World Series Quest 2034

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Position Changes

LAD- keith butler 3b/ss into of

Free Agency Rd 2 Winners

Players will be moved over the weekend

P. Alexander- TOR 8yrs/$3
D. Reynolds- LAA 3yrs/$3
W. Porter- MIA 1yr/$4
T. Kolek- PHI 3yrs/$9
S. Grant- PHI 6yrs/$9
P. Rivers- PHI 3yrs/$9

B. Drake- PIT 1yr/$1
N. Lozano- PIT 1yr/$1
H. Cline- PIT 1yr/$1
T. Lopez- PIT 1yr/$1
R. Angelo- LAA 10yrs/$1
D. Wardlock- MIA 1yr/$7
Z. Betancourt- MIL 1yr/$26

J. McKinnon- BAL 5yrs/$1
B. Mullins- PHI 4yrs/$4
N. Archer- MIA 2yrs/$5-----------------1st round tender to LAD-----------------

A. Clark- PIT 1yr/$1
M. Bates- LAA 4yrs/$12

L. Hooks- LAA 7yrs/$3
M. Rice- LAA 4yrs/$16
S. Dennard- MIL 1yr/$26

T. Rice- PIT 1yr/$1
D. Roger- TOR 4yrs/$3

N. Gordon- PIT 1yr/$1------------2nd round tender to MIN----------------
S. Dean- PIT 1yr/$1

C. Stone- LAA 7yrs/$1
G. Anderson- TOR 2yrs/$3
M. Proctor- MIA 2yrs/$3
J. FLuke- MIA 2yrs/$6

Pennant Chases

AL Seedings:
#1 seed- HOU- eliminated by CHW in LDS
#2 seed- DET- eliminated by TBR in LDS
#3 seed- TBR- Lost World Series
#4 seed- CHW- eliminated by TBR in LCS
#5 seed- OAK- eliminated by CHW in Wildcard

NL Seeding:
#1 seed- SDP- eliminated by PIT in LDS
#2 seed- PHI- eliminated by PIT in LCS
#3 seed- CHC- eliminated by PHI in LDS
#4 seed- PIT- World Series Champs
#5 seed- MIA- eliminated by PIT in Wildcard

Prospect Request (next after 2034 season)

LAD- ss/2b galvin lux

Extensions/Franchise tags/Tenders

DET- SP G. Holmes- 2nd rd pick
TEX- SP W. Porter- 2nd rd pick
MIN- SS Nick GOrdon- 2nd rd pick
LAD- C N. Archer- 1st rd pick


NYY 2034 2nd to DET (Fulmer tender)

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Royce Myers to Toronto Blue Jays
8/26/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Dominique Wilkerson placed on trade block by Toronto Blue Jays
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There is no waivers in daily draft. There’s just a delay to when the games start so games don’t start suddenly on everyone.
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