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Opening in All Yankees League

Opening in All Yankees League

Hey guys, we have an opening in the All Yankees League (AYL) for a team with legitimate playoff aspirations (San Diego Padres). They have a 78-74 record, but they are only 4 games back in both their division and the WC race. BUT there is a catch! The league uses a unique set of rules regarding roster construction. You don't have to be a Yankees fan to participate (Commish himself is a Twins fan, lol), but the player pool is limited to only Yankees players... Before you make your decision, come check us out. Be sure to read the rules page for important info!

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Re: Re: Opening in All Yankees League

There are now 2 openings in the All Yankees League - both the Padres and Giants are available. Now's a great time to jump in, as Season 6 is just around the corner and we're adding some huge names from Yankee History to the league - Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, and many more. Both the Padres and the Giants will have decent draft picks for that draft. Check out the league by clicking on my name and you'll find the AYL under my league list. Check out the rules - unique but fun league.