGERS
9. OF Matty Sparks TIGERS
10. C Hughie Beavers TIGERS
11. 1B Cameron Randall POLAR BEARS
12. 2B Pat Nunn POLAR BEARS
13. 3B Lacy Seals LIGHTNING
14. SS Mike Brock CAVEMEN
15. OF Terry Buhl CYCLONES
16. OF Taylor Ross POLAR BEARS
17. OF Saul Taneton TARTANS
18. 2B Jackie Means CARDINALS
19. SS Ed Woodward CARDINALS

19. SP1 Shohei O’Toole CAVEMEN
20. SP2 Rich Hinkley POLAR BEARS
21. SP3 Madison Bumgarner Jr. CAVEMEN
22. SP4 Monroe Starkey POLAR BEARS
23. RP Len Foster CAVEMEN
24. RP Omar Ladd POLAR BEARS
25. RP Jeff Hanna CARDINALS
26. RP Mitch Phelps TARTANS
27. RP Rich Andrews CAVEMEN
29. RP Simon Fisher CARDINALS

1. LF Rex Baldwin BLIZZARD
2. CF David Durst COWBOYS
3. C Marco Logan RHINOS
4. DH Aaron Haskins EXPOS
5. 2B Zeek Gentile VULTURES
6. 3B Laurence Madison BROKE BOYS
7. 1B Ahmad Moore SPARTANS
8. SS Dennis Cline BLIZZARD
9. RF Lanny Wallace COWBOYS
10. C Gilbert Guillen BLIZZARD
11. 1B Lance Barr BROKE BOYS
12. 2B Garret Almeroft BROKE BOYS
13. 3B Omar Cleary LEGENDS
14. SS Scouter McPhast BLIZZARD
15. OF Jeremai Brochold SPARTANS
16. OF Ezra Alvardo SPARTANS
17. OF Kenny Hutchinson RHINOS
18. 1B Jim Wellington LEGENDS
19. 2B Jamie Ulrich RHINOS

19. SP1 Jonah Aleman BLIZZARD
20. SP2 Marcus Madden LEGENDS
21. SP3 Monroe Barragan EXPOS
22. SP4 Nathan Shores BLIZZARD
23. RP Garry Foster EXPOS
24. RP Vernon Douglas BROKE BOYS
25. RP Eden Grieve BLIZZARD
26. RP Eddy Gilmore SPARTANS
27. RP Owen Randall EXPOS
28. SU Dusty Coley BLIZZARD
29. CP Nick Crowe RHINOS


In a recent interview, Expos manager Billy Martin was asked about the recent addition of SS Francisco Lindor and how he has stabilized the Expos infield.
Manager Martin was quoted as saying, "Well, as you know Francisco played 3 seasons for the Manchester Cyclones. I don't know what it is. You can put Dillon Gomez in the same category, These guys tend to flourish once they escape from that cesspool Murphy Dome. That organization just drags players down. Once they wash off that Murphy Dome stench, they just find their game."

Vegas Top Ten Power Rankings

Las Vegas Gamblers Association
1. Caveman 99+
2. Blizzard 99+
3. Polar Bears 95+
4. Cardinals 93+
5. Expos 92+
6. Legends 90+
7. Cyclones 89+
8. Tartans 88+
9. Spartans 77+
10. Broke Boys 70+

In season awards for notable game achievements

Owners are asked to message the Commish when you have an in-game achievement
Incentives awarded for perfect game, no hitters, cycle, 3 homers.
---3 homers (or more) in a game->+1 hit/+1 hr
---cycle for a game->+1 hit/+1 2b/+1 3b/+1 hr
---no hitter for a game->-1 hit/+1 ip
---perfect game->-1 hit/-1 bb/+1 ip/+1 so

October 13th, 2020: Cavemen’s Byron Stovall hits for the cycle against the Spartans

October 15th, 2020: Expos’ Dillon Gomez hits 3 homeruns vs the Cowboys

October 17th, 2020: Cyclones’ Willis Cavazales smashes 3 homeruns in rout of the Expos 9-1

October 18th, 2020: Spartans’ Mickey Bishop no-hits the Expos 4-0

October 20th, 2020: Cavemen’s Shohei O’Toole no hits the Cyclones 1-0

October 21th, 2020: Expos Jarod Ennis no hits the Lightning 1-0

October 22nd, 2020: Blizzard’s Nasir Schulman hits 3 homeruns in 12-3 win over Tartans

