Fight For October

Offseason Schedule

Fri 11/15-->clear rosters/progressions
Sat 11/16-->prepare for live rookie draft
Sun 11/17-->prepare for live rookie draft
Mon 11/18-->prepare for live rookie draft
Tues 11/19-->live rookie draft@9pm eastern!!
Wed 11/20-->prepare for FA bidding
Thur 11/21-->prepare for FA bidding
Fri 11/22-->FA bidding opens@10pm eastern
Sat 11/23-->FA bidding continues
Sun 11/24-->FA bidding closes@10pm eastern
Mon 11/25-->prepare rosters for regular season
Tues 11/26-->prepare rosters for regular season
Wed 11/27-->prepare rosters for regular season
Thur 11/28-->prepare rosters for regular season
Fri 11/29-->the regular season starts(tba)!

**note: since there has been some voices of concern about last minute bids overtaking high bids, I will start listing the top 3 bids on players and at the end of the 48hr period, the top 3 bidders will have 24hrs to place 1 more BLIND bid if they wish!!

**NOTE: this plenty of time to have your rosters ready for the regular season(budgets at or under cap limit,roster at 27/15,min. 12 position players and 9 pitchers on major roster for sims to run)!! Have them ready please

Stats 80/95

Season accomplishments

No hitter(-2 hits)

Pat Cleary(White Sox)
Anthony Jeans(Blue Jays)
Sandy Ward(Rays)
Victor Wetzel(Orioles)
Sid Kemp(Braves)
Forrest Whitley(Rays)

Perfect game(-3 hits)

Conrad Bradshaw(Rockies)

3hr game(+1 hit)

Miguel Navarro(Giants)
Evan Stafford(Tigers)
Kenny Meeks(Mariners)
Devon Cruise(Pirates)
Jerry Sotelo(Rays)
Ward Stokes(Reds)
Fred Cobb(Giants)
Peter Collins(Tigers)
Devin Cutler(Twins)

Cycle(+2 hits)

Ben Klein(Twins)

2046 lost draft pick

Nationals lose 1st rd pick due to roster not being ready--->new owner, no longer applies

2046 traded draft picks/prospect rights

Team—>rd pick to—>team

Giants-->1st rd-->Mets
Giants-->2nd rd-->Mets
Giants-->3rd rd-->Mets
Rays-->1st rd-->Cubs
Cubs-->2nd rd-->Athletics
Jays-->1st rd-->Cubs
Athletics-->1st rd-->Cubs
Reds-->1st rd-->Cubs

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Whitley baffles Diamondbacks, Rays win

Forrest Whitley struckout 8 Arizona batters in a 3-2 win for the Rays. Pete Myers struckout 9 Tampa Bay batters in the contest. | Box

Sotelo blasts off, leads Rays to win

Jerry Sotelo blasted 2 homers, lifting the Rays to a 5-2 win over Arizona. | Box

Big game for Franco lifts Rays to victory

Wander Franco drove in 5 runs, carrying Tampa Bay to a 6-5 victory over the Diamondbacks. | Box

Ward whiffs 9 in 2-1 win

Sandy Ward struckout 9 Arizona batters in a 2-1 win for the Rays. Mike Gallegos struckout 9 Tampa Bay batters in the contest. | Box

Diamondbacks ride Myers to victory over Rays

Pete Myers was brilliant last night, allowing just 3 hits over 8 innings, leading the Diamondbacks to a 2-0 win over the Rays. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

W. Franco, Rays .3001 HR5 RBI
J. Sotelo, Rays .1902 HR2 RBI
O. Gardner, Diamondbacks .1762 HR2 RBI
J. Cox, Rays .2351 HR2 RBI
A. Gage, Rays .3330 HR2 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

G. Turner, Rays 0 for 19 (.000)
D. Bland, Diamondbacks 0 for 17 (.000)
D. Navarro, Diamondbacks 1 for 21 (.048)
L. Doyle, Rays 3 for 17 (.176)
J. Doyle, Diamondbacks 2 for 17 (.118)

Leaders: AVG

C. Pike, Cubs .331
R. Simon, Mariners .314
C. Duff, Indians .314
J. Baker, Reds .305
G. Thompson, Rangers .287

Leaders: WHIP

F. Whitley, Rays 0.64
B. Walker, Rays 0.65
M. Soroka, Rays 0.75
R. Long, Rays 0.78
S. Smart, Rays 0.79
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