Favorite Team League 1960-2005

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Signed to $15 contracts last offseason and not eligible for renewal:
Seattle; Oliva, Boone (Bret), Tejeda (Robinson)
Cincinnati: RRuiz, J Kendall

Blue Jays:
Cardinals: 3B Adrian Beltre $5/2
Indians: RP John Davis $3/1
Mets: SP Dave Boswell $6/2, RP Manny Sarmiento $4/3 and SP Fernando Valenzuela $12/4
Rangers: SU Fabio Castro $4/2 and OF Richie Zisk $4/1
Red Sox:
White Sox:
Yankees: SP David Cone $9/3, RP Mariano Rivera $6/3 and OF Bernie Williams $8/3

Season 20 League Champion - The Cincinnati Reds

Story Photo
Season 20 runner-up -- The Houston Astros (Astrodomer)
Season 19 Champion - - The New York Mets (Electro)
Season 18 Champion and Season 19 runner-up - - The Texas Rangers (Ulster)
Season 17 Champion and Season 18 runner-up - The New York Mets (Electro)
Season 16 Champion - The Baltimore Orioles (Lordhawke)
Seasons 12, 13, 14 and 15 Champion and Season 16 runner-up - The New York Mets (bip)

Welcome to the Favorite Team League 1960-2000

We started with the 91 Braves, 72 Reds, 94 Expos, 90 Athletics, 61 Yankees, and many other cherished teams going head-to-head. 20 teams, 10 American, 10 National. We are now in our 18th season.

League includes:

Classic Progression
Draft and sign system (replaced the original FA bidding system)
$135 team budgets
4-man pitching rotations
Imports each year: position players, 75 at-bats; sps, 50 innings; rps, 25 innings
All low AB/IP players will have their stats doubled or edited.
Rosters will be 35 players, 25/10 during regular season
No spring training.

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Duplicates in league. No duplicates should be allowed. These stay until retired.

Tom Hall (Arizona Diamondbacks 99)
Tom Hall (Cincinnati Reds 1972)

Andruw Jones (New York Mets 1986)
Andruw Jones (Atlanta Braves 1991)

Alex Rodriguez (Texas Rangers 1999)
Alex Rodriguez (Seattle Mariners 1996)

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