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Tuuspater (Knights) at 3/31/2020 11:15 AM: I am giving it until April 1st then I am done
Tuuspater (Knights) at 3/19/2020 10:28 AM: ??????
Joey (Mud Hens) at 3/1/2020 4:01 PM: Umm you just draft people and that's all and every 8 hours you can simulate games
ayj88 (Chihuahuas) at 3/1/2020 8:05 AM: Hello everyone, I'm new here. Could someone please give me a rundown of the league so I know how it works?
Joey (Mud Hens) at 2/28/2020 7:16 PM: Good game to the Owner of the Aces.
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/25/2020 8:14 PM: Wow. Not sure I’ve seen someone sweep the playoffs. The Aces won the final 25 games of the season. Congrats!
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/19/2020 7:34 PM: Working on post season soon....
ELGOATO (Chihuahuas) at 2/6/2020 6:09 AM: Will pay for pitching
tris (Sky Sox) at 10/15/2019 12:05 PM: FA is open...
Tris (Sky Sox) at 10/11/2019 6:19 AM: Still waiting on 1 team to draft....
tris (Sky Sox) at 10/9/2019 12:31 PM: Almost ready to move forward. Thanks for your patience.
Joey (Mud Hens) at 9/24/2019 12:35 PM: And it was close
Joey (Mud Hens) at 9/24/2019 12:34 PM: Thank you had a good team too
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 9/24/2019 9:01 AM: Congrats Joey!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 9/23/2019 10:50 PM: Thanks,it has been a WAR whatever happens in the rest of the Series!
Joey (Mud Hens) at 9/23/2019 6:39 PM: Hey good luck Warrior:)
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 9/23/2019 1:38 PM: Let's go "Tom Terrific". Rattlers down 3-2 and need a big game from Seaver to get to that game 7 at home!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 9/20/2019 6:20 AM: Both series tied at 3-3. Winners go to the WS! Good luck!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 9/17/2019 3:43 PM: Next round coming up...! Good luck! Timber Rattlers @ Aces & Mud Hens @ Cajuns.
Neilstrem (Aces) at 9/11/2019 9:35 AM: Thumbs up emoji
tris (Sky Sox) at 9/10/2019 5:10 PM: Hi guys. Busy at work. I’ll try to progress soon. This weekend for sure. Sorry for the delay.
Joey (Mud Hens) at 6/7/2019 9:09 AM: S*
Joey (Mud Hens) at 6/7/2019 9:09 AM: Good luck guyd
tris (Sky Sox) at 6/7/2019 6:52 AM: We are off...
Joey (Mud Hens) at 6/6/2019 9:51 AM: Supplement Draft starts in 10 minutes.
Joey (Mud Hens) at 6/6/2019 9:39 AM: Yay
tris (Sky Sox) at 6/6/2019 9:07 AM: FA will open and Games will start tomorrow am!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 6/4/2019 4:47 PM: Rank players for the supplemental draft which will be noon CT on Thursday. Good Luck!
Joey (Mud Hens) at 6/4/2019 2:41 PM: When will the season start?
Tris (Sky Sox) at 6/1/2019 4:43 PM: 2 teams left - I will boot them or draft for them shortly... Rank your players for the supplemental. Thanks!
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/30/2019 11:44 AM: down to 3 - tick - tock!
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/28/2019 6:12 PM: Waiting for 6 teams to draft...
ikej (Tides) at 5/26/2019 9:30 AM: Thanks guys! Strong showing by all teams
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/26/2019 8:27 AM: Congratsto the Tides- That to Neilstrem for running the finals since I was in it. Off season will start next!
neilstrem (Aces) at 5/24/2019 7:13 AM: Congrats to the Tides! Martinez is the WS CY and Green the WS MVP.
neilstrem (Aces) at 5/22/2019 1:18 PM: 2 wild card teams in the world series!
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/20/2019 10:56 AM: WOW! Both #1 seeds have been knocked out! Good luck to the remaining teams!
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/17/2019 8:06 AM: PLAYOFFS!!! Good luck to all!
Joey (Mud Hens) at 3/16/2019 2:41 PM: Hello guys.
