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Nathan Conrad

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    6,029 - 6,092 (.497 PCT)
    (#37 of 27054) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    22,948 - 24,813 (.480 PCT)
    (#290 of 27054) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 62
    (#478 of 27054)
  • Rings: 3
    (#881 of 27054)
  • MVPs: 7 (#649 of 27054)
    CYs: 7 (#636 of 27054)

Custom League Stats

  • No games played yet.

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Auto League Trophy Case

Arizona Fireballs

Favorite Teams

Bay City Bartenders

Favorite Teams

Camden Cavemen

Best of 1970s

Custom League Trophy Case

No items yet.

Award Winners (All Leagues)

J.D. Martinez (Fireballs)

MVP - Auto League 635 Favorite Teams

Davey Johnson (Oracle)

MVP - Auto League 1287 Best of 1970s

Mark McGwire (Red Birds)

MVP - Auto League 1453 Favorite Team..

Bubba Smith (Admirals)

Defensive Player - Auto League 1457 All-Time Grea..

Simeon Rice (Destroyers)

Defensive Player - Best of 2000s

Jack Youngblood (Hawkeyes)

Defensive Player - All-Time Greats

Max Scherzer (Outfit)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Oscar Gamble (Burglars)

MVP - Best of 1970s

Randall Cunningham (Vodoo)

MVP - Best of 1980s

Barry Bonds (Bartenders)

MVP - Favorite Teams

Juan Marichal (Bartenders)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Troy Percival (Angels)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Brady Anderson (Terriers)

MVP - Best of 1996

Carl Edwards (Horse Cubs)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Ken Phelps (Longshoremen)

MVP - Favorite Teams

Greg Maddux (Wyverns)

Cy - Best of 1990s

Pedro Martinez (Nationals)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Tug McGraw (Minotaurs)

Cy - Random Players

Larry Bird (Saints)

Defensive Player - Best of 1980s

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