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Season 10 is Live

Great job getting rosters down to 25 and good luck in Season 10
Day 22 Minor League season begins
~Day 96 International draft
Day 112 Minor League season ends - add/drops/trading turned off

*** complete

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International Points

Official point totals through season 9 (through playoffs):
1. Full season record of .500 or better = 2 points ***
2. Playoff appearance = 1 point ***
3. Cy Young winner = 1 point ***
4. MVP winner = 1 point ***
5. World Series appearance = 1 point ***
6. World Series winner = 1 point ***
7. 10 + game improvement from previous season = 2 points ***
9. Top minor league in record in each division = 1 point ***
10. Stadium adjustment = -1 point
11. Minor League playoff winner = 1 point ***
*** have been awarded this season
1) New York Highlanders 10 (Rigoberto Arribato)
2) Worcester Ruby Legs 10 (Maleta)
3) Hartford Dark Blues 7 (Tatica Campos)
4) Detroit Wolverines 6 (Columbus Ewing)
5) Baltimore Terrapins 6 (Felton Snow)
6) St. Paul Apostles 6 (Gray)
7) Montreal Expos 6
8) Brooklyn Tip Tops 5
9) Brooklyn Gladiators 5 (Danger Guerrero)
10) Rockford Forest Citys 2 (Bill Beverly)
11) Milwauke Grays 1 (Soon-Bin Chung)
12) Buffalo Blues 0 (Akira Bessho)
13) Washington Senators 0 (Lionar Kindelan)
14) Kansas City Packers 0 (Heavy Johnson)
15) Seattle Pilots 0 (Wright)
16) St. Louis Browns 0 (Enrique Bicet)

Latest Results
3/29/2020Grays @ PackersWatch  Box
3/29/2020Terrapins @ GladiatorsWatch  Box
3/29/2020Forest Citys @ Ruby LegsWatch  Box
3/29/2020Rosebuds @ SkeetersWatch  Box
3/29/2020Bears @ BaycatsWatch  Box
3/29/2020Lookouts @ Wild WrideWatch  Box
3/29/2020Blues @ ApostlesWatch  Box
3/29/2020Power @ Storm ChasersWatch  Box
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3/29/2020Thunderbolts @ Hop BittersWatch  Box
3/29/2020Outlaw Reds @ WolverinesWatch  Box
3/29/2020Giants @ BluefishWatch  Box
3/29/2020Sea Birds @ IronPigsWatch  Box
3/29/2020Yankees @ BombersWatch  Box
3/29/2020Pilots @ HighlandersWatch  Box

Latest Message
3/25/2020new leaguejimgriddy
Here's the rules to a new one I am running. Not inviting everyone so if interested message me and I will send league ID and password. Pretty laid back. Will probably go public tomorrow for last few spots. Thanks.
20 teams, 2 leagues, 2000's theme.

26 man roster. 3 minors. Standard minimums. Players made up of 2000-2009 player pool. Fixed progressions. Peak at 29, Regression starts at 33. 42 retirement.

10 players kept per year. No more,. You may keep less. Contracts for 5 year max. Sign players before end of playoffs. Rest of players go back into FA. Will add FA from 2010 and beyond as needed to keep pool viable.

3 from each conference. 2 will be wildcards. best of 3 winner plays 1st place team to determine conference champs. Conference champs play for Top Dog Trophy.

3 days rest for pitchers. So 4 man rotation. 5 day slump buster max. Injuries 5 days max for batters, 15 max for pitchers. 3 batter minimum for pitchers. Fatigue on.

Initial draft will be a random draw snake draft. 1st draft will be 29 rounds. Then FA open. Subsequent years will be a 19 round snake draft, first round worst to first regular season standings.

Name your team as you like, pick a city, a North American City. Includes Canada and Mexico. Pick nickname and park name. Nothing obscene please. Let's keep it clean. Pick park dimensions. End of playoffs before next season you may change park effects however you chose, never during the season.

Trade away, draft picks ok. One or both parties needs to message Commissioners office at the acceptance of the trade. Deadline game 120. Add/drops turn off at game 144.


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Latest Transactions
3/28/2020 Trade
Richie Ashburn to Montreal Expos
Ben Zobrist to Staten Island Yankees
3/28/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Richie Ashburn placed on trade block by Staten Island Yankees
3/28/2020 Trade
Brian Wilson to Omaha Storm Chasers
Roy Face to Kansas City Packers
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3/29/2020 Fave Teams ('65-present)gbacci
It’s crazy right now Jay. I’ve been running this site for 12 years I’ve never seen leagues fill so quickly
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