Shea Schellenberg

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    2,981 - 2,348 (.559 PCT)
    (#96 of 20053) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    6,479 - 5,486 (.541 PCT)
    (#653 of 20053) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 40
    (#472 of 20053)
  • Rings: 6
    (#545 of 20053)
  • MVPs: 2 (#964 of 20053)
    CYs: 11 (#390 of 20053)

Custom League Stats

  • No games played yet.

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Auto League Trophy Case

Boston Bees

Best of 2019

Chittenango Bears

Best of 2000s

No Name Players

Best of 2000s

The Lumber Company

Best of 2010s

New York Highlanders

Best of 1990s

Iowa Fighting Pigs

Best of 1990s

Custom League Trophy Case

No items yet.

Award Winners (All Leagues)

John Smoltz (Tarpons)

Cy - Best of 2000s

Jake Arrieta (Slingers)

Cy - Best of 2010s

Justin Verlander (Bull Moose)

Cy - Best of 2010s

Jake Arrieta (Puppers)

Cy - Best of 2010s

Clay Buchholz (Raccoon)

Cy - Best of 2010s

Curt Schilling (Sliders)

Cy - Best of 1990s

Jake Arrieta (Bubble Guppies)

Cy - Best of 2010s

Pedro Martinez (Slammers)

Cy - Best of 2000s

Bobby Jenks (Condors)

Cy - Best of 2007

Barry Bonds (Commodores)

MVP - Best of 2000s

Johan Santana (Commodores)

Cy - Best of 2000s

Rickey Henderson (Highlanders)

MVP - Best of 1990s

Greg Maddux (Bees)

Cy - Best of 1992