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Final-round FA Bids

1933 FREE AGENT BIDDING – Final round results, Thursday, 10/21/21

Winning bids through the final round of bidding. These players will be awarded to the winning teams ASAP. If there is a tie bid on a player, owners should submit a new, tie-breaking bid ASAP.


C Gabby Hartnett 5y/7m=35m - Phillies
--leading 3rd round, Red Sox 16m
--other 3rd round bid, Browns 10m
--2nd round bids, Phillies 9m, Senators 5m, Browns 2m
1B Bill Sweeney 6y/1m=6m – Senators
2B Bill Barrett 8y/1m+1=36m – Cardinals
--other final round bid, Tigers 15m
--leading 3rd round, Tigers 9m
2B Jackie Hayes 8y/2m = 16m - Braves
3B Lyn Lary 10y/8m=80m - Senators
--2nd round bid, Braves 77m
--1st round bids, Phillies 70m, Braves 35m
3B George Scales 4y/16m=64m - Braves
--other final round bids, Phillies 52m, Reds 50m
--leading 3rd round, Reds 40m
--other 3rd round bid, Cubs 30m
--2nd round bids, Phillies 28m, Cubs 14m
--1st round bid, Reds 12m
SS Chester Williams 10y/3m+2m=120m – White Sox
--leading 3rd round, Phillies 100m
--2nd round bid, White Sox 81m
--1st round bids, Phillies 70m, White Sox 40m
SS Jo-Jo Morrissey 6y/1m=6m – Senators
SS Ed Montague 3y/2m=6m - Tigers

OF Heinie Manush 9y/6m=54m – Yankees
--other 3rd round bid, Browns 46m
--2nd round bids, White Sox 45m, Senators 16m, Browns 14m
--1st round bid, Reds 12m
OF Cool Papa Bell 6y/13m=78m - Reds
--other 3rd round bid, Dodgers 75m
--2nd round bids, Yankees 56m, Dodgers 50m, Cubs 48m
--1st round bids, Reds 44m, Yankees 28m
OF Turkey Stearns 7y/18m= 126m – Reds
--other final round bid, Braves 120m
--leading 3rd round, Indians 100m
--other 3rd round bids, Reds 90m, Cubs 80m, Browns 70m
--2nd round bids, Braves 65m, White Sox 64m, Senators 64m, Reds 60m, Yankees 56m, Cubs 55m, Browns 55m
--1st round bids, Indians 50m, Reds 48m, White Sox 30m, Yankees 28m, Braves 18m
OF Tom Oliver 7y/1m=7m – Senators
OF Oscar Charleston 5y/1m+1=15m – White Sox
--other final round bids, Dodgers 10m, Yankees 9m
OF Earle Combs 4y/8m=32m – Yankees
--other final round bid, Cardinals 28m

SP Roy Sherid 10y/4m=40m – Senators
--2nd round bid, Dodgers 30m
--1st round bid, Phillies 20m
SP Buck Marrow 10y/3m=30m – Senators
--2nd round bid, Indians 20m

RP Carl Yowell – TIE BID – Yankees and White Sox, 64m
--leading 3rd round, White Sox 55m
--other 3rd round bids, Indians 50m, Phillies 49m
--2nd round bid, Yankees 40m
--1st round bids, Indians 35m, Yankees 32m, Phillies 21m
RP Garland Braxton 8y/7m+1=84m - Cardinals
--other final round bids, Phillies 72m, Yankees 64m
--leading 3rd round, Phillies 54m
--other 3rd round bid, Yankees 48m
--2nd round bids, Cubs 40m, Phillies 36m
--1st round bids, Yankees 32m, Phillies 24m, Athletics 10m
RP Harry Hulihan 2y/5m=10m – Red Sox
--leading 3rd round, White Sox 7m
--2nd round bid, Reds 6m
--1st round bids, White Sox 3m, Reds 2m
RP Grant Bowler 10y/1m=10m – Senators
RP Bob Clarke 2y/5m=10m – Dodgers
--other final round bid, Cardinals 5m
RP Claude Jonnard 5y/1m=5m - Cardinals

