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About Baseball Auto Leagues

Auto Leagues are run on auto pilot, allowing users a quick way to jump into the action. Baseball auto leagues feature a few different styles. Quick Draft leagues allow you to draft your roster right away. You'll be offered a subset of players at each position until you have 23 players. Once the season starts, you'll be able to augment your team via the Supplemental Draft after Games 2 and 3 of the season. After that, waivers and free agency will allow you to build the rest of your team as desired. Quick Draft leagues are designed to offer everyone a balance of players so that the draft is fair regardless of what order you enter the league. While the early teams do have a slight advantage, some people enjoy the challenge of being one of the last teams to draft in the Quick Draft format.

Daily Drafts give you far more control of your roster, but they take longer to get started. Once the league fills, the draft will begin, with one round happening every eight hours. You'll rank players as desired for each round of the draft. In this format, there is no Supplemental Draft - all teams can pick up free agents once the season begins.

Favorite Teams drafts allow you to choose up to four seasons a franchise's history and build your roster. We also offer Random Player leagues, which are fun because they create a distinct player pool every seasons - no two seasons are the same.

About PennantChase is home to free sports simulation leagues. What is sports simulation? Participants draft players from the history of sports and a computer simulation determines the results. Unlike fantasy sports, where the results are based on real-time results of real-life players, sim leagues take past stats (usually stats from a single season) and crunch the numbers to determine an outcome. This means Babe Ruth can face off against Clayton Kershaw, or Michael Jordan can face off against Steph Curry.

This site offers free baseball, basketball and football sim leagues. Auto Leagues are leagues with standard rules and no commissioner, the league is run on auto-pilot. Custom leagues allow individual commissioners to craft their own creative leagues. (While being a custom league commissioner does take work, the possibilities are endless due to the wide-open customization of leagues available.)

Pennant Chase is a great online baseball manager game, online basketball manager game and online football manager game that provides many of the same features as more expensive games but at no cost. This free simulation site allows the player to draft their team, build their roster, and make trades. Pennant Chase uses simulations that produce accurate results based on the fantasy team’s roster. One of the coolest features of Pennant Chase is that it allows you to use players from different eras. So for those wondering how their favorite player from the past would fare in today’s game, Pennant Chase is the game to turn to.