Fight For October

Season accomplishments

No hitter(-2 hits)

Bob Ward(Mariners)
Dee Beard(Dodgers)

Perfect game(-3 hits)

3hr game(+1 hit)

Laurence Savage(Rays)
Deon Knutsen(Giants)
Peter Collins(Tigers)
Foster Green(Phillies)
Romero Foster(Giants)
Sal Hawley(Nationals)
Eddy Cowan(Mets)
Raul Vegas(Mets)
Dennis Pitts(Cardinals)
Colin Coley(Giants)
Pat Peterson(Cubs)
Deshawn Alexander(Brewers)x2
Phil Earl(Diamondbacks)
Tyler Borden(Royals)
Dom Lynch(Indians)
Jaddy Knutsen(Mariners)
Fred Cobb(Giants)

Cycle(+2 hits)

Gene Rider(Reds)
Wayne Wallace(Red Sox)
Kasey Jenkins(Orioles)
Felipe Bartley(Cardinals)
Kenton Patterson(Braves)

League Chat Box


Fox baffles Rockies, Diamondbacks win

Buddy Fox struckout 12 Colorado batters in a 10-1 win for the Diamondbacks. | Box

Phillies fall to Braves despite Olsen's efforts

Anthony Olsen whiffed 8 batters, but the Braves managed to beat the Phillies, 3-1. | Box

Randall blasts off, leads Red Sox to win

Chuck Randall blasted 2 homers, lifting the Red Sox to a 4-3 win over Cleveland. Dominique Bradley struckout 10 Boston batters in the contest. | Box

Big game for Bradshaw lifts Brewers to victory

Ross Bradshaw drove in 5 runs, carrying Milwaukee to a 16-4 victory over the Pirates. Cedric Shipman had a big game as well, knocking in 3 runs for Milwaukee while recording 3 hits. Evan Stafford had a big game as well, knocking in 3 runs for Milwaukee while recording 3 hits. Elmer Fisher struckout 8 Milwaukee batters in the contest. | Box

Flores blasts off, leads Tigers to win

Luther Flores blasted 3 homers, lifting the Tigers to a 12-1 win over Kansas City. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

D. Pitts, Cardinals .4384 HR9 RBI
D. Talbot, Cardinals .5004 HR9 RBI
A. Mahan, Brewers .5634 HR7 RBI
L. Flores, Tigers .2673 HR8 RBI
M. Woodard, Rangers .3333 HR7 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

N. Senzel, Reds 0 for 19 (.000)
S. Mahan, White Sox 1 for 18 (.056)
C. Montana, White Sox 2 for 19 (.105)
D. Knutsen, Giants 0 for 16 (.000)
M. West, Athletics 1 for 16 (.063)

Leaders: OPS

B. Abernathy, Orioles 1.091
S. Hawley, Nationals 1.067
J. Crawford, Diamondbacks 1.026
F. Cobb, Giants 1.026
F. Bartley, Cardinals 1.022

Leaders: SO/9

O. Mora, Cubs 10.6
P. Cleary, White Sox 10.4
G. Bridges, Dodgers 10.2
G. Parr, Brewers 10.1
M. Gallegos, Diamondbacks 10.0

Created prospects

Team—>prospect(will be created after progressions)

Braves—>Ian Anderson(RHP)
Twins—>Alex Kirilloff(OF)
Rays—>Matthew Liberatore(SP)
Angels—>Jo Adell(OF)
Pirates—>Ke’Bryan Hayes(3B)

2043 traded draft picks/prospect rights

Team—>rd pick to—>team

Mariners—>3rd rd—>Angels(tender)
Reds—>2nd rd—>Braves(tender)
D’backs—>2nd rd—>Phillies

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