Players Awarded after 3rd round of bids
C Walt Lerian 8y/3m=24m – Senators
1B Buck Jordan 10y/2m=20m – Phillies
1B Frank Duncan 2y/3m=6m – Red Sox
--1st round bid, Reds 4m
2B Leo Derocher 7y/4m = 28m – Yankees
--1st round bid, Braves 25m
3B John Beckwith 2y/5m=10m – Dodgers
SS Travis Jackson 10y/2m=20m – Senators
OF Randy Moore 10y/2m=20m – Senators
OF Pepper Martin 8y/1m=8m – Senators
SP Ted Lyons 2y/3m=6m – Red Sox
SP Nip Winters 2y/1m = 2m – Browns
SP Danny MacFayden 10y/1m=10m – Senators
RP Dutch Ulrich 2y/1m=2m – Red Sox
RP Firpo Marberry 5y/1m=5m - Reds
--other 2nd round bid, White Sox 3m
--1st round bids, TIE BID, White Sox and Reds, 2m

Players Awarded after 2nd round

C Biz Mackey 3y/1m=3m – White Sox
2B Lew Fonseca 8y/11m=88m – Phillies
--other 1st round bid, Yankees 28m
SS Dobie Moore 2y/1m=2m – Indians
OF Vince Barton 10y/1m=10m – Phillies
SP Tony Freitas 8y/3m = 24m – Braves
SP Jim Moore 5y/8m = 40m – Braves
SP Johnny Cooney 6y/10m=60m – Phillies
RP Duke Gillespie 5y/3m=15m – Phillies
--other 1st round bid, Athletics 10m
RP Walt Huntzinger 2y/4m = 8m – Braves

Reserved Players/Pos Changes/Traded Picks

Reserved in 1933
1B Hank Greenberg, Reds
C Al Todd, Phillies
SS Billy Werber, Phillies
OF Frank Demaree, Senators
OF Pete Fox, Senators
1B Sam Leslie, Giants

Traded picks in 1932 (for 1933 draft)
Yankees trade SP Bob Steele to Tigers for their 2nd round pick
Senators trade SP Johnny Cooner to Tigers for their 1st and 3rd round picks

Position changes for 1932
Pedro Arango, Indians, 3B/OF to OF/3B
Charley Root, White Sox, SP to RP
Heavy Johnson, Tigers, OF/C to C/OF
Burleigh Grimes, Tigers, SP to RP
Wayland Dean, Athletics, SP to RP

Reserved in 1932
SP Dizzy Dean, White Sox - activated in 1933
SP Hal Schumacher, Cardinals - activated in 1933
OF Deb Garms, Giants - activated in 1933
OF Len Koenecke, Giants
OF Jo-Jo Moore, Braves
SS Frank Crosetti, Browns
OF Jo-Jo White, Dodgers
SP Van Mungo, Tigers - activated in 1933
OF Bruce Campbell, Tigers

Position changes for 1931
Art Nehf, Tigers, SP to RP
Woody English, Indians, SS/3B to 3B/SS
Phil Cockrell, Dodgers, SP to RP
Roy Moore, Athletics, SP to RP
Eddie Moore, Yankees, OF/3B to 3B/OF

Traded picks in 1931 (for 1932 rookie draft)
Senators trade #2 pick to Giants (Woody Jensen)
Braves trade #3 pick to Indians (Jack Burns)
Indians trade #1 pick to Yankees (Durham,English/Moore)
Reds and White Sox swap #1 picks (Swetonic,Hasty/Johnson,Milstead)

Reserved in 1931
SS Luke Appling, Cubs - activated in 1933
C Ernie Lombard, Cubs - activated in 1932
1B Joe Kuhel, Dodgers - activated in 1933
RP Lon Warneke, Giants - activated in 1932
3B Billy Sullivan, Cardinals - activated in 1932
OF Doc Cramer, Browns - activated in 1932
OF Gee Walker, Phillies - activated in 1932
1B Jack Burns, Braves - activated in 1932

Traded picks in 1930(for 1931 rookie draft)
Indians trade #1 pick to Cubs (Yellow Horse/Billings)
Pirates trade #1,2&3 pick to Phillies (Brown,Monroe/Nevers,Blaeholder)
Phillies trade #2 pick to Pirates (same deal)
Yankees trade #1 pick to Browns (Beckwith)
Cubs trade #2 pick to Browns (Critz)

