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Trade Deadline is upon us but who will move!

1 day remains before the non-waiver trading deadline, but with one-third of the teams already out of playoff contention, Major League Baseball is about to unleash its own Black Friday sale (or Thursday). It’s going to be a buyer’s market, and with the amateur draft over, it will start a free-for-all. Here’s a look at the top 20 players, based on their value and likelihood of being traded, on the block the next few Hours or Days:

1. Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles, Third Baseman: Machado, a free agent at the season’s conclusion, is on pace to hit 50 homers while playing spectacular defense at either shortstop or third base. The Giants have been the long-rumored destination, but since falling from a division race and barely holding on in the wildcat race they might not pull the trigger but.. Dodger have no 3rd Baseman?

2. Josh Donaldson, Blue Jays, third baseman: The Blue Jays don’t have any intention to re-sign him, not with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. around. The trouble is that his value has diminished from this winter with his power woes (13 HR only). Still, you’re talking about one of the most dangerous hitters and ultra-competitors in the game.

3. Kelvin Herrera, Kansas City Royals, closer: One of the best closers still sure to be available and his stock is high, with 18 saves and 43 strikeouts in 41 innings.

4. Chris Archer, Tampa Bay Rays, starting pitcher: The Rays certainly don’t have to trade Archer, their ace, and can patiently wait for someone to meet their price tag. Yet, considering the lack of starting pitching on the trade market, and that Archer is under contract through 2021 for just $24 million after this season, the time may be just right. Many teams could use another starter including the Phillies and Rangers while the A's have been linked to Archer.

5. Zach Britton, Baltimore Orioles, closer: Britton has struggled a little this season and has only 1 save. moving him will be hard but doable.

6. Zack Godley, Arizona Diamondbacks, starting pitcher: The Diamondbacks have the worst record in the National League. Zack has pitched to a 3.57 ERA and is 2-2. he could be what any contender needs to stay alive but most importantly he is in control for next season as well for only $1

7. Andrew McCutchen, Oakland Athletics, Outfielder: While his numbers are not appealing and his contract a bit high. This Players is just what you need coming of the bench. not to mention the A's are willing to deal him for nothing.

8. Brandon Belt, San Francico Giants, First Baseman: Belt has already said he wants out of SF and even waived his no Trade Clause and with the Giants willing to pay part of his contract this is a player to grab while he is hot. 14HR and no errors so far this season. The Astros have been linked to Belt but its unclear if a move will be made.

9. JD Martinez, Los Angeles Angels, Outfielder: The Angels have fallen bottom of the Division and unclear why they haven't started selling some veterans yet. Martinez has 20 HRs this season and would be a huge improvement to any team. beware his is an all-star so his price may be up.

10. Garrett Richards, Los Angeles Angels, Starting Pitcher: Garrett is 5-11 but his ERA is only 3.81 and is on his last year of contract. a move would be wise and many team could benefit from his service. The Yankees and Phillies have been tied to Him.

11. Wilson Ramos, Tampa Bay Rays, Catcher: All Star Catcher Wilson Ramos has been heavenly linked to a move to the Mets but a deal has yet to be struck. Wilson has 20 Hrs to his name and is batting .261. Anybody looking for a catcher he has been made available by the Rays.

12. Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks, First Baseman: Power hitter with 23 HRs and 21 Doubles. The Arizona man has been thoroughly scouted by the Astros and Athletics but can anyone meet his price tag?

13. Adam Frazier, Pittsburgh Pirates, Outfielder: This might not happen but why not move your hottest player. he has a cannon arm and is hitting .291, not to mention is under contract for next season.

14. Santiago Casillas, Oakland Athletics, Reliever: 1.88 Era says it all for a guy playing in Oakland thats impressive. he is on his final year of contract so picking this guy up to work in the 8th or even close the game is not a bad idea.

15.Bryce Harper, Chicago Whitesox, Outfielder: Why not move a guy worth $22 a year. are they doing it because they give up in the season or they want payroll relief? either way he can definitely bolster a lineup somewhere.

