Fight For October

Season accomplishments

No hitter(-2 hits)

Pete Myers(D'backs)
Korey Roberts(Royals)
Jason Sandoval(Red Sox)

Perfect game(-3 hits)

3hr game(+1 hit)

Alex White(Mariners)
Archie Mahan(Brewers)
Dave Jones(Angels)
Lucas Doyle(Rays)
Ward Stokes(Reds)
Tyler Borden(Royals)
Miles West(Athletics)
Brett Gregg(Diamondbacks)

Cycle(+2 hits)

Sammie Ruiz(Astros)
Buddy Klein(Angels)
Fred Cobb(Giants)

Rosters not ready/lost draft pick

Team--->Draft pick lost

Indians--->1st rd
Nationals--->1st rd

League Chat Box


Long's 8-K performance not enough

Reggie Long whiffed 8 batters, but the Yankees managed to beat the Rays, 5-4. Rasheed Whitt struckout 8 Tampa Bay batters in the contest. | Box

Shields tosses shutout for Blue Jays

Baltimore is hoping not to see Mel Shields again for a long while. Shields went the distance, leading Toronto to a 5-0 victory. | Box

Pitts powers Cardinals to win over Marlins

Dennis Pitts blasted 2 homers, lifting the Cardinals to a 10-8 win over Miami. Denver Talbot of the Cardinals had 4 hits in the game. | Box

Ebron tosses shutout for Brewers

Pittsburgh is hoping not to see Gale Ebron again for a long while. Ebron went the distance, leading Milwaukee to a 3-0 victory. | Box

Baer whiffs 9 in 5-2 win

Fredric Baer struckout 9 San Diego batters in a 5-2 win for the Reds. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

R. Foster, Giants .3894 HR8 RBI
W. Bartley, Red Sox .2634 HR7 RBI
C. Pike, Athletics .4383 HR7 RBI
S. Hawley, Nationals .2943 HR8 RBI
D. Pitts, Cardinals .3183 HR6 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

T. Kirkpatrick, Rays 0 for 21 (.000)
C. Pratt, Yankees 1 for 21 (.048)
R. Doran, Diamondbacks 1 for 21 (.048)
S. Burly, Yankees 4 for 22 (.182)
T. Freeman, Nationals 4 for 22 (.182)

Leaders: RBI

D. Jones, Angels 98
L. Walton, Twins 94
M. Navarro, Giants 92
M. Meyers, Royals 88
R. Foster, Giants 88

Leaders: Wins

L. Neal, Angels 16
B. Garret, Mets 15
N. Clinton, Mets 14
V. Uribe, Reds 14
C. Bass, Rangers 14

2044 traded draft picks/prospect rights

Team—>rd pick to—>team

Blue Jays--->Prospect-->Rays
Reds-->1st rd-->Blue Jays
Giants-->1st rd-->Blue Jays
D'backs-->1st rd-->Blue Jays
D'backs-->prospect-->Blue Jays
Orioles-->1st rd-->Blue Jays
Orioles-->prospect-->Blue Jays

Created prospects

Team—>prospect(will be created after progressions)

Braves-->Kyle Wright(SP)✅
Rays-->Nate Lowe(1B)✅
Tigers-->Spencer Turnbull(SP)✅
Rockies-->Brendan Rodgers(SS)✅
Padres-->Xavier Edwards(SS)✅
Twins-->Anthony Escobar(SP)✅
Yankees-->Clarke Schmidt(SP)✅
Pirates-->Cole Tucker(SS)✅
Rays-->Cal Stevenson(OF)-->from Blue Jays✅
Giants-->Pat Ruotolo(RP)✅

2044 Draft Tenders

Player,position. Draft pick tendered Team

Victor Wetzel(SP)—>1st rd(Tigers)
Frances Strickland(SS)—>1st rd(Tigers)
Basil Gilbert(RP)—>2nd rd(Braves)
Lacy Page(SP)—>1st rd(Cardinals)

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