Reserved in 1930
RP Si Johnson, Reds - activated in 1932
RP Joe Heving, White Sox - activated in 1933
SP Clint Brown, Yankees - activated in 1933
3B Ben Chapman, Dodgers - activated in 1931
SS Eric McNair, Phillies - activated in 1932

Position changes for 1930
Jumbo Elliott, Athletics, SP to RP
Aaron Ward, Indians, 3B/SS to SS/3B
Billy Rogell, Cardinals, OF/3B to 3B/OF

Traded picks in 1929 (for 1930 rookie draft)
White Sox trade #1 pick to Reds for OF Harry Rice
Indians trade #1 pick to Cubs (Yellow Horse/Billings)

Position changes for 1929
Wilson Redus, Cubs, OF/3B to 3B/OF
Billy Rogell, Indians, 3B/OF to OF/3B
Clyde Sukeforth, Tigers, C/1B to 1B//C
Pol Perrit, Phillies, SP to RP
Elam Vangilder, Dodgers, SP to RP
Elmer Ponder, White Sox, SP to RP

Reserved in 1929
OF Earl Averill, Cubs - activated in 1931
SP Larry French, Cubs - activated in 1931
OF Dick Porter, Yankees - activated in 1930
SS Joe Cronin, White Sox - activated in 1930
C Rick Ferrell, Phillies - activated in 1931
SP Steve Swetonic, Reds - activated in 1932
OF John Stone, Tigers - activated in 1931
SP Bill Walker, Red Sox - activated in 1931
C Bill Dickey, Dodgers - activated in 1930

Traded picks in 1928 (for 1929 rookie draft)
Reds trade #2 pick to White Sox (Max Bishop)
Tigers trade #1 pick to White Sox (Dugan/Moore)
Phillies trade #3 pick to Athletics (Powell,Riggins/Elliott)

Position changes for 1928
George Scales, Dodgers, 2B/3B to 3B/2B
Jesse Petty, Dodgers, SP to RP
Earl Smith, Tigers, C/1B to 1B/C
Gene Robertson, Phillies, 2B/3B to 3B/2B
Jake Miller, Yankees, SP to RP
Rube Schauer, Yankees, SP to RP
Bill Sherdel, Browns, SP to RP
Joe Shaute, White Sox, SP to RP
Wilbur Cooper, Giants, SP to RP
Ray Keating, Giants, SP to RP
Jakie May, Cubs, SP to RP
Sam Gray, Red Sox, SP to RP
Allen Russell, Red Sox, SP to RP
Art Reinhart, Athletics, SP to RP
George Pipgras, Cardinals, SP to RP
Clarence Mitchell, Braves, SP to RP
Sam Bohne, Indians, 2B/3B to 3B/2B

Reserved in 1928
C Rollie Hemsley, Indians - activated in 1929
SS Red Kress, Giants - activated in 1929
RP Dick Coffman, Giants - activated in 1931
1B Don Hurst, Cubs - activated in 1929
OF Lefty O'Doul, Browns - activated in 1929
SS Dick Bartell, Tigers - activated in 1930
3B Jimmie Foxx, White Sox - activated in 1929
C Spud Davis, White Sox - activated in 1929
OF Mule Haas, Phillies - activated in 1929
OF Adam Comorosky, Red Sox - activated in 1930

Traded picks in 1927 (for 1928 rookie draft)
White Sox trade #1 pick to Reds (Hasty,Wheeler)
Reds trade #2 pick to White Sox (same deal)
White Sox trade #3 pick to Phillies (Tate)
Phillies trade #3 pick from White Sox back to the White Sox (Shaute/Vance)
Phillies trade #3 pick to White Sox (Shaute/Vance)
Phillies trade 1st and 2nd round picks to Indians (Gillespie,Steele/Marcell,Lazzeri)
Dodgers trade 1st round pick to Reds (Morrison/Rigney,Hallahan)
Reds trade #1 pick to White Sox (for Frankhouse,McNamara)

Reserved in 1927
OF Mel Ott, Red Sox - activated in 1929
C Shanty Hogan, Tigers - activated in 1928
SS Bobby Reeves, Tigers - activated in 1928
OF Lloyd Waner, Cubs - activated in 1929
SS Woody English, Indians - activated in 1928
SP Ownie Carroll, Giants - activated in 1928
RP Watty Clark, Giants - activated in 1928

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