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6/5/2020Eruptions @ PangolinsWatch  Box
6/5/2020Creme Brulee @ Dip Spitter..Watch  Box
6/5/2020Bats @ Candy ShopWatch  Box
6/5/2020Fisters @ Fighting PigsWatch  Box
6/5/2020Ichiros @ Ding DongsWatch  Box
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6/4/2020Eruptions @ PangolinsWatch  Box
6/4/2020Ichiros @ Ding DongsWatch  Box
6/4/2020Bats @ Candy ShopWatch  Box
6/4/2020Fisters @ Fighting PigsWatch  Box
6/4/2020Creme Brulee @ Dip Spitter..Watch  Box

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5/23/2020 Player Signed
Roberto Perez picked up by Esteban Loaiza's Candy Shop
5/23/2020 Player Dropped
Javier Baez dropped by Esteban Loaiza's Candy Shop
4/25/2020 Player Signed
Marcus Walden picked up by Morgan's Creme Brulee
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7/2/2020 strong defender in large outfiesincitymarauder
Interesting Yankeebb, I always figured that because more balls are hit to LF you would want your 2nd Best Defensive OF there instead of RF. Never considered that RF was larger than LF

Of course that would also entail changing your positioning according to the Park your playing in each day, I may be a obsessive, but not to that degree.
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