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Real life Toronto Blue Jays

Real life Toronto Blue Jays

Any Blue Jay fans out there? Wondering about the general consensus on this team. After today’s agonizing defeat, it just doesn’t feel like this is a playoff team. They can’t seem to put all facets of the game together on a consistent basis. The offence has been stagnant, but rose up today, with the team to be done in by the bullpen. It will be interesting to look at this post in September, but for me, a sell off is in order. I’ve been patient up to this point, but it is getting hard to watch.

Re: Real life Toronto Blue Jays

Bad talent evaluation from the management.

That team is coach by the advanced stats crew and the manager is just a muppet.

Todays game was just an exclamation point to a terrible season.

Vlad Guerrero on pace for 14HR season and Bichette on pace for a 9HR season, wondering what is wrong with this team ?

Vlad Guerrero is raising his hands high up in the air after every singles or walks he gets, like every single one of those are a new world record... A peanut brain with no gamesmanship.

today, they lined up a 2B in LF, a 3B at 2ND and a SS at 3B.

Their best WAR player is hitting .208 and the player following is pretty generic player Isiah Kiner-Falefa with a .687 OPS...

Re: Re: Real life Toronto Blue Jays

I'm a Reds fan. I feel your pain.

Re: Real life Toronto Blue Jays

Been watching baseball for 50 years , Elly DeLaCruz is ,barring injuries ,one of the best ever imho. but , as we seen today with Acuna , it can be taken away in a heartbeat, he will return but how will it affect him ?