October 22nd, 2020: Lightning's Lacy Seals hits 3 homeruns against the Cyclones 11-4

October 25th, 2020: Cavemen’s Shohei O’Toole throws his second no-Hitter of the season against the Vultures 4-0

Stovall dominates, Cardinals win 8-3

Cedric Stovall was brilliant last night, allowing just 2 hits over 7 innings, leading the Cardinals to a 8-3 win over the Vultures. | Box

Yates's 11-K performance not enough

Wally Yates whiffed 11 batters, but the Expos managed to beat the Cowboys, 5-0. | Box

Tolvanen baffles Blizzard, Golden Knights win

Oscar Tolvanen struckout 10 North Dakota batters in a 2-1 win for the Golden Knights. | Box

Red-hot Bowen can't overcome Lightning onslaught

A 5-RBI game from Vince Bowen couldn't lift the Tartans to victory. Lapeer prevailed by a score of 6-5. | Box

Doyle baffles RHINOS 🦏, Broke Boys win

Max Doyle struckout 8 CAROLINA batters in a 4-2 win for the Broke Boys. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

E. Woodard, Cardinals .3644 HR13 RBI
R. Nelson, Blizzard .5715 HR10 RBI
B. Klein, Cardinals .4092 HR8 RBI
D. Durst, Cowboys .3183 HR5 RBI
M. Calderone, Tartans .2503 HR5 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

R. Powers, Vultures 1 for 21 (.048)
K. Francis, Cowboys 2 for 21 (.095)
M. Roberts, Vultures 1 for 20 (.050)
D. Rylance, Tartans 3 for 22 (.136)
D. Meek, Tigers 3 for 19 (.158)

Leaders: SLG

Z. Gentile, Vultures .635
E. Woodard, Cardinals .598
R. Baldwin, Blizzard .594
E. Alvardo, Spartans .593
B. Stovall, Cavemen .573

Leaders: H/9

L. Foster, Cavemen 4.6
V. Douglas, Broke Boys 6.1
O. Wooten, Cyclones 6.2
S. O’Toole, Cavemen 6.2
J. Aleman, Blizzard 6.3

DraftClass League

TOPP’s Prospects

Bats (L) Age: 15 Avg: .335

Bats (R) Age: 15 Avg: .315
[2034 player of the League Award]

3. SP Terry Earley MEXICONOS
Throws (R) Age: 16 W/L: 7-2 ERA: 2.42
[Eligible for 2036 Draft]

4. C Craig Tomanek FLORIDA
Bats (L) Age: 15 Avg: .343

5. SP Bob Hawley TEXAS
Throws (L) Age: 16 W/L: 10-1 ERA: 2.27
[Eligible for 2036 Draft]


1. Mexiconos
2. West Nebraska
3. Texas
4. Arizona
5. Monsterz
6. New Mexico
7. Sharks
8. South California


1. Missions
2. East Missouri
3. Oklahoma
4. Florida
5. Nebraska
6. New York
7. Pioneers
8. Scotsmen


1. Bulldogs
2. Cyclones
3. Dodgers
4. Fielders
5. Haylers
6. Haymakers
7. Knights
8. Roadrunners
9. Spartans
10. Eagles

Hometown League Managers


Polar Bears: Buck Torre (2034-Present)
[$1/4yr contract]
Tartans: Domingo Ayala (2034-Present)
Lightning: Kristof Rey Alpin (2034-Present)
[Has a bio]
Tigers: Brad Tucker (2034-Present)

Cardinals: Larry Hockett (2034-Present)
[$1/2yrs Contract]
Golden Knights: Joey Flora (2034-Present)
Caveman: Ronald “Kingfish” Murphy (2034-Present)
Cyclones: Tony Peralta (2035-Present)
(2035) Diego Sampson
(2035) Kent Murphy
(2030-2034) Ethan King

Rhinos: Mike Belford (2034-Present)
Broke Boys: Aaron Frien (2034-Present)
Expos: Billy Martin (2032 Offseason-present)
Cowboys: Mike Ditka (2034-Present)

Blizzard: Whiteout Squall (2034-Present)
Spartans: Ernie Pantusso (2035-Present)
(2034) Daniel Justice
Legends: Jack Essmen (2034-Present)
Vultures: Lou Brown (2034-Present)

Manchester(2035) $30M League Loan

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