WestVirginiaKid (Red Wings) at 2/26/2019 6:45 AM: I’m new
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/5/2019 3:30 PM: FA open. Season starts tomorrow!
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/5/2019 3:18 PM: hello - Just about to start the new season! Good luck!!
DrGonzo_z (Mud Hens) at 2/4/2019 12:58 PM: Hello everyone, new owner here
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/4/2019 11:09 AM: Hello - rank your players for the supplemental draft which will be tomorrow, Tuesday at 1pm ET. Good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/1/2019 10:13 AM: Still waiting on a few teams... We will move forward with the supplemental early next week!!
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/25/2019 9:11 AM: Congrats to the Aces. Sign your players!! Then we can move on...!
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/22/2019 3:23 PM: WOW - both series' went to game 7! Tight matches! Congrats to Aces and Cajuns! Good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/22/2019 3:22 PM: Thanks Warrior! Good series (again)!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 1/20/2019 3:26 PM: Congrats Sky Sox!
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/15/2019 2:15 PM: The Red Wings earn the division title over the Red Sox via Power Ranking per the rules.
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/15/2019 2:10 PM: Playoffs to be set shortly!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 11/27/2018 12:12 PM: Hack Wilson hits 4 homers against the Aces!
tris (Sky Sox) at 10/23/2018 9:22 AM: Supplemental complete...FA now open!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 10/21/2018 8:18 AM: Rank players - we'll have the supplemental draft on tuesday then FA will open and game 1 will occur - all on Tuesday! Good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 10/4/2018 5:37 AM: Dudes - I am so sorry - I am swampped with a new job and havent been on in weeks... I will try to get this league going and then let it run, but I will be a replacement ASAP. Let me know if you're interested. I had one but he has quit... Sorry again...
Gman15 (Bulls) at 9/29/2018 5:31 AM: Hi, when,does the season start?
neilstrem (Aces) at 9/18/2018 9:51 AM: Congrats to the Cajuns!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 9/4/2018 5:57 PM: Wow. A couple of upsets. 3 vs 4 in the PL!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 9/4/2018 10:12 AM: Well another good year for the Rattlers,contracts are signed the team will go home and rest and come back and try to have a good year next year.
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 9/4/2018 10:11 AM: Good Series Sky Sox,well done!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 8/31/2018 11:48 AM: Thanks as we continue the battles!
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/31/2018 6:15 AM: You have home field this year! Best of luck!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 8/30/2018 11:08 AM: Sky Sox versus Timber Rattlers! This has to be the playoff match-up that has happened the most in League History,sometimes seems like we are supposed to battle each other every year. Wish we had won more of these wars but at least we usually make the playoffs.
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/30/2018 7:43 AM: Playoffs have started. See announcement below. Awards granted - congrats to all! Sign your players!!
Tuuspater (Knights) at 8/25/2018 8:25 AM: Okay, I will hang tight
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/24/2018 6:39 AM: working on the next steps for this league. I've been traveling for work - out of the country on assignment...
Tuuspater (Knights) at 8/20/2018 7:00 PM: Has this league been discontinued?
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/18/2018 8:22 AM: Waiting on 4-5 to draft...
Tris (Sky Sox) at 5/11/2018 9:44 AM: It’s the Knights and the Aces. Good luck!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 5/10/2018 7:18 AM: Thanks warrior!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 5/10/2018 7:17 AM: Sorry for my delay all. I’m out of town. Set this next round up on my phone!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 5/7/2018 7:59 PM: Congrats Sky Sox! Good luck the rest of the way!!
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/4/2018 6:13 AM: There is a 3 way tie for seeds 1-3 in the PL. Since the season series is split, power ranking will be used...
youngbull (Chihuahuas) at 3/1/2018 7:28 AM: Taking offers on Bob Gibson. Looking for Draft Picks.
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/9/2018 9:05 AM: New season is off - FA is open. Drops will be allowed after game 2. Good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/7/2018 7:48 AM: Waiting on 2 to draft... I'll turn on rankings, just note that rookies will still be added and someone on your list could be selected in the auto-draft of the last 2 teams. Good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/7/2018 7:46 AM: Thanks Knights! Great season!
tuuspater (Knights) at 2/5/2018 2:23 PM: congrats sky sox, another year being the brides maid
neilstrem (Aces) at 2/5/2018 11:23 AM: Congrats to the SkySox!
