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Quick Draft Changes

Quick Draft Changes

Some of you will start seeing a new "Quick Draft" - for more details, please read here:


People generally disliked that a lot of great players were never offered, and that a lot of crappy players were offered, especially pitchers. The goal is to make it a more interesting draft experience, while still keeping that idea of balance.

Re: Quick Draft Changes

One of the things that makes this a great game is the man behind it that cares. It's a trait that seems to becoming more rare, so kudos to you gbacci!

Re: Quick Draft Changes

In fact, I say Huzzah! 3 cheers for gbacci!

Hip hip hooray!

Can I get a 2nd & 3rd?

Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes

Excellent innovation, WM. Your work and creativity is not taken for granted in this neck of the woods.

I'll 2nd Zeedood, although that cheer makes me feel like I'm in a Flintstones episode.

Re: Quick Draft Changes

Looks like an interesting formula.

I just did my first draft under this new formula...

Maybe early to comment...but at first sight....

You can either take it as a critic of somebody who is unable to cope with changes or an attempt to send a constructive feedback from somebody who is willing to adapt since the formula looks interesting at first sight... Hope it his taken as the 2nd option...

Note, that pretty much every picks were no brainers, the best player available in every round would quite stand out from the rest of the options offered...

The bench becomes way better, and you can get utility guys that can be usefull (I always like the fact to you can fill your bench witt speedsters to pinch run)

The back end of the bullpen looks slightly better than it use to

- I end up with one below average ace,who is in fact more of a no2 or a no3 in a decent rotation, one 4th starter and the rest of the bunch are 5th starter of bad teams that I would avoid every night and day if I have any hope of having a winning team. I will need to get rid of 3 of my 5 starters to be competitive...Hoping to get my hands on an ace, a 3rd starter and an above average 5th starter in the supp draft or free agency...

- I am ending with at least 5 players out of the starting 9 in the offensive lineup that I would not touch with a ten foot pole...
No legit cleanup hitter to anchor my lineup in sight either...

My cleanup, 5th and 6 hitters would normally be push back to 6th, 7th or 8th spot of any usual lineup...

I have 3 players that are sure locks... everybody else could be replace by a better fit that comes around in the supp draft or free agency... Normally I would be looking for 1 or 2 specific spots or position that I need to improve on...now I have a spot for who ever will be available at the supp draft or free agency...

so basically this drafts formula helps getting a better bench, but criples your lineup and makes you end up with tons of non desired players in you starting lineup instead of on your bench. So globaly, I can comfort myself by the fact that at least I do have some pinch runners available and a fairly good bench now ....but not much in my starting lineup...

The draft didn't offer much flexibility on how you will build your team...Normally if there is not a good offensive option available in a selection, I will settle for defense... this option is not even there...You take whoever is offered

I will end up chasing for 3 starting pitchers, 3 relievers and 4 legitimate starters in my offensive lineup at the supp draft and free agency...looks pretty much like a desperate cause from the start...

Instead of rounding up the corners at the supp draft and FA, I will be looking for an ace and my go to guy in offense...I will try to build my team around who I get in the supp draft and FA...Instead of covering my weaknesses in the supp draft

Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes

Patrick thanks great feedback.

This might once again simply highlight the fact that this type of draft is really hard to keep balanced without forcing teams to have bad players.

Would you mind sharing which league this was in? I’d be interested to see rosters as this develops.

Re: Quick Draft Changes

lol, ragingsol!

I was aiming for WW2 era British soldiers!

Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes

Now I'm sitting here with baited anticipation, wishing I could do redrafts on a bunch of teams to test the new draft out.. lol

Re: Quick Draft Changes

Wow, ur about to be disappointed. Lucky you Can’t redraft your teams!

I just drafted in a keeper league. Had 3 solid players that I signed from last season. I was offered (approx.)20 players in a row with a rank of 58 or lower. I thought it was a joke. Best of 2017, best players I got in new draft were Wade Davis, Jed Lowrie and Didi Gregorious Lol
(The rest were 58 or below)

Needless to say I’m not in that league anymore.
Actually gone from happily running 20 teams down to just 2-3 now.

Seems like all these changes keep moving towards all teams being completely equal as the season starts,

PC will need to change to PHLIPPING COINS soon,Lol

Good luck and Have fun everybody

Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes

I sense some exaggeration in there because unless you already kept an RP you should have been offered an ace RP. And more than one RP over a 58. Same thing goes for a #2 pitcher who would be well over a 58. Offensive players yes potentially if you already kept some players you would miss out on the offensive studs. That’s one area I can look at.

