List of No Drop Players

OF Alou, Moises (Mississippi Mad Dogs)
OF Berkman, Lance (Tuchen Patriots)
OF Bonds, Barry (North Allegheny Tiger Pride)
OF Burks, Ellis (Lake Region Oxen)
3B Cabrera, Miguel (Beresford Broncos)
SP Clemens, Roger (Carver Crappies)
1B Delgado, Carlos (Shadyside Inmates)
SS Furcal, Rafael (Moose Jaw Rippers)
CL Gagne, Eric (Lake Region Oxen)
SS Garciaparra, Nomar (Beresford Broncos)
1B Giambi, Jason (Gibsonia Gators)
OF Gonzalez, Luis (Mississippi Mad Dogs)
OF Guerrero, Vladimir (Son Shine)
SP Harden, Rich (North Allegheny Tiger Pride)
1B Helton, Todd (Mississippi Mad Dogs)
SP Hernandez, Felix (Son Shine)
SP Johnson, Randy (Winston Salem WartHogs)
3B Jones, Chipper (Lake Region Oxen)
2B Kent, Jeff (North Allegheny Tiger Pride)
1B Lee, Derrek (Lake Region Oxen)
SP Lincecum, Tim (Tuchen Patriots)
SP Liriano, Francisco (Carver Crappies)
SP Martinez, Pedro (Lake Region Oxen)
C Mauer, Joe (Winston Salem WartHogs)
RP Nathan, Joe (Moose Jaw Rippers)
CL Nen, Robb (Tuchen Patriots)
RP Neshek, Pat (Shadyside Inmates)
OF Ordonez, Magglio (Tuchen Patriots)
DH Ortiz, David (Moose Jaw Rippers)
RP Papelbon, Jonathan (Winston Salem WartHogs)
OF Pujols, Albert (Carver Crappies)
CL Putz, J.J. (North Allegheny Tiger Pride)
OF Ramirez, Manny (North Allegheny Tiger Pride)
CL Rivera, Mariano (Mississippi Mad Dogs)
RP Saito, Takashi (Son Shine)
SP Santana, Johan (Mississippi Mad Dogs)
SP Schilling, Curt (Moose Jaw Rippers)
SP Schmidt, Jason (Gibsonia Gators)
CL Soriano, Rafael (Beresford Broncos)
OF Sosa, Sammy (Son Shine)
DH Thomas, Frank (Shadyside Inmates)
OF Walker, Larry (Tuchen Patriots)