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Free Agent bids


Kinder, Thad $1/1=$1(Browns)

Lacy Seals $10/5yrs=$50(Lightning)

Rodriquez, Chris $3/Yr. 5 Yrs $15(Legion)

Free agent bid format

Please use the following format:

Name(first/last) $/yrs=$


Joe Smith $1/1=$1

I won't disqualify a bid but I may make you resubmit a bid if it is missing info, first or last name always does it. The better you follow the example, the quicker I can post

Offseason schedule

Sat 10/12-->FA bidding (RP)11pm eastern
Sun 10/13-->FA bidding (C)opens@11pm eastern
Mon 10/14-->FA bidding (C)closes@11pm eastern
Tues 10/15-->FA bidding (1B)opens@9pm eastern
Wed 10/16-->FA bidding (1B)closes@9pm eastern
Thur 10/17-->FA bidding (2B)opens@9pm eastern
Fri 10/18-->FA bidding (2B)closes@9pm eastern
Sat 10/19-->FA bidding (3B)opens@9pm eastern
Sun 10/20-->FA bidding (3B)closes@9pm eastern
Mon 10/21-->FA bidding (SS)opens@9pm eastern
Tues 10/22-->FA bidding (SS)closes@9pm eastern
Wed 10/23-->FA bidding (OF)opens@11pm eastern
Thur 10/24-->FA bidding (OF)closes@11pm eastern
Fri 10/25-->prepare for regular season
Sat 10/26-->prepare for regular season
Sun 10/27-->prepare for regular season
Mon 10/28-->regular starts(tba)!!

*read the rules about offseason requests available!! Requests can be made during the whole offseason!!

**these times are adjusted later due to bowling leagues

Have your rosters ready to go for opening day!!

Please be aware due to my friends heart attack and my wife's knee, times will be fluid. I will put out league notices as needed

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10/8/2019Lightning SP FA bidsKevough2
SP Romero Henderson $1/5yrs=$5
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