It would be great if people can send me links to their teams or if you really want to quit then a screen shot. I obviously have my reasons to be skeptical of this particular user but if these issues are present I would obviously like to look into them.

Re: Quick Draft Changes

By the end of this week I'll send you a link of my next redraft team.

Re: Quick Draft Changes

Let's be adult, and real about this.

Any computer programming is not something your average internet mushroom can accomplish, let alone creating a baseball simulator that the general public can use, from any part of the world with an internet connection.


How about since the new changes just got implemented, we just report what we notice without all the personal drama thrown in? That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

I'll be submitting my link as soon as the playoffs end in two leagues I am in.

Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes

I have to support at 100% Colin in there...

He has a track record that speak for itself... He is leading the site in winning PCT for this year from all the users on this site for a reason...

He his handling the metrics of that game quite well,his input should be more than taken into consideration...

These changes after changes are just making it so homogenic, that I feel any newbie, rookie user or even a bot will be competitive...

Seems like the best users are now locked in every possible ways...

There is reason why some users are systematically succesfull in every single league they are in...

Results will just be so random now, just looks like a lottery...

I lost so much interest when the rank was put in there, the adjustment made a bit later were quite good to reignite my interest...but now this new change looks so much like anothere huge set back all over again...


Re: Quick Draft Changes

You guys come off as the ones who consistently score the most phone numbers at every party the host throws, and, then, send a letter to the host telling him the shrimp cocktails were horrible, his beer selection was awful, and his girlfriend looked hideous in that dress. You sound short-sighted, not because you have something to say, but because your analysis is all about you and your team.

It seems to me that the WM's goal is to ensure all 12 teams in any league have an equal chance to compete, which, by extension, means an equal chance to get the best players on their team. So, if you want to give more informative analysis than just your self-centered info about which players you were offered, you could analyze which players, by rank, all 12 teams ended up with. If you can show that 4 teams ended up with 50% of the highest ranked players, then you have a case that the Quick Draft is a big failure. But, your analysis begins and ends with what you were offered in the draft.

Your analysis is like showing us all a photo of Salma Hayek's ugliest foot and then telling us the rest of her obviously isn't valuable to see. I mean, look at that foot, there's clearly a problem with the rest of the body.

All the information for cogent analysis is provided by the WM, it's all right there for all to see (if you bother to include a link), so use it to breakdown what all 12 teams ended up with, instead of cutting off analysis with just the players you were offered in the quick draft. What you were offered is just one foot on an otherwise beautiful creation.

It's very telling when the complaint is "Seems like all these changes keep moving towards all teams being completely equal as the season starts." Absolutely. Each team having an equal chance to get the best players is, clearly, how a great Game Designer would design a game. We are lucky enough to have a great Game Designer working to improve his already excellent game that we all play. This is the point where I would say, "The WM is just doing his job" if it was his freakin' job. He's just doing his hobby, so we can do ours. You want to help? Stop showing us Salma's foot and try to show us her whole naked body.

Re: Quick Draft Changes

First of all, ragingsol and Selma need to get a room.

Second of all, I totally agree with everything raging says (this time, I'll try not to make a habit of that).

I care about my winning percentage too (obviously, it's pretty great!!). But if I'm going to be a great player on this site, then I should prove that against guys who have a fighting chance out of the gate. Winning percentage means nothing if you're constantly going up against guys who have a tremendous disadvantage right out of the gate, because they haven't figured out how everything works yet. It makes the game far better if newbies are at least somewhat competitive at the start and aren't suffering through 30 win seasons because we're hiding all the secrets on them until they get more experience. Some of the secrets, sure. And I'm sure that MCVN, and Colin, and plpl, and all the rest of the big guns will continue to make the playoffs and win championships. But geez, throw the newbies a bone once in a while and make it interesting.

Nobody cares if we get to a .700 winning percentage, or a million PC wins, or whatever our personal goals are. The WM needs to get new guys playing and keep them interested, and this sounds like a just way to do that. If it ruffles the feathers of the 1 percent, then he's probably doing it right.


Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes

Just did my first quick draft and I liked it a lot.

One thing I’m hoping this fixes is keeper leagues. For a lot of us I’m sure you’ve noticed in the past that SP and OF picks #1 and #3 were both significantly better than pick #2 when it came to the group available. But if you kept 2 OF or 2 SP then it would take up picks #1 and #2 allowing you to still have a high quality group to pick from in slot #3

Re: Quick Draft Changes

Ran into a 90s league... #227

Current Pick: your draft is complete... small typo. One should be Once?

