Favorite Team League 1960-2005

Extension requests S22

Astros: 1B Jeff Bagwell $10/1, SP Scott Elarton $7/3 and RP Dave Smith $4/3
Athletics: OF Travis Buck $4/9, SS Bobby Crosby $4/4 and 1B Jason Giambi $8/1 (by commish)
Blue Jays: 2B Cesar Izturis $4/1 and 3B Felipe Lopez $5/1
Braves: OF Andruw Jones $9/3, CL John Smoltz $6/2 and RP Terrell Wade $5/1
Cardinals: CL Armando Benitez $8/2
Dbacks: OF Richard Hidalgo $4/5
Indians: SP CC Sabathia $13/1
Mariners: No response from owner.
Mets: SP Tom Seaver, Jr. $13/5
Orioles: NONE
Phillies: SP Freddie Garcia $10/3
Rangers: Dh Eddie Murray $8/1 and C Jarrod Saltalamacchia $5/1
Reds: RP Brad Lesley $3/2
Red Sox: C Carlton Fisk $7/3, SP Jim Lonborg $13/2 and OF Fred Lynn $8/8
Tigers: 1b Norm Cash $11/3, OF Al Kaline $7/3 and CL Bill Lee $4/3
Twins: No requests
White Sox: SP Fausto Carmona $8/3 and 2B Dave Cash $3/2
Yankees: John Ellis $5/3, SP Jason Isringhausen $7/3 and OF Shane Spencer $7/3

Welcome to the Favorite Team League 1960-2000

We started with the 91 Braves, 72 Reds, 94 Expos, 90 Athletics, 61 Yankees, and many other cherished teams going head-to-head. 20 teams, 10 American, 10 National. We are now in our 21st season.

League includes:

Classic Progression
Draft and sign system (replaced the original FA bidding system)
$135 team budgets
4-man pitching rotations
Imports each year: position players, 75 at-bats; sps, 50 innings; rps, 25 innings
All low AB/IP players will have their stats doubled or edited.
Rosters will be 35 players, 26/9 during regular season
No spring training.

In S20, we began importing a pre-1960 team to supplement the pool.
S20 selection: 1943 Browns
S21 selection:

Season 20 League Champion - The Cincinnati Reds

Story Photo
Season 20 runner-up -- The Houston Astros (Astrodomer)
Season 19 Champion - - The New York Mets (Electro)
Season 18 Champion and Season 19 runner-up - - The Texas Rangers (Ulster)
Season 17 Champion and Season 18 runner-up - The New York Mets (Electro)
Season 16 Champion - The Baltimore Orioles (Lordhawke)
Seasons 12, 13, 14 and 15 Champion and Season 16 runner-up - The New York Mets (bip)

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11/9/2022 Player Dropped
Cory Gearrin dropped by Texas Rangers 1999
11/3/2022 Progression Run
Wilbur Woods were progressed by willbhere. Contact your commish for further details.
11/3/2022 Progression Run
Wilbur Woods were progressed by willbhere. Contact your commish for further details.
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