Kevin374 (Sea Dogs) at 2/5/2018 6:56 AM: Hey guys just joined..looks like a fun league. Can't wait to get started!
JimMcCoy (Sea Dogs) at 2/2/2018 1:20 PM: sorry guys..need to cut down on number of leagues..good luck
Tris (Sky Sox) at 1/27/2018 8:36 AM: I made the playoffs but lost the last 9 games in a row!?!
Wolfie (Tides) at 1/27/2018 6:50 AM: I’m out!
wolfie (Tides) at 11/16/2017 5:52 AM: Jesus. Tides lost 13 in a row.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 11/7/2017 11:14 AM: Game 1 is tonight and drops are allowed after game 1.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 11/7/2017 10:19 AM: FA open.
tris (Sky Sox) at 11/3/2017 11:38 AM: If teams do not complete their draft I will draft for you and we'll move on to the Supplemental draft...
neilstrem (Aces) at 11/1/2017 11:52 AM: Congrats to both! Great series!
tuuspater (Knights) at 10/31/2017 7:26 PM: thanks, great series
tris (Sky Sox) at 10/31/2017 11:45 AM: Congrats Knights on a great season and a great series!
Bluellama4 (Bulls) at 8/15/2017 3:20 PM: hey esser
KDB72 (Isotopes) at 8/14/2017 5:17 PM: Welcome to the league.
esser (51's) at 8/14/2017 7:20 AM: hey all.....new to the league, always looking for trades.
Bluellama4 (Bulls) at 8/13/2017 5:08 AM: McNally with a gem.. Nice
Bluellama4 (Bulls) at 8/12/2017 5:30 AM: Not yet
KDB72 (Isotopes) at 8/10/2017 5:32 PM: Welcome to the league! Let me know if you want to trade.
Bluellama4 (Rays) at 8/10/2017 3:09 PM: Hey everyone
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/10/2017 6:16 AM: We are underway! Drops are allowed. Good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/8/2017 8:22 AM: The supplemental is once the auto draft is complete - I will send a notification when we are ready - still waiting on a couple teams but close.......
KDB72 (Isotopes) at 8/4/2017 4:10 PM: When is the Supplemental Draft?
tris (Sky Sox) at 7/24/2017 1:33 PM: Playoffs! Based on league rules, the Braves win the division and the Timber Rattlers get the Wild Card.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 5/12/2017 8:57 PM: The supplemental draft will be run Sunday at 7pm CT. FA will open Monday at 930am CT. Game one will be about noon Monday.
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/8/2017 5:28 AM: FYI. I'm out of town for a couple days. I'll try to move us forward soon.
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/1/2017 1:18 PM: Waiting on 6 teams...
neilstrem (Aces) at 4/28/2017 8:05 AM: Nice series y'all!
tris (Sky Sox) at 4/26/2017 11:11 AM: Game 7!
tris (Sky Sox) at 4/26/2017 11:11 AM: Thanks Aces!
neilstrem (Aces) at 4/26/2017 6:00 AM: Another good series Sox!
tris (Sky Sox) at 4/24/2017 5:47 AM: Thanks Warrior!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 4/20/2017 8:12 PM: Good Series Sky Sox!
tris (Sky Sox) at 4/19/2017 9:11 AM: Ready for round 2...!
tris (Sky Sox) at 4/18/2017 11:01 AM: Divisional tie goes to Timber Rattles per Power Ranking (per rules).
tris (Sky Sox) at 4/18/2017 11:00 AM: Playoff rules posted on message board FYI...
dbrusca (Tides) at 2/22/2017 3:43 PM: CG no-hitter by Schilling of the Tides
Tris (Sky Sox) at 1/23/2017 1:57 PM: Drops will be allowed after game 1 tomorrow.
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/23/2017 9:12 AM: FA opens at 5pm ET tonight... Good luck. Game one tomorrow morning at approx 9am.
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/20/2017 5:28 AM: Still waiting on a couple teams to draft... Then we'll have the Supplemental draft before game 1. Thanks!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 1/13/2017 1:29 PM: Thanks,happy to win another one.It has been a while since the last time.
