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In season accomplishments

No hitters(-1hit/+1ip)

Cedric Stovall(Cardinals)

Perfect games(-hit/BB/+1ip/SO)

Gene Henson(Spartans)

3 homerun games(+1hit/HR)

Lane Gibson(Nerds)
Ethan Hood(Bums)
Chi Larson(Rowdies)


Marco Logan(Nerds)

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12/8/2019Dorky Nerds @ BrownsWatch  Box
12/8/2019Eagles @ BulldogsWatch  Box
12/8/2019Blizzard @ CardinalsWatch  Box
12/8/2019Farmhands @ LightningWatch  Box
12/8/2019Spartans @ SpiritsWatch  Box
12/8/2019Beach Bums @ ShamrocksWatch  Box
12/8/2019Falcons @ MonsterzWatch  Box
12/8/2019Cyclones @ Golden KnightsWatch  Box
12/8/2019LEGION @ HeatWatch  Box
12/8/2019Aces @ RowdiesWatch  Box
12/8/2019Mockingbirds @ VikingsWatch  Box

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Latest Transactions
12/7/2019 Player Signed
Jackie Meyer picked up by Dublin Shamrocks
12/7/2019 Trade
Elroy Bailey to Dublin Shamrocks
Manny Mattson to Wichita Falls Cyclones
Stuart Guerra to Wichita Falls Cyclones
12/7/2019 Player Signed
Grant Johnson picked up by Dublin Shamrocks
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12/8/2019 Would love trade advicesheikyerboudi
" I offered another player Joss, Seaver, Appling and Heilmann for Verlander. " Verlander's '19 season is probably the best in ATG. The afore mentioned players offered for him are all mediocre guys in ATG. You can't win by "filling holes" with mediocre players - if you do, guess what - you have a mediocre team.
I'm just sayin' - think before you trade. Oh, and nycubsfan, I'm sorry if it seemed like I was picking on you - I get a little annoyed by the constant offers sometimes, but that's why there's a Decline button ;-)

Peace, Out - The Sheik
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