Fight For October


Sunday 1/20–>Rookie draft(8pm eastern)
Monday 1/21–>prepare for FA bidding
Tuesday 1/22–>prepare for FA bidding
Wednesday 1/23–>FA bidding opens(3pm eastern)
Thursday 1/24–>FA bidding continues
Friday 1/25–>FA bidding closes(3pm eastern)
Saturday 1/26–>prepare for regular season
Sunday 1/27–>prepare for regular season
Monday 1/28–>regular season starts(tba)

**at any time during the offseason,any kind of request listed in the rules can be sent in(prospect,training,position change,SP to RP and so on)

2043 Draft Tenders

Player,position. Draft pick tendered Team

2B Junior Ford—> 3rd rd—>Angels
3B Ward Stokes—>2nd rd—>Braves

Mvp/Cy Young

American League


Rafael Sanchez(Yankees) 3✅
Dave Jones(Angels) 2
Rocco Simon(Mariners) 2
Dave Jones(Angels)

Cy Young

Hector Klein(White Sox) 4✅
Zeek Sanders(Mariners) 1
Garry Rivers(Mariners) 2
Dom Huff(Orioles)

National League


Wayne Klein(Rockies) 4✅
Ross Bradshaw(Braves)
Dustin Navarro(Diamondbacks)
Oscar Gardner(Diamondbacks) 3

Cy Young

Pete Myers(Diamondbacks) 4✅
Fredric Baer(Reds) 3
Gale Keating(Mets)
Orlando Mora(Cubs)

League Chat Box


Created prospects

Team—>prospect(will be created after progressions)

Braves—>Ian Anderson(RHP)
Twins—>Alex Kirilloff(OF)
Rays—>Matthew Liberatore(SP)

2042 traded draft picks/prospect rights

Team—>rd pick to—>team

Mariners—>2nd rd pick—>White Sox(draft tender)
Blue Jays—>3rd rd pick—>Diamondbacks
Diamondbacks—>1st rd pick—>Blue Jays
Diamondbacks—>2nd rd pick—>Red Sox
Diamondbacks—>3rd rd pick—>Red Sox
Orioles—>1st rd pick—>Red Sox
Padres—>1st rd pick—>Dodgers(cash)
Padres—>2nd rd pick—>Dodgers(cash)

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