Other players worth mentioning

16. Drew Smyly, Seattle Mariner, Starting Pitcher
17. Jonathan Lucroy, Cincinnati Reds, Catcher
18. Jeremy Hazelbacker, Arizona Diamondbacks
19. Khris Davis, Oakland Athletics, Outfielder
20. Jed Lowrie, Oakland Athletics, second Baseman

NL East heats up, Mets still hanging on!

Heading into the season, there was basically a prediction among fans that the Nationals would win the NL East. Some (like me!) thought maybe the Phillies had a shot to be a sneaky wild-card contender and most thought the Mets were a year away.
Here we are, past the halfway point on the schedule with most teams around 90 games played, and it appears the Nationals are really going to have their hands full if they even want to win the division. Let's reassess the NL East.


They're surging again....

The upstart Nationals had seem to be stuck in a tie with the phillies, but they are rolling right now. They've won eight of their last 10 games and are 16-4 since the all-star break. They are now 6 games over the phillies.
On the downside, the Nationals have only been in first place for four days. Still, you really only have to be in first place one day to make the playoffs, right? While the Manager says he still feels his team is Underachieving slightly, we have yet to see the Nats fall into a big slump. In a press conference after the 4-3 lose to the diamond backs the skipper had this to say when asked about his team the phillies and there eye on the trade deadline "The Phillies will be tough to beat. They're playing well. we need starting pitching and where always looking for an upgrade but I'm hoping my players start playing like their real stats"


They might be the biggest threat to Washington but...

They are struggling right now. Visiting the Astros and Brewers is tough, but still, the phillies are 4-6 in there last 10 games. They are just 11-9 since the all star break and that stretch includes series losses to the Brewers and Astros. after their 4-3 lose to the braves, slater had this to say about his season so far and his plans moving forward including the division race..

" Well, as first half draws to a close, I'd say I'm most impressed with our jelling together as a team. We have 4 rookies in the lineup, 2 in the rotation, and they've played well for the most part. Mickey (Moniak) has probably stood out the most among rooks. Nats are tough, man. They're loaded for bear all over the diamond. We feel over the next 5 years though, our emphasis on youth is going to win out as they're top guns continue to age. Its gonna be a good one. We're already in 'Check the Standings' mode every night..we've had some great games against them this year. Lets see what the rest of the year holds. Mets appear to be staying competitive too.. We're kicking the tires. We're dabbling in the market. We're committed to our plan though and also don't want to go giving away the farm all at once either. Walker Buehler may be a likely candidate to move. The media has hyped our search for a SP more than we've actively searched to be honest... We need more innings out of our rotation. But we also have a GM with experience in building pitching staffs 'backwards'. And our bullpen has been nothing short of stellar. We also need production from the C and SS positions. Keibert Ruiz was given the keys and didn't respond well with the bat. A platoon with Knapp has helped on our team, but we'd like to see the 'position' hit above .220"

The Mets

While they are 11 games back from 1st....

The Nationals have been decimated by key players playing poorly. Matt Harvey is having a disappointing season followed by cespedes and Matz not to mention Travis has only played in 2 games this season. The Mets are 6-4 in their last 10 games and 13-7 since the all-star break which has us wondering if this could be a change in fortunes. The Manager had this to say..

"The excitement is back at Citi Field.

This is what we want, to be in the midst of an exciting division race with excellent clubs like the Nats and the Phillies.

Our veterans have been great in giving us a foundation for youngsters such as OF Heliot Ramos --- only 18, but making his mark already --- and SPs David Peterson and Thomas Szapucki, joining our Syndegaard-de Grom-Harvey star combination.

And how about the additions of Adam Eaton and Carlos Santana --- both having All-Star seasons --- and Brandon Crawford? They've been great in the clubhouse as well as on the field.

We're close to a deal to bolster our bullpen, and we'll be looking for a bit of wheeling and dealing at the deadline.

You Gotta Believe. These Mets are on the path to being Amazing."

The projections seem to indicate a three-team race that heads to the final weekend of the season. I'm absolutely all for that. There's tons of fun in September, too. The Mets and Nats play each other six more times. Also, the Mets face the Philles seven times in September, just as the Nats face the Phillies seven times.

