La Liga Béisbol del Caimán — the ABL winter league

¡Bienvenidos a La Liga!

Welcome to the LBC!
Welcome to La Liga Béisbol del Caimán, the inaugural winter league of the ABL. La Liga, or "the LBC" (appropriately based in the other LBC...) is designed to serve at the very least as an entertaining distraction while we wait for Major League Baseball to return, and for the world to safely resume spinning in its normal state. The pool of players is slightly different from what we would have drafted on 3/21 — it includes big leaguers from 1970-2019.

This website — which, to be honest, I am still figuring out — lets us draft players and create rosters with the point being to create lineups for head-to-head games, running through a schedule. There's also a mobile version. I think there's availability for as much tinkering as you want, down to in-game changes. I hope there's also the chance to set a lineup and forget it, if you'd rather, just coming back to check the box scores day after day. We will explore this together!

No prizes, no purses, just a chance to dive into a pretty extraordinary player pool and have fun while we're waiting for the real thing, enjoying a little distraction from everything outside.

I set aside teams for each ABL owner, with names to identify whose is whose. Once you've claimed yours, please feel free to go in and make any changes you desire, to home city, team name, logo, etc. There are even park adjustments; I left all those neutral, but what the hell — go ahead and tinker, if you want.

So, it's unfortunate, but our 31st anniversary season of the Alligator Baseball League remains dormant.
The league isn't dead... but long live La Liga! ¡Venceremos!

Muchisimas gracias y saludos cordiales,

Ancianos ride Cone to victory over Scutellums

David Cone was brilliant last night, allowing just 1 hit over 7 innings, leading the Ancianos to a 4-0 win over the Scutellums. | Box

Bagwell powers Dumpster Fires to win over Pimienta Grande

Jeff Bagwell blasted 2 homers, lifting the Dumpster Fires to a 5-3 win over Ybor City. | Box

Lee powers Damas-itos to win over Pingüinos Rojos

Derrek Lee blasted 2 homers, lifting the Damas-itos to a 5-4 win over Long Beach. Walker Buehler struckout 10 Long Beach batters in the contest. | Box

Betts blasts off, leads Palacios to win

Mookie Betts blasted 2 homers, lifting the Palacios to a 6-2 win over Tarpon Springs. | Box

Helton blasts off, leads Palacios to win

Todd Helton blasted 2 homers, lifting the Palacios to a 9-8 win over Tarpon Springs. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

J. Bagwell, Dumpster Fire.. .4744 HR8 RBI
T. Helton, Palacios .5262 HR7 RBI
L. Gonzalez, EsponjBucead.. .3893 HR6 RBI
L. Walker, Sanitary Sox .5001 HR6 RBI
J. Mauer, Pimienta Grande .5002 HR5 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

C. Jones, Pimienta Grande 2 for 19 (.105)
J. Reyes, Ancianos 2 for 19 (.105)
R. Ventura, Sanitary Sox 0 for 17 (.000)
P. Molitor, Dumpster Fire.. 2 for 18 (.111)
W. Mays, Pingüinos Rojos 4 for 20 (.200)

Leaders: RBI

B. Bonds, Dumpster Fires 57
J. Bagwell, Dumpster Fires 55
J. Thome, Pimienta Grande 41
R. Howard, Scutellums 38
F. Thomas, Sanitary Sox 38

Leaders: Wins

C. Kershaw, Pimienta Grande 9
R. Johnson, Palacios 9
P. Martinez, Scutellums 8
S. Carlton, EsponjBuceadore 7
G. Cole, Serpientes 7

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5/26/2020Serpientes @ Sanitary SoxWatch  Box
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5/27/2020 Player Dropped
Craig Biggio dropped by Ybor City Pimienta Grande
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Bob Knepper picked up by Long Beach Pingüinos Rojos
5/27/2020 Player Dropped
Scott Garrelts dropped by Long Beach Pingüinos Rojos
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Not sure I fully understand how progressions work and how they would apply depending on a custom league setup.
If the league is set to allow users to choose seasons for their players over a range of years how would progressions effect that?
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