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Off-season Schedule

Rookie draft completed
Monday Feb 10th 10pm ET: deadline for: player extensions, prospect requests, franchise tags,
Tuesday Feb 11th 10pm ET-->clear rosters/progressions
Monday Feb 17th --> 10pm ET live rookie draft ---pre-rank or be there to enjoy the buffet and free beer
Tuesday Feb 18th -->prepare for FA bidding
Wednesday Feb 26th -->FA bidding opens 10PM ET
Saturday Feb 29----> FA bidding closes 10pm ET
Sunday March 1st noonish Spring training begins
-->prepare rosters for regular season
deadline to send in player boost requests
Thursday March 5th - regular season commences at 10pm ET

Requested prospects

Team—>prospect(will be created after progressions, and before start of regular season)
Brewers - P Aaron Ashby
Braves-->Drew Waters, OF
Rays-->SP Tommy Romero
Tigers--> OF Travis Demeritte
Rockies-->Michael Toglia 1B
Padres-->LHP Mackenzie Gore
Twins--> SP Jordan Balazovic.
Rangers--->sp hans crouse
Indians ——> Nolan Jones
Blue Jays --> alek manoah
Giants-->SP Seth Corry.
Nationals-->Jackson Rutledge
Mets--> RHP Matthew Allan
Orioles-->Andry Mercedes
Marlins-->SP Jordan Yamamoto
Red Sox-->3B Bobby Dalbec
Phillies---> SP Spencer Howard
Athletics---> SP AJ Puk

Veteran Franchise Tags

Players with franchise tags:

Braves---> RP Rafael Porter, two years

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2/9/2020Franchise tagspaniels
Hi again
Thanks to hitter for noticing the add-on rule about Franchise tags which means a vet can be signed to a franchise contract for 3 years at a base rate of $18 for the duration of the contract. i have simplified the rules on this in the rules page.
Ultimately, the franchise tag here is somewhat obsolete as owners can extend by 10 years after the 25 year old rookie deal expires. I guess there might be some 35 year old player you want to extend using the franchise tag. it is slowly making sense .
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2/23/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Augusto Clinton placed on trade block by Texas Rangers
2/13/2020 Player edited
Honeycutt, Jayson edited by spaniels. Contact your commish for further details.
2/13/2020 Player edited
Ebron, Korky edited by spaniels. Contact your commish for further details.
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2/23/2020 Cant get enough of those cheateragingsol
I agree that it would be cool to see a wide variety of teams being used in Favorite Teams format. But, I won't feel guilty if I ever choose to use a HOU or CLE or other powerhouse club, just because they are popular. And, neither should anyone else. Yes, using the same build in 20 leagues is corny, but whoever is doing that is not likely to be swayed by a chat board post..

And, by the by, it's not the same PC'ers talking of the Astros cheating and also using them in Fav Teams, so there isn't any irony afoot. If I talk about not liking hamburgers, and then the Hamburglar steals a truck full of hamburgers, there isn't any irony in my statement. Unless I'm the Hamburglar!

The point is, chiding other PC'ers over their choices isn't worth it unless there's a solution also attached to the perceived problem. Skooler offered a solution, so bringing up the topic was worthwhile.
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