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/13/2017 12:49 PM: Congrats Warrior - WS victory! All - sign contracts!!! Moving into off season now!
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/12/2017 6:11 AM: WS is Timber Rattlers at Rays. Good luck to both! Rules call for power ranking to determine home field advantage...
neilstrem (Aces) at 1/5/2017 6:51 AM: Congrats Angels - good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/3/2017 11:03 AM: Hey - just home yesterday and getting caught up at work...playoffs soon! Set your lineups!
tris (Sky Sox) at 12/25/2016 6:14 PM: Hey y'all. Give me some time after xmas to get the playoffs going. Thanks and happy holidays!!
Tigerdrew (Mud Hens) at 11/11/2016 4:27 PM: Who want to do a trade
neilstrem (Aces) at 9/23/2016 5:59 AM: Looks like I'll have more 1-0 games this year!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 9/23/2016 5:36 AM: And we're off! User sim turned on. Drops allowed.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 9/21/2016 3:32 PM: We will do another supplemental draft at noon ET tomorrow. Then FA will open at 8pm tomorrow evening. Game 1 will be 8am Friday morning. Good luck.
Tigerdrew (Mud Hens) at 9/19/2016 11:58 AM: What about my team it look like the guy draft and left
tris (Sky Sox) at 9/19/2016 10:02 AM: Waiting on a couple teams to draft - I have let them know... I will step in shortly if they do not...
Tris (Sky Sox) at 9/17/2016 7:01 AM: Ok. Well that was fun. Congrats to the Aces.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 9/15/2016 4:21 PM: Good luck to the Sluggers and Aces in the WS!
tris (Sky Sox) at 9/14/2016 1:03 PM: 3 vs 4 in the AL!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 9/12/2016 4:16 PM: I had a discussion with the Aces and after the last 2 years and the based on the youth of his team he will either keep pitchers (6) or offense (8).
tris (Sky Sox) at 9/12/2016 9:20 AM: Congrats to the 51's and the Sluggers!
tris (Sky Sox) at 9/9/2016 1:42 PM: I will start the playoff stuff this weekend. We will have some discussions on team strength as well... Thanks and good luck!!
neilstrem (Aces) at 9/7/2016 10:21 AM: Hey Bears - how's it goin'?
Kinggrimes (Bears) at 8/30/2016 7:04 AM: Hi all..new Bay Bears here..
Tris (Sky Sox) at 6/28/2016 5:23 AM: Season start! Drops now allowed. Good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 6/27/2016 12:43 PM: FA opens tonight at 8pm ET.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 6/24/2016 6:16 AM: Last chance to those owners!!!!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 6/23/2016 7:31 AM: Waiting on 2 teams.... I'll draft for them soon if needed.
tris (Sky Sox) at 6/20/2016 5:53 AM: still trying to work on this league... I am open t a new commish...let me know...
Tris (Sky Sox) at 6/17/2016 8:59 AM: Sorry for my delay. Had a lucrative job to take and finish asap... We'll get going soon. Let me know if there's questions. Thanks.
Neilstrem (Aces) at 6/7/2016 8:39 PM: Thanks guys. Yep, my best team ever.
followtheson (Knights) at 6/7/2016 5:16 AM: Anyway we can put a handicap on the Aces? :)
dbrusca (Tides) at 6/7/2016 3:56 AM: Congrats to the Aces! Only one loss throughout the entire playoffs. Crazy!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 6/5/2016 12:13 PM: Wow. Reggie Jackson 3 hrs. Mr October. Just like real life!
Followtheson (Knights) at 6/5/2016 10:32 AM: Wow 147 wins for the Aces...has to be a record...the Aces are young too...could be a string of championships!!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 6/4/2016 12:54 PM: Congrats Aces,hope you keep the Championship in the Pacific!
neilstrem (Aces) at 6/4/2016 11:51 AM: 1st 3 games go to extra innings!!! Yikes!
tris (Sky Sox) at 6/1/2016 3:54 PM: Congrats to the WC winners - the Bulls and Tides!
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/31/2016 8:22 PM: Playoffs start tomorrow! Good luck and congrats to the playoff teams!