I think I am #11 of 12 to draft. Seems like you are getting the opportunity to draft some better guys among the initial 23. Still some garbage kind of guys you are forced into drafting... but it seems like it is driving us all to a closer/equal starting point as of the draft... and everything else will be determined after the league starts... fa/supp, etc.. when we are all on the same time frame... and how we all manage our teams individually... If that was the goal then I think it's fairly well accomplished.

Re: Quick Draft Changes

So I drafted in Lg. 10. Meh. I can compete anyway.

To avoid the ire of Ragingsol, specifics:

Position player draft: Especially w/o keepers, this will keep you from getting screwed a lot.

Well timed with the arrival of bold, I love that.

Takes the guessing out of good/bad next pick



You lose the strategy of sandbagging for supp. ranking, because uknow the next pick is worse.

Not Bad, I'd be happy with it, but could bebetter. Stay tuned for further commentary

*Chorus of groans from PC Vets*

Re: Quick Draft Changes

If the goal is to get this sim game to be a lottery ticket between 12 teams, instead of being one that allows users to build winning teams, because they are good at sim games... well it says it all...

Time as proven than most newcomer will enter and leave quite shortly after anyhow...not because they are not winning...but that is simply human nature...

Only a few die hard sim fans will stickaround...and they will get better anyway over time...

We all have to go through a learning curve in whatever we do in life...PC was no exception for nobody...

Now, there is an easy way out factor that is wanted...

Adulating the fact that it should be made easy for people to have their teams build by a levelling down factor sounds so wrong to me...

I never undestood all the whining about picking last in an auto draft and people stating that they do not having a chance to be competitive. Since these kind of statements were so wrong...

I've always found that the thrill in this game, was to pick some hidden gems that were left over, sharpening some details in your lineup that will help you win couple of more games here and there...looks like it will be vanish from the game...

Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes

What troubles me, is that most of the comments favoring a level down factor are comming from people that are not even playing auto...or running 2 or3 of those at the most...

and I can bet, they will not enter manymore even with these new change...

Re: Quick Draft Changes

Here's what I know, so everyone get your finger off the panic button.

Gbaccia has done changes in the page, people griped. By the time he was done tweaking the changes, most everyone seemed happy with the net result.
So let's continue giving feedback, but remember, this too is new, and will be tweaked as things in the past have been.

Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes


Re: Quick Draft Changes

The comment was made that "leveling" is coming from guys like me who only play a few Auto Leagues...

That's true. But, your point makes mine. I am only in a few Auto Leagues because I put more time into Custom Leagues... because the WM has created a place where there are choices of game-play. You choose Quick Draft leagues, then have a problem that they are functioning as designed.

Quick Draft leagues are designed to be egalitarian. To say that they are too level is like saying cars have become too easy to drive and roads have become too paved, now too many people can drive a car without ending up in a ditch.

Daily Draft is where "veteran" knowledge can give you the edge you crave. Or, does Rank make those too level, too?

Custom Leagues use Rank, and are always looking for GMs. They are far from level. With progression and drafts and prospects and contracts... there are more moving parts to try to master.

Maybe your argument should be that the Daily Draft gets rid of Rank so there are more pronounced tiers in Auto Leagues. Make the Daily Draft a more difficult league to master, so that veterans have more of an edge, and newer guys can join them knowing they have a learning curve. Or maybe ask that some Quick Draft leagues and Daily Draft leagues use Rank and some don't. Change your complaint to take the reality of what the WM is trying to do into consideration.

This continual lambasting of Quick Drafts for being too level is like complaining that December 25th is too Christmasy. Quick Draft is designed to be level.

Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes

I've only been here for four days, but already it's looking to me like Daily Draft is the way to go. Of course, I haven't looked at custom leagues yet.

Re: Quick Draft Changes

In my second attempt at the new draft type...

I am ending up with Ryne Sandberg at 1B...

No 1B available on my roster...

I was even offered Arod t be part of my roster despite already picking Barry Larkin.... I passed on the opportunity...


Re: Re: Quick Draft Changes

Thanks I can look at it to make sure there’s a better chance of seeing positions of need late.

Re: Quick Draft Changes

Minnie_Minoso, Daily draft Keepers are my preferred type of game here at PC.

I'm coming into my 3rd season, liked the game so much I ponied up $20 so I could join more leagues.

Sure do wish Gbacci would put up more DDK games in the join list! (hint hint, LOL!)