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Progression help

Progression help

I hope this makes sense...

A) Will a player with awful stats and a 'Superstar progression' progress at a Superstar pace or progress to Superstar Stats?

B) What would an "S" player at 25 years old, batting .150, look like when our progressions level off at 28?

Thanks for any help

Re: Progression help

S just means they can potentially progress more each progression than C or other types. It doesn’t magically turn a bad player into a star.

Re: Progression help

When looking at progressions, it only matters what a player's Real Stats are.

His .150 average would be his Compiled Stats for the current season.

If a player is 25, and his Real Stat's BA is between .260 and .270, he has a chance for his Real Stats average to top .300 when he turns 28. But, even Superstar progressions can have lousy progression seasons, where a player will only go up .002 or .003 BA points.

With the Superstar, though, a player at least has the chance to add .010 or even .015 to his BA in a single progression, with other stats rising commensurately.