Followtheson (Knights) at 5/17/2016 4:08 PM: I need to dump some salary so if anyone is interested in anyone on my team let me know!!
RichardHead (Bears) at 5/16/2016 4:33 PM: :-( Valverde gave up his 1st run of the season on his 29th appearance
Followtheson (Knights) at 5/9/2016 4:47 PM: lol...ok...cup half full kind of guys 😜
neilstrem (Aces) at 5/6/2016 8:31 AM: Thanks guys.... Team is really clicking this year! But playoffs start a whole new season!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 5/6/2016 6:59 AM: That is not true,there is always hope in the playoffs!
Followtheson (Knights) at 5/3/2016 3:11 PM: Holy cow...nobody is beating the Aces this season...we're all playing for next year!
RichardHead (Bears) at 5/2/2016 6:25 PM: I hate playing neilstrem no matter what league I'm in lol. At least I'm not in the same division as him here though.
RichardHead (Bears) at 4/25/2016 9:16 PM: I had myself a good little losing streak going too but maybe things are turning around.
Ironmonkey85 (Railriders) at 4/23/2016 6:18 AM: 9 game losing streak...
Ironmonkey85 (Railriders) at 4/22/2016 2:06 PM: 9 game losing streak...
Ironmonkey85 (Railriders) at 4/22/2016 8:07 AM: 9 game losing streak...
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 4/20/2016 1:54 PM: Jim Maloney no-hit the Cajuns in a 8-0 Timbler Rattlers victory on 4/14.
RichardHead (Bears) at 4/12/2016 6:04 PM: I'm not coming for neilstrem anymore lol that did not work out well.
RichardHead (Bears) at 4/9/2016 9:23 PM: 21-7 we aren't playing football here warrior. How are you scoring so many runs?
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 4/9/2016 4:12 PM: Sherman Wolfe hits for the cycle in a 21-7 win against the 51's.
RichardHead (Bears) at 4/6/2016 8:29 PM: I'm coming for you neilstrem
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/31/2016 6:40 PM: My hitters are struggling this season it's a good thing the pitching is keeping me in there.
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/27/2016 7:48 PM: I might have trouble there though since my hands will be full kicking all your asses in here ;-)
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/27/2016 7:47 PM: One of their ideas is to start with only players that were rookies with your club. It sounds interesting unless you were the Marlins or the diamondback lol
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/27/2016 7:45 PM: Da show is talking about a relaunch to clear all of deyanksfan garbage if anyone wants their teams back. He had one player on the Padres that had over a 2 ops lol
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/25/2016 11:13 PM: I will give da show a chance too but I have 9 players so it could be good or bad
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/25/2016 11:11 PM: It's okay I'm gonna make a run here
tris (Sky Sox) at 3/25/2016 11:41 AM: They asked me to come back but I don't plan to... Its a mess!
Neilstrem (Aces) at 3/25/2016 11:34 AM: I'm glad he's out of there! But yep, seems typical. He was just clearing out the winners and threats! Ruined a good and fun league. Oh well.
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/24/2016 10:41 PM: Hey neilstrem it's kind of funny how there's 2 teams that got completely erased in da show and they just happen to be oakland and Texas.
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/24/2016 10:39 PM: Whoever had this team before was a fan of signing so big money long term contracts for old pitchers. I will be more copetetive once they expire.
dbrusca (Tides) at 3/24/2016 11:56 AM: I don't know why, but the Supp Draft never seems to follow my ranking order. It picked guys from the bottom of my list even when others at the top were not selected yet.
tris (Sky Sox) at 3/24/2016 10:13 AM: FA to open at 3pm ET. Game 1 tomorrow morning!! Good luck!
followtheson (Knights) at 3/23/2016 7:33 AM: ok, yeah I'm set for the supp draft. I was confused cuz the auto-draft page looked like it was leftover from last season (and the players to choose from weren't very good)
dbrusca (Tides) at 3/23/2016 7:30 AM: I'm sorry, I used the wrong terminology -- The first step is called the Auto-Draft and then you rank your draftees for the Supplemental Draft which will happen later.
dbrusca (Tides) at 3/23/2016 7:28 AM: followtheson, Go to "My Team" then click on Draft Team to fill your roster. Then go back to My Team and choose Rank Draftees so that you're ready for the Auto-Draft.
followtheson (Knights) at 3/23/2016 5:55 AM: It says the league is set to use auto-draft....
followtheson (Knights) at 3/23/2016 5:36 AM: Sorry guys I didn't know we were drafting...the draft room isn't open...where do I pick from?
tris (Sky Sox) at 3/23/2016 5:19 AM: howdy y'all - waiting on a couple teams still. if they dont draft asap i'll draft for them and we'll move on! Theyve been informed...thx ofr your patience.
