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Welcome to the Favorite Team League 1960-2000

It's the 91 Braves, 72 Reds, 94 Expos, 90 Athletics, 61 Yankees, and many other cherished teams going head-to-head. 20 teams, 10 American, 10 National. We're now in our fourth season.

League includes:

Classic Progression
FA bidding
$150 team budgets
4-man pitching rotations
All low AB/IP players will have their stats doubled or edited.
Rosters will be 40 players,25/15 during regular season
No spring training.

Latest Results
3/21/2019Reds 1972 @ Diamondbacks 9..Watch  Box
3/21/2019Indians 1995 @ Cardinals 1..Watch  Box
3/21/2019A's 1990 @ Mets 1986Watch  Box
3/21/2019Phillies 1980 @ Giants 196..Watch  Box
3/21/2019Pirates 1972 @ Expos 1994Watch  Box
3/21/2019Rangers 1999 @ Twins 1965Watch  Box
3/21/2019Red Sox 1999 @ Royals 1977Watch  Box
3/21/2019Mariners 1996 @ Braves 199..Watch  Box
3/21/2019Blue Jays 1993 @ Cubs 1989Watch  Box
3/21/2019Orioles 1969 @ Yankees 196..Watch  Box

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12/25/2018Regular Season Starts FRIj-underground
Hey Everyone,
Merry day after X-mas. The regular season will begin on FRI, the 28th.

A couple of small heads ups:
1. dWAR is in effect, using real-life numbers.
2. Retirement is in effect. I had a few players to retire this off-season; at the end of this season I'll be retiring players who qualify even if they're signed. Look at the league Rules for the specifications. As players get older, retirement age is really important to consider when signing players.
Have fun!
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3/15/2019 Player Dropped
Koyie Hill dropped by Arizona Diamondbacks 99
3/15/2019 Player Dropped
Brad Halsey dropped by Arizona Diamondbacks 99
3/15/2019 Player Dropped
Lance Cormier dropped by Arizona Diamondbacks 99
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3/20/2019 Triples -- More about home ballyankeebb
"If you truly want to make this more realistic, ballpark selections in favorite teams (for each park) should come into play. "

That's exactly what happens here. Boost stadiums increase HR, Disadvantage stadiums increase extra base hits. Good call.
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