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Drew Scott

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    4,553 - 2,923 (.609 PCT)
    (#32 of 26799) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    85,898 - 58,785 (.594 PCT)
    (#50 of 26799) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 690
    (#29 of 26799)
  • Rings: 194
    (#29 of 26799)
  • MVPs: 168 (#34 of 26799)
    CYs: 183 (#29 of 26799)

Custom League Stats

  • No games played yet.

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Auto League Trophy Case

Noble Knights

Best of 1990s

Standish Slow Guys


Boston BigHats


Bristow Battlers


Mid-Atlantic Middlemen


North Bridgton Fins

Best of 1990s

Loudoun Lassos


Augusta Masters

Best of 1980s

PWC Royals

All-Time Greats

Heinie Cannonballs


Beantown Brawlers


East Coast Eagles


Mid-Atlantic Middlemen


DC Slackers


PWC Royals

All-Time Greats

Bristow Battlers


Bridgton Scratchers

Best of 1980s

Hartland Panthers


Atlantic Salmon

Best of 2010s

Victory Lakes

All-Time Greats

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Custom League Trophy Case

No items yet.

Award Winners (All Leagues)

Jake Arrieta (Wolves)

Cy - Auto League 247 All-Time Great..

Cal Eldred (Knights)

Cy - Auto League 1203 Best of 1990s

Barry Bonds (Lakers)

MVP - Auto League 1288 1970-Present

Jacob deGrom (BigHats)

Cy - Auto League 602 1970-Present

Mike Scott (Brewers)

Cy - Auto League 519 1970-Present

Pedro Martinez (Hurricanes)

Cy - Auto League 1243 All-Time Grea..

Nolan Ryan (Middlemen)

Cy - Auto League 1441 1970-Present

Barry Bonds (Middlemen)

MVP - Auto League 1441 1970-Present

Juan Soto (Wolverines)

MVP - Auto League 259 1970-Present

Barry Bonds (Panthers)

MVP - Auto League 59 1970-Present

Roy Halladay (Oxen)

Cy - Auto League 226 Best of 2000s

Brian Giles (Fins)

MVP - Auto League 110 Best of 1990s

Jacob deGrom (Heroes)

Cy - Auto League 354 All-Time Great..

Max Scherzer (Nimrods)

Cy - All-Time Greats

Tom Seaver (Sluggers)

Cy - Best of 1970s

Fred Lynn (Sluggers)

MVP - Best of 1970s

Mark McGwire (Royals)

MVP - All-Time Greats

Mike Schmidt (Masters)

MVP - Best of 1980s

Ed Walsh (Lakes)

Cy - All-Time Greats

Pedro Martinez (Lakers)

Cy - 1970-Present

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