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/22/2016 9:24 PM: Wow da show is a mess oakland has no players and it says they've never played a game.
Brenduplantis (Cajuns) at 3/22/2016 4:01 PM: I'm new to this
dbrusca (Tides) at 3/21/2016 8:01 AM: FYI Da Show is restarting without DeYanksfan to screw it up. All the old teams are still intact. If you were an owner, you just need to rejoin and tell commish which team was yours.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 3/19/2016 11:10 AM: Congrats to the Bears as well - Nice run!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 3/19/2016 11:09 AM: Congrats!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 3/18/2016 11:40 AM: Finally won one,hopefully we can continue contending for rings in the future!
tris (Sky Sox) at 3/18/2016 9:02 AM: Congrats to the Timber Rattlers on winning the WS over the bears in 5 games...
tris (Sky Sox) at 3/17/2016 7:43 AM: It' the Bears at the Timber Rattlers for all the marbles!
tris (Sky Sox) at 3/16/2016 7:52 PM: Nice - Da Bears just advanced...congrats!
tris (Sky Sox) at 3/15/2016 11:04 PM: Richard, Neilstrem, etc... FYI - Da Show just folded! Deyanksfan tried to take over the Yanks and Padres - all had (mysteriously) players less than 30 years old with great contracts!
tris (Sky Sox) at 3/15/2016 5:09 PM: Whoa - Aces win in Extra's in game 7!!!
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/13/2016 8:57 PM: Who do I get to beat on next?
tris (Sky Sox) at 3/12/2016 10:31 AM: Playoffs are set and underway!!
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/11/2016 4:53 PM: What do you expect from a Yankees fan neilstrem lol. Looks like I got a decent team to start with here. I will miss oakland though and hope they take Houston out this season lol.
Bryson (Braves) at 3/11/2016 3:56 PM: Will you please join my league MLB ALL TIME GREATS
neilstrem (Aces) at 3/11/2016 10:34 AM: Richard!!! Hey! You should change names with Deyanksfan!!! Haha! What a jack hole...oh well. Nice to kick out the guy who had been doing very weel in the league. Good luck in this league!
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/10/2016 11:37 AM: Playoffs start soon
ralph0807 (Red Sox) at 3/10/2016 7:40 AM: Hi Guys. I just picked up the Paw Sox.. Where do we stand right now in preparing for the next season??
Greywolves (Red Sox) at 3/9/2016 2:00 PM: I need to leave - sorry guys ... in too many leagues to keep up with it like I should
Tris (Sky Sox) at 3/8/2016 7:16 PM: Slight delay. Within a week anyway. Sorry for the delay.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 3/7/2016 2:23 AM: Playoffs to start this week... Good luck!
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/5/2016 10:23 PM: I will miss oakland but anyways its time to start a new here I hope the bears aren't too much of a mess lol
RichardHead (Bears) at 3/5/2016 10:22 PM: Did I get kicked from da show by our new commissioner for saying the changes made the league less fun? Did neilstrem get kicked too for saying agreed?
dbrusca (Tides) at 2/27/2016 9:06 AM: I lost both my 2B at the same time to injury. And neither one was Chase Utley's fault.
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 2/21/2016 8:31 AM: WTF. My team was doing great, now I have a 15 game losing streak! Ow!
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/15/2016 6:36 PM: Sea Dogs still need an owner - get the word out!
tris (Sky Sox) at 2/9/2016 8:36 AM: This is the year~!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 1/21/2016 12:52 PM: Going good for the Timber Rattlers! Trying to win a ring.
tris (Sky Sox) at 1/21/2016 9:37 AM: How's in going???? Over a third of the way into the season!
