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Fave team budget leagues

Fave team budget leagues

Why aren't there more of them ? Anybody who has played on here wan'ts to try , is it a matter of cloud space ? I want to try every franchise eventually !!

Re: Fave team budget leagues

After a roughly 4-year hiatus, mostly back to just participate in some Auto leagues and maybe a couple best of the best type leads if openings occur and they'd have me back... I would also like to see more of these War budget fave teams leagues.
I had a blast piecing together a Philly squad that would be competitive.
I'd love to experiment with every franchise.
I won rings with 29 of the 30 franchises in favorite teams, which got kind of this is a whole new challenge all its own. I know I've been gone quite a while, but I love the idea.

Re: Re: Fave team budget leagues

This one is open now, auto leagues don't require invites