List of No Drop Players

1B Aaron, Hank (Folly Beach Frogs)
1B Allen, Dick (Coleson City Jolly Rogers)
SP Blue, Vida (Haverhill Hillies)
CL Brewer, Jim (The Train Robbers)
OF Brown, Gates (Celluloid Heroes)
OF Carbo, Bernie (Folly Beach Frogs)
1B Carew, Rod (Haverhill Hillies)
SP Carlton, Steve (All Saints Knights)
OF Carty, Rico (Athens Bobcat)
OF Clemente, Roberto (Charleston Giants)
DH Gamble, Oscar (The Train Robbers)
RP Gossage, Rich (Haverhill Hillies)
SP Guidry, Ron (Coleson City Jolly Rogers)
RP Hall, Tom (Celluloid Heroes)
CL Hamilton, Steve (Coleson City Jolly Rogers)
1B Hernandez, Keith (The Train Robbers)
OF Hickman, Jim (Los Gibbletos 19inteen)
SP Hunter, Catfish (The Train Robbers)
1B Johnson, Davey (Singapore Sidewinders)
OF Lezcano, Sixto (Modesto Maroons)
CL Lockwood, Skip (Athens Bobcat)
OF Lynn, Fred (Modesto Maroons)
3B Madlock, Bill (Los Gibbletos 19inteen)
C McCarver, Tim (Seattle Pilots)
CL McMahon, Don (Seattle Pilots)
RP Mingori, Steve (Folly Beach Frogs)
2B Morgan, Joe (Singapore Sidewinders)
OF Murcer, Bobby (Seattle Pilots)
SP Nelson, Roger (Celluloid Heroes)
OF Parker, Dave (Modesto Maroons)
3B Perez, Tony (Haverhill Hillies)
SP Perry, Gaylord (Los Gibbletos 19inteen)
CL Reed, Ron (Los Gibbletos 19inteen)
SP Seaver, Tom (Folly Beach Frogs)
SP Singer, Bill (Singapore Sidewinders)
OF Singleton, Ken (Coleson City Jolly Rogers)
OF Smith, Reggie (The Train Robbers)
RP Sosa, Elias (Modesto Maroons)
RP Sutter, Bruce (Singapore Sidewinders)
SP Sutton, Don (Singapore Sidewinders)
SP Tanana, Frank (Modesto Maroons)
3B Torre, Joe (All Saints Knights)
OF Williams, Billy (Haverhill Hillies)
SP Wilson, Don (Los Gibbletos 19inteen)
1B Yastrzemski, Carl (Celluloid Heroes)