Neilstrem (Aces) at 12/27/2015 7:07 PM: Good luck y'all.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 12/26/2015 8:31 PM: And we are off.......
Tris (Sky Sox) at 12/24/2015 7:16 PM: FA will open Saturday at noon ET.
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 12/24/2015 3:52 PM: Ranked and ready to go.
tris (Sky Sox) at 12/23/2015 1:50 PM: Rule 4C = There will be a supplemental draft before the start of the season - then FA will open just prior to the start of the season.
tris (Sky Sox) at 12/22/2015 6:01 PM: Still waiting on 4 teams to draft...
warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 12/20/2015 10:45 PM: I got Joe Gordon so should be another good year for Minnesota.
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 12/20/2015 7:21 PM: Pretty stoked that I got A. Chapman. Very nice strikeout rate. Hopefully I have a good closer for awhile.
tris (Sky Sox) at 12/19/2015 8:22 PM: I didn't realize until now the Mud Hens have lost 3 straight WS to the Aces...MAN, thats tough...solid, consistent team!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 12/15/2015 11:59 PM: One more coming again also...
Tris (Sky Sox) at 12/15/2015 11:58 PM: Sorry for the delay again...long plane flight...
skooler1 (Power) at 12/14/2015 3:01 PM: Good luck! You're gonna need it... :)
warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 12/14/2015 5:25 AM: Your chances are better than ours,we must face the powerhouse Aces!
skooler1 (Power) at 12/13/2015 11:46 PM: Wow... I'm tied 3-3 with a team with no owner
Tris (Sky Sox) at 12/13/2015 3:17 AM: Sorry. I got called out of the country. Back on Friday. Limited games until then...
mr_mojo_risin (Angels) at 12/10/2015 4:01 PM: really, neilstrem ? I have to battle you in this league too now ? ugh ... ;-)
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 12/9/2015 5:56 PM: Barry Bonds totally under performed this season. I hope he bounces back big next season.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 12/9/2015 12:41 PM: First round of the playoffs are set up... Good luck!
skooler1 (Power) at 11/17/2015 7:49 AM: Can my team change names? I want them to be called the SWB Railriders. Please?
skooler1 (Power) at 10/27/2015 5:40 PM: Holy Cow!! when I just simmed, there were 3-4 games that were decided in extra innings... Wow!
skooler1 (Power) at 10/25/2015 3:21 PM: Hey kesslers! Whats up?
kesslers (51's) at 10/25/2015 11:36 AM: Hey skooler!
skooler1 (Power) at 10/23/2015 7:05 AM: Hello Everyone!
mrice13 (Sluggers) at 10/6/2015 7:14 AM: Sluggers IP H HR R ER BB K WP HB PC ERA C.Buffinton W 9.0 0 0 0 0 2 4 0 0 106 3.78
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 9/19/2015 8:37 PM: of
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 9/19/2015 8:37 PM: 6 pf my 9 batting below .200 so far.
tris (Sky Sox) at 9/15/2015 6:24 PM: Into full swing...Drops available and user sim on... Good luck!
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 9/15/2015 6:11 PM: I should have a solid starting rotation now. Can't believe I landed Jose Fernandez.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 9/15/2015 11:02 AM: FA now open.
tris (Sky Sox) at 9/10/2015 2:50 PM: A couple to fill and draft... Should be soon...
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 9/10/2015 1:38 PM: Are we still waiting on teams to draft?
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 9/8/2015 4:25 PM: Bonds & Williams makes the Isotopes very dangerous!
neilstrem (Aces) at 9/8/2015 9:11 AM: My WS MVP last season...he's great! Good luck!
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 9/6/2015 10:39 AM: Landed Ted Williams. Sweet!
Neilstrem (Aces) at 9/5/2015 9:05 AM: Thanks guys! Let's go again!!!
kesslers (51's) at 9/4/2015 10:30 AM: Congrats to the Aces!!
hohojohannes (Isotopes) at 9/2/2015 8:03 AM: Congrats Aces! After almost being knocked out right away, you go all the way! If I can't win it all, I like to know I was beat by the champs.
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/31/2015 8:19 AM: Well the Aces did it again - Congrats! 2 in a row.