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Future Franchise Players or Trade Bait?

It's risky to call any prospect untouchable, as we've seen too many blockbuster deals in recent years to believe anyone is 100 percent safe from being moved in the right deal. With the rookie draft over and many teams fighting to stay above .500 before the all star break arrives, we could see a few moves happening in the coming days and these prospects could be dealt. With that in mind, let's take a look at 3 notable youngsters who could be on the move this summer.

Jorge Mateo, SS(DH), Philadelphia Phillies.

Across baseball, contenders beefed up their rotations for the stretch run. The Indians traded for Stephen Stasburg. The St.Louis Cardinals added Cole Hamels. The Texas Rangers grabbed Scott Kazmir and Johnny Cueto, and fellow NL East superpower Washington Nationals scooped up Corey Kluber. And while the Phillies did grab Julio Urias from the Dodgers and Signed Jake Arrieta, they are carrying the load. The bullpen has been electrifying so far and has been able to bail out alex cobb who's best star was his last against the Giants. And both Medina and Sanchez have only pitched 6 innings once in all their starts. So it would be logical for The phillies to look into acquiring a Starting Pitcher. while a few options are out there already that we know about, like Dan Straily and Felix Hernandez, the only way the Phillies might get any of them is by trading a top prospect.

Jorge Mateo was Aquired via trade earlier in the season and has shown great potential in Triple A so far. He is hitting .263 in 19 at bats in Triple A this season and has 1 double to his name. Trading Mateo would make the most sense in Philadelphia as he will probably not see any Future playing time in the Majors with JP Crawford holding the fort. now while there is still time on the table to make a deal, Time to acquire big names could be closing as Rumors have Strailey could be on the move soon and Hernandez might be staying put in Seattle.

Victor Arano, RHP, Chicago Cubs

Even though Javier Baez has already shown that he can be a dynamic two-way big-league shortstop, this could still leave the Cubs vulnerable at a crucial spot and searching for a deal as insurance. In their quest for a 3rd consecutive playoff appearance, the Cubs have had no one dominant player. While they do contain 2 Major League Shortstops. who could they possibly add. while the market for SS is small and only a couple big names are out there in Tim Beckham and Elvis Andrus. we believe the best option for the Cubs would be Jose Iglesias. He is hitting .273 with 11 doubles and 13 RBIs while his number may not seem so impressive, He is on a 1 yr deal and playing the last place Tigers. they may Trade him if the return is right.

Victor Arano is without a doubt the most movable piece in the cubs minor league system. The major league bullpen of the cubs has been solid so far it would leave no room for him this year or even next. but if you could package him and send him away you might find the Player you need. The Cubs lineup could use a pop hitter and this hole needs to be fixed.

Jay Groome, LHP, Boston Red Sox

Through Sunday, there were 10 teams at least ten games out of first place, so the trade market will be awash with possibilities. That cuts down on the leverage for sellers. With roughly half the teams committed to a rebuilding plan, taking a hard line in negotiations is not worth the risk of being stuck with a pending free agent or expensive veteran. For the Red Sox, moving quickly also make sense. The Sox and the Yankees have been separated by no more than three games and everything suggests that will be the case all summer. Improving the roster before the All-Star break could make a difference in winning the division or settling for the wild card. What exactly could the Redsox need? how about a big power bat in the lineup. but who's available? Robinson Cano? Paul Goldschmidt? Khris Davis? or even Carlos Gonzales and Jose Bautista. many players just named play for teams who are on the verge of becoming rebuilding teams. so is it the perfect time to grab a player, YES!

Jay Groome would be the perfect player to trade since most teams rebuilding need some pitching help. so far Groome has posted a 3.18 ERA in 5.2 innings of work. but at age 21 he is what a rebuilding team needs. The Cubs have multiple Starters in the Minors and with Groome, his chances of making his debut with this team grow slimmer and slimmer the better the team plays. Red sox fans urge the question. Can we beat NY? but with the Yankees scoring more runs than the Redsox it can only be a matter of time before the Boston Redsox make a move!

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