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World Series

Peru prevailed over Australia, 4-3, rallying from behind in the series and in Game 7. They are the first World Series champs in the P&R League!

Peru and Australia have both had Cinderella runs through the post-season. Though finishing well below .500 in the regular season, both teams knocked off the two top seeds in their respective divisions to reach the first World Series.

Defeated #5 USA, 3-0
Defeated #1 Mongolia, 4-1
Defeated #2 Mexico, 4-1

Defeated #4 Egypt, 3-2
Defeated #1 Italy, 4-2
Defeated #2 Japan, 4-1

Peru got behind 3 games to 1 in the series, and trailed in Game 5 going into the bottom of the 9th. They rallied to win the game, then won Games 6 and 7 on the road. Altogether, the Peru Andes pulled off a 15-5 postseason record. Congrats to followtheson and the Andes!

Divisional Finals

Division 2A
#4 Peru defeated #2 Mexico, 4-1

Division 2B
#5 Australia defeated #2 Japan, 4-1

2nd Round Playoff Results

Division 2A
#2 Mexico defeats #3 New Zealand, 4-2
#4 Peru defeats #1 Mongolia, 4-1

Division 2B
#2 Japan defeats #3 South Africa, 4-2
#5 Australia defeats #1 Italy, 4-2

(These results means Peru and Australia will also be promoted.)

1st Round Playoff Results

Division 2A
#3 New Zealand defeated #6 Brazil, 3-1
#4 Peru defeated #5 USA, 3-0

Division 2B
#3 South Africa defeated #6 Kazakhstan, 3-0
#5 Australia defeated #4 Egypt, 3-2

Individual Regular Season Awards

The following players earned awards for their individual regular-season performance.

Luke Voit (Japan Rising Sun). Voit's offensive production yielded numbers of .315 Avg, 1.110 OPS, 61 HRs, 120 RBIs, 179 Hits. He also recorded a .999 fielding percentage at 1B.

Cy Young
Max Scherzer (Italy Azzurri) dominated the league. He was #1 in Wins, ERA (by a lot), WHIP (by a lot), CG (10, only one other had more than 3), Shutouts (5, only two others had more than 1), and Strikeouts.

Speedy McGee Award
Jeff McNeil (Peru Andes) had 83 Stolen Bases, while only one other player had more than 19. Only one other TEAM had more SBs than McNeil alone. 83 is more than 30% of ALL stolen bases in the league.

Long Ball Award
Ryan O’Hearn (Italy Azzurri) slugged 66 HRs this year, while only two other players had more than 43.

Regular Season finished - playoff seeds

Division 2A
1. Mongolia
2. Mexico
3. New Zealand
4. Peru
5. USA
6. Brazil

Division 2B
1. Italy
2. Japan
3. South Africa
4. Egypt
5. Australia
6. Kazakhstan

Regular Season finished - Draft Order set

The regular season has been completed, and the draft order is set, regardless of playoff performance. The expansion teams are first in the draft order, based on their join date. The draft order is as follows:

1. Dominican Republic
2. Greece
3. Canada
4. Germany
5. Togo
6. Spain
7. Kazakhstan
8. Brazil
9. USA (based on head-to-head tie-breaker with Peru)
10. Peru (based on head-to-head tie-breaker with USA)
11. Australia
12. Egypt
13. New Zealand
14. South Africa
15. Mexico
16. Japan
17. Mongolia
18. Italy

The draft order affects the Free Agent Draft (4 rounds, snake fashion), the Supplemental Draft (4 rounds, top-to-bottom), and the Waiver Priority for next season.

All-Star Break

The P&R League's inaugural season has reached the All-Star Break. Both divisions are turning into runaways, with the Mongolia Khans and Italy Azzurri off to strong starts. In 2A, second-place New Zealand is closer to last place than to first. Division 2B is a little tighter, but it seems both divisions have become a battle for 2nd with three teams within a game, and two others not out of reach. The second-place finisher receives an automatic promotion, so the competition is still hot!

For individual performances, Max Scherzer (Italy) has blown away the competition and leads the league in Wins, ERA, WHIP, Ks, CGs, Shutouts (4, when nobody else has more than 1). Among batters, Max Muncy (Mexico) had a torrid start and still ranks among league leaders, though Luke Voit (Japan) and Ryan O'Hearn (Italy) have come on strong.

Opening Day!

It's Opening Day! Fireworks and parades are going off across the globe to celebrate our inaugural season. Best of luck to all owners and teams as they compete for promotion and the World Series championship.

Drops and trades are turned on, and free agency via waivers in live. After Game 20, the waiver wire is eliminated in lieu of free-for-all agency.

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