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/28/2015 10:05 PM: Done! Topes!
hohojohannes (Astros) at 8/28/2015 2:45 PM: Maybe the Isotopes won't choke! :)
hohojohannes (Astros) at 8/28/2015 9:57 AM: Don't forget I want to be the Albuquerque Isotopes!
Tris (Sky Sox) at 8/27/2015 6:24 PM: Got the team name changes done!! Good luck guys!
neilstrem (Aces) at 8/27/2015 1:09 PM: You had me Astros, I dont know how I weaseled out of that one. Wow, good set.
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/27/2015 8:19 AM: Wow - what a series, sorry Astros...game 4 was 2-1...ouch... Great run this season!
hohojohannes (Astros) at 8/26/2015 12:15 PM: Uh-oh. I go up 3-0, suddenly it's 3-3!
Husker75 (Stormchasers) at 8/23/2015 4:27 PM: Going to try and move from Omaha to Lincoln. Sent tris a message.
Tris (Sky Sox) at 8/22/2015 12:50 PM: Hey. I was able to get the season ending stuff done and set the first schedule. Prepare your teams for the playoffs! Good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/20/2015 2:44 PM: Getting ready for the end of the season. I am out of town a few days so I apologize for the few delays upcoming.
tris (Sky Sox) at 8/20/2015 2:43 PM: Hey guys. Yes, we can switch names. Please send a PM so I can remember to switch it... Thanks.
dbrusca (Lions) at 8/5/2015 10:13 AM: I'd like to switch to the Tidewater Tides next season, if I may. This was the old name of the Norfolk team when it was still a Mets affiliate.
jacobfox44 (Power) at 7/17/2015 8:50 PM: can i switch to rainiers next year
tris (Sky Sox) at 6/27/2015 9:22 AM: Hoho - please remind me with a private message at the end of the season! I like the Albuquerque Isotopes!
tris (Sky Sox) at 6/27/2015 9:21 AM: Haha - ok!!! a walkoff is always great!
jacobfox44 (Power) at 6/25/2015 7:22 PM: I just watched jesus montero hit a walk off HR against the isotopes last week. i hit more rainiers games then mariners.
hohojohannes (Astros) at 6/12/2015 6:49 AM: Or, if they need to be real life Pacific League teams, the Albuquerque Isotopes...
hohojohannes (Astros) at 6/12/2015 6:45 AM: We're allowed to change our names? I'd love to be the Tulsa Drillers. Guess it would be too late for this season.
tris (Sky Sox) at 6/5/2015 2:33 PM: Supplemental in a few hours - rank your players!!!
Husker75 (Stormchasers) at 6/4/2015 8:51 AM: tris, thanks for your effort with the logo and location change.
tris (Sky Sox) at 6/4/2015 8:30 AM: Charlie is now the Omaha Stormchasers! Welcome!
Husker75 (Indians) at 6/3/2015 11:54 AM: Hello everyone, glad to be in your league. New to Pennant Chase, about 3-4 weeks now so bear with me until I get the hang of it. Glad to be here. Charlie
neilstrem (Aces) at 5/30/2015 4:57 PM: Well I didn't have to play you this year, so...Thanks Timber Rattlers, I think I lost to the Sky Sox 2 years in a row!
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/30/2015 3:11 PM: Congrats to the Aces on winning the WS!
Warrior (Timber Rattlers) at 5/27/2015 11:37 AM: Thanks,finally got past the first round of the playoffs!
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/27/2015 10:27 AM: You got me Warrior - in 6 games, where 5 were decided by 1 run!! Good luck!
tris (Sky Sox) at 5/25/2015 8:21 AM: Good luck to all in the Playoffs!
hohojohannes (Astros) at 4/25/2015 8:39 AM: True...
tris (Sky Sox) at 4/23/2015 9:00 AM: he's still young and will get even better for the next 4 years!
hohojohannes (Astros) at 4/18/2015 7:46 AM: Bonds is having a solid season, but I was hoping for a completely dominant one.
tris (Sky Sox) at 4/17/2015 11:04 AM: The season is flying by - almost have way.......
neilstrem (Aces) at 4/10/2015 7:14 AM: You just never know...
neilstrem (Aces) at 4/10/2015 7:13 AM: I had just won 20 in a row...then got ..