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John Heidelberger

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    20,238 - 21,345 (.487 PCT)
    (#22 of 25755) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    42,348 - 44,205 (.489 PCT)
    (#139 of 25755) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 106
    (#303 of 25755)
  • Rings: 2
    (#1008 of 25755)
  • MVPs: 18 (#348 of 25755)
    CYs: 15 (#380 of 25755)

Custom League Stats

  • No games played yet.

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Auto League Trophy Case

Riverton River Rats

All-Time Greats

Bisbee Bees

Ruthian Era

Custom League Trophy Case

No items yet.

Award Winners (All Leagues)

Mickey Mantle (Red Raiders)

MVP - Mid-Century

Barry Bonds (Chili Dodgers)

MVP - All-Time Greats

Bob Gibson (Diablos)

Cy - Mid-Century

Barry Bonds (Leprechauns)

MVP - All-Time Greats

Pedro Martinez (WarHawks)

Cy - Best of 1990s

Jim Gentile (C- Lions)

MVP - Mid-Century

Randy Johnson (Loggers)

Cy - 1970-Present

Barry Bonds (Loggers)

MVP - 1970-Present

Pedro Martinez (Norsemen)

Cy - All-Time Greats

Eric Gagne (Bambinos)

Cy - All-Time Greats

Jim Gentile (Lumber Associat)

MVP - Mid-Century

Mark McGwire (Cowboys)

MVP - Best of 1990s

Corey Kluber (Killer Bees)

Cy - 1970-Present

Jimmie Foxx (Norsemen)

MVP - All-Time Greats

Babe Ruth (Wildcats)

MVP - All-Time Greats

Mark McGwire (Bad News Bears)

MVP - Random Players

Silver King (Royal A’s)

Cy - Deadball Era

Barry Bonds (Wildcats)

MVP - All-Time Greats

Barry Bonds (Red Stockings)

MVP - All-Time Greats

Sandy Koufax (Giants)

Cy - Mid-Century

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