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Richard Strokes

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Auto League Stats

  • W-L This Year
    1,218 - 976 (.555 PCT)
    (#76 of 12159) in Wins
  • W-L All Time
    4,737 - 4,414 (.518 PCT)
    (#681 of 12159) in Wins
  • Playoffs: 21
    (#554 of 12159)
  • Rings: 7
    (#417 of 12159)
  • MVPs: 5 (#529 of 12159)
    CYs: 6 (#471 of 12159)

Auto League Trophy Case

Huntington Bundle Cats

Best of 1990s

BiCurious Georges

Best of 2000s

Hardcore Dornography

Best of 1990s

Butt Ton O' Power

Favorite Teams

Manpart Touchers

Best of 1980s

Huntington Bundle Cats

Best of 1990s

Hamburglar Time

Best of 1990s

Custom League Trophy Case

Nothing Compares 2 Pew

Experimental League

St. Louis Cardinals

Best of the Best

Award Winners (All Leagues)

Pat Neshek (Georges)

Cy - Best of 2000s

George Brett (Pirates)

MVP - Best of 1980s

Bob Gibson (Deluxe II)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Bob Gibson (Bar Mitzvahs)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Ted Williams (50 Dudes)

MVP - Experimental League

Tip O'Neill (Arch Deluxe)

MVP - Favorite Teams

Toadstool McGillicuddy (Cardinal)

Cy - Experimental League

Jim Thome (Time)

MVP - Best of 1990s

Barry Bonds (Bottoms)

MVP - All-Time Greats

Don Drysdale (Screaming Eagle)

Cy - Mid-Century

Felix Hernandez (Staynes)

Cy - Best of 2000s

Roger Clemens (Tassens)

Cy - Favorite Teams

Barry Bonds (Shoals)

MVP - 1970-Present