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Opening Day for Season 4!

Opening Day is upon us!

We have two new owners in our league, eager to turn their franchises around and compete for promotion. The Dominican Republic has risen from D3 to D2 to D1 in consecutive years. Can they go from expansion team to World Series favorite so quickly? In their way stands Italy and Mexico, the 1-2 teams the past two years, poised for another run at the title, which they have split. D1 also hosts Mongolia, with the 3rd-most wins in league history, and the always-dangerous South Africa and New Zealand teams.

In Division 2, former World Series champ Peru is eager to regain promotion into D1 after narrowly missing it last year. Newcomer Togo won D3 last year and is looking to prove their worth in the middle division. The competition should be tight with a strong Japan club and an up-and-coming Kazakhstan team.

Division 3 was a very balanced division last year, with only 5 games separating the teams that weren't promoted. Most of our new owners are in this division, ready to ascend the league ladder.

Let the games begin!

Promotion, Relegation, New Divisions

Promoted Teams
From D2 to D1: Dominican Republic
From D3 to D2: Togo, Kazakhstan

Relegated Teams
From D1 to D2: Japan
From D2 to D3: USA, Egypt

New Divisions

Division 1

Dominican Republic
New Zealand
South Africa

Division 2

Division 3

Divisional Finals & World Series

Division 1
World Series

#2 Mexico @ #1 Italy
Game 1: Mexico, 6-0
Game 2: Mexico, 2-1
Game 3: Italy, 9-1
Game 4: Mexico, 4-2
Game 5: Mexico, 4-0

Division 2

#1 Dominican Republic defeats #2 Peru, 4-0
Game 1: Dominican Republic, 1-0
Game 2: Dominican Republic, 2-1
Game 3: Dominican Republic, 4-3
Game 4: Dominican Republic, 1-0

Division 3

#2 Kazakhstan defeats #1 Togo, 4-0
Game 1: Kazakhstan, 6-2
Game 2: Kazakhstan, 6-4
Game 3: Kazakhstan, 5-4
Game 4: Kazakhstan, 3-0

Playoffs - 2nd Round

Division 1

#2 Mexico defeats #3 New Zealand, 4-2
Game 1: Mexico, 4-1
Game 2: Mexico, 4-2
Game 3: New Zealand, 1-0
Game 4: New Zealand, 3-0
Game 5: Mexico, 6-5
Game 6: Mexico, 7-2

#1 Italy defeats #4 Mongolia, 4-1
Game 1: Italy, 6-0
Game 2: Italy, 2-1
Game 3: Italy, 5-4
Game 4: Mongolia, 7-2
Game 5: Italy, 7-4

Division 2

#2 Peru defeats #3 Australia, 4-0
Game 1: Peru, 3-2
Game 2: Peru, 4-3
Game 3: Peru, 6-0
Game 4: Peru, 3-2

#1 Dominican Republic defeats #4 Brazil, 4-2
Game 1: Brazil, 3-1
Game 2: Brazil, 5-2
Game 3: Dominican Republic, 8-3
Game 4: Dominican Republic, 7-2
Game 5: Dominican Republic, 5-3
Game 6: Dominican Republic, 11-6

Division 3

#1 Togo defeats #6 Greece, 4-1
Game 1: Togo, 9-5
Game 2: Togo, 7-4
Game 3: Togo, 10-1
Game 4: Freaks, 5-4
Game 5: Togo, 4-2

#2 Kazakhstan defeats #4 Germany, 4-0
Game 1: Kazakhstan, 5-4
Game 2: Kazakhstan, 4-1
Game 3: Kazakhstan, 7-2
Game 4: Kazakhstan, 6-0

Playoffs - 1st Round

Division 1

#3 New Zealand defeats #6 Japan, 3-1
Game 1: Japan, 9-5
Game 2: New Zealand, 5-3
Game 3: New Zealand, 8-4
Game 4: New Zealand, 5-4

#4 Mongolia defeats #5 South Africa, 3-0
Game 1: Mongolia, 4-1
Game 2: Mongolia, 9-2
Game 3: Mongolia, 9-4

Division 2

#3 Australia defeats #6 USA, 3-0
Game 1: Australia, 3-1
Game 2: Australia, 3-2
Game 3: Australia, 13-2

#4 Brazil defeats #5 Egypt, 3-1
Game 1: Brazil, 7-2
Game 2: Egypt, 2-1
Game 3: Brazil, 5-0
Game 4: Brazil, 3-2

Division 3

#6 Greece defeats #3 Spain, 3-2
Game 1: Spain, 5-3
Game 2: Greece, 6-2
Game 3: Spain, 5-4
Game 4: Greece, 6-4
Game 5: Greece, 2-1

#4 Germany defeats #5 Jamaica, 3-1
Game 1: Germany, 4-2
Game 2: Germany, 2-1
Game 3: Jamaica, 3-2
Game 4: Germany, 10-7

Individual Regular Season Awards

MVP - Ryan O'Hearn (Italy). O'Hearn won a close race to win his second consecutive MVP. O'Hearn has the three of the four highest HR totals in league history. This year, he led the league in OPS and Slugging.

Cy Young - Aaron Nola (Peru). In another close race, Nola led the league in Wins and was a top-5 performer in nearly every relevant category. He had a league-leading 30 Quality Starts out of 36 starts total.

ROY - Timmy Jettison (Germany). Jettison dominated the league stats in D3. His 0.91 WHIP and 1.21 ERA in an incredible 215.1 innings pitched was a dominating performance.

Up-and-Comer - Billy McKinney (New Zealand). 25-year-old McKinney is in his third year. Two years ago, he hit 6 HRs. Last year, 46; and this year a league-record 70.

Season 3 Playoff Seeds

Division 1
1. Italy
2. Mexico
3. New Zealand
4. Mongolia
5. South Africa
6. Japan

Division 2
1. Dominican Republic
2. Peru
3. Australia
4. Brazil
5. Egypt
6. USA

Division 3
1. Togo
2. Kazakhstan
3. Spain
4. Germany
5. Jamaica
6. Greece

All-Star Break

The pandemic-plagued season 3 has reached its midpoint, and all three divisions have tight races. In Division 1, Italy and Mexico are once again leading the pack, tied atop the standings. Newly-promoted Dominican Republic is leading Division 2 and newly-relegated Kazakhstan, under new ownership, is setting the pace atop D3.

Opening Day for Season 3!

Like the rest of the sports world, the P & R League has felt the consequences of the Coronavirus. Opening Day was pushed back a day due to the Commish having an extremely busy work day trying to handle unforeseen situations due to the pandemic. However, league sources confirm the intent to continue on as scheduled.

Season 3 is met with great anticipation after the first full season of three full divisions. Defending champ Italy is eager to get on the diamond, and so are their rivals in D1. D1 newcomers New Zealand and South Africa, after barely missing promotion after Season 1 are ready to show what they can do at the highest level. In D2, the Dominican Republic is the first expansion team to reach that level and should make for a competitive division. Meanwhile, some promising new ownership in D3 will make for a intriguing race to see who can earn promotion.

We are all looking for a fantastic season as we all endure the Coronavirus and its effects. Let the games begin!

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