Fight For October

Playoff schedule and seeding

*****Wildcard match-ups:

Monday October 19:
Jays vs Red Sox: Jays 🧹 4-0
Twins vs Orioles: O's win 4-1

Giants vs Nationals: Nats win 4-3
Marlins vs Padres: Marlins win 4-2

Tuesday October 20:
Jays vs Os: Jays win 4-1

Marlins vs Nats: Nats win 4-2

AL Seedings:
1. Rays
2. Jays - eliminated
3. A's - eliminated
4. Royals - eliminated

NL Seedings:
1. Dodgers - eliminated
2. Braves - eliminated
3. Cardinals
4. Nationals - eliminated

****AL Divisional Playoffs:
Rays vs Royals: Rays win 4-2
Jays vs A's: Jays win 4-2

****NL Divisional Playoffs:
Dodgers vs Nationals: Nats win 4-2
Braves vs Cardinals: Cards win 4-1

*****AL LCS
Jays vs Rays: Rays sweep

****NL LCS
Cards vs Nats: Cards sweep

****World Series
Rays vs Cards

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Roberts baffles Nationals, Cardinals win

Korey Roberts struckout 8 Washington batters in a 4-3 win for the Cardinals. | Box

Whitley whiffs 8 in 6-3 win

Forrest Whitley struckout 8 Toronto batters in a 6-3 win for the Rays. | Box

Blue Jays fall to Rays despite Mora's efforts

Orlando Mora whiffed 8 batters, but the Rays managed to beat the Blue Jays, 4-0. Mike Soroka struckout 8 Toronto batters in the contest. | Box

Cardinals overcome brilliant outing by Simon

Hits were hard to come by against Rob Simon last night, but the Cardinals pushed across enough to defeat the Nationals, 2-0. Simon allowed just 2 hits over 7 innings in the loss. | Box

Franco powers Rays to win over Blue Jays

Wander Franco blasted 2 homers, lifting the Rays to a 8-4 win over Toronto. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

D. Jackson, Rays .5264 HR9 RBI
W. Franco, Rays .2222 HR6 RBI
A. Kirilloff, Blue Jays .1903 HR4 RBI
S. Howard, Rays .1502 HR6 RBI
C. Burly, Nationals .2632 HR4 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

I. Meeks, Nationals 2 for 23 (.087)
S. Wise, Blue Jays 1 for 19 (.053)
M. Brown, Nationals 2 for 19 (.105)
E. Mullins, Nationals 1 for 18 (.056)
W. Skinner, Blue Jays 3 for 18 (.167)

Leaders: AVG

O. Grouchier, Tigers .311
T. Staples, Padres .307
A. Kirilloff, Blue Jays .301
C. Coley, Giants .299
V. De Luca, Red Sox .295

Leaders: WHIP

S. Whitt, Giants 0.90
M. Gore, Braves 0.91
G. Rodriguez, Dodgers 0.91
F. Whitley, Rays 0.92
J. Burly, Orioles 0.93

Draft picks traded - 2052 draft

Red Sox get:
RP Cory Pratt
SP Perry Reagan
Royals 3rd round pick

Royals get:
Red Sox 3rd round pick

Jays 2nd and 3rd going to Minnesota

Indians trade 3rd rd pick to Braves for Toby Drake

Braves trade 3rd rd pick to Diamond Backs

Royals get:
Indians 2nd round pick

Indians get:
Royals 2nd round pick
Red Sox 3rd round pick (acquired by the Royals in a previous trade)

Prospect extensions

Teams can extend a prospect beyond the initial $2/3 contract with a $20/5 contract.

2052 prospect extension requests:
Orioles SP Jake Prizinia

2051 prospect extension requests actioned:

Braves: Drew Waters
Rays: Tommy Romero
Jays: Seth Corry
Orioles: SP Andry Mercedes
The Astros would like to sign Jose Urquidy to the $20/5 contract

Veteran Contract Extensions

Old guys can be re-signed to Vet Extensions.
*Each team can have 1 veteran extension per off-season.
*Once a player comes to the end of their PC contract, owners can request a player extension before rosters are cleared during the off-season.
*The extension is for 3 years at the contract value listed below:

SP- $20
RP- $18
3B - $15
SS/2B/IF/C- $14
1b - $13
OF - $15

2052 Vet Extension requests:
Jays: SP Orlando Mora
SP Grayson Rodriguez, L, Mariners

2051 extension requests:
Rays - 2b Ollie Park
Nationals- Irvin meeks
Orioles- C Terry Kohler

2050 extension requests actioned:
Braves: SS Harry League
D’backs: SP Wade Staples
Jays: RP Trent Majors
Pirates: Micah Cottrell SS

2049 Extension requests actioned:
Astros: 2b Lane Stokes
Blue Jays: SP Orlando Mora
Padre: 1B Trent Smith
Orioles: 1B Rocco Simon
Angels: OF Kelvin Weeds
Braves